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Guardians of the Tomb 墓王之王 Episode 26 Recap

Luo TianchengReflectionMurong XianWhat I said just now, when I looked mild, I actually demonstrated to them, claiming that the tomb guard is about to become a unicorn arm, worriedLuo ShiqiuWaiting for the safety of people to be unsafe, letLuo TianwenSecretly protect Luo Shiqiu and others. Qian Yixin’s eyes passed byXiaogu DoctorLong-term treatment will restore vision soon.

The old leader Lin took back what Xiaogu’s genius doctor wanted, and learned that Qian Yipin’s eyes were about to regain his sight, only to realize that Xiaogu’s genius doctor had been tricked. The genius doctor of Xiaogu said that the leader of Lin was not able to win before, and he had to drink with the leader of Lin, and the leader of Lin was willing to accompany him. Lin Yukun stood outside the house and played flute, while Qian Yiyin stood in the house listening to the beautiful music.

Caimo asked the doctor aboutMurong YeThe imperial physician helped Princess Yingxue not to worry too much. Murong Ye had recovered from his trauma and his internal injuries had improved, and he would wake up in a few days. The imperial physician left the tomb palace and prayed silently for Murong Ye to wake up sooner. Murong Ye woke up, awakened Caimo, Caimo opened her eyes, and was very happy to see Murong Ye awake. Murong Ye persuaded Caimo to sever the relationship between them. The royal family and the Tomb faction could not marry, and they could not change.

Caimo would rather abolish the trick that the royal family and the Tomb faction could not intermarriage, and stay with Murong Ye. Murong Ye asked Caimo to be cautious in her words and deeds, while Caimo said that the person who killed Murong Ye had been caught, and it was Di Changwei, the head of the Prince’s Palace.

Murong Ye followed Caimo to interrogate Di Gonggong. Under Murong Ye’s persecution, Di Gonggong frankly learned that the relationship between offensive and defensive factions was stalemate. He sent him to assassinate Murong Ye. Then, Grandpa Di claimed that the assassinationQin SihaiwithQiu YulingThe conspiracy was also instructed by the prince. Murong Ye suspected that the gate of God’s trap was not investigating the possibility of guarding and stealing.

The possibility of Di Gonggong made Murong Ye even more sure that the rumor of guarding the tomb was the result of several assassinations by the prince in order to provoke both offensive and defensive factions. The contradiction between. Murong Ye worried about the safety of the Tomb faction, and wanted to rush to the Guzi Tomb overnight to prevent the father from attacking the Tomb faction. Caimo saw that Murong Ye’s injury had not recovered, indicating that as soon as the gate of the palace was opened, she personally took Di Gonggong to face the saint, and Murong Ye agreed to Caimo’s approach.

Murong Ye blamed himself, because he blindly compared with the tomb attack faction, so that they easily fell into the trap of the prince and quietly enlightened Murong Ye. Father Di was killed by the assassin. After the next day, Murong Ye and Cai Mo came to the room where Father Di was detained, and they saw only a corpse. Qian Yixin saw the light again, and the first person he saw was Lin Yukun. The old leader Lin and the genius doctor Xiaogu had a disagreement, and they quarreled.

In the end, both of them were unhappy. According to the map, Luo Shiqiu broughtLou Man FengwithLin ShuiyaoGo to the seventh hurdle. Lonely desert is about to become a unicorn arm,No soulhappy,Han QianluoBut not happy. Qian Yiying thanked Xiaogu genius doctor for letting her see the light again, and Lin Lao and Xiaogu genius doctor rushed to educate Qian Yixin as an elder.

Luo Shiqiu and Lou Manfeng, Lin Shuiyao was about to enter the seventh pass, when Bai Chengzi stopped. Bai Chengzi put on a mat engraved with a chessboard, so that as long as Luo Shiqiu’s trio had won two games, they would have broken the seventh level. Luo Shiqiu and Lin Shuiyao didn’t understand chess, so Lou Manfeng had to take the lead and play against Bai Chengzi. In the first game, Bai Chengzi proposed to play blind chess, but Lou Manfeng did not object. Bai Chengzi and Lou Manfeng entered a state of meditation, and Luo Shiqiu and Lin Shuiyao stood by to guard their safety.

At the beginning of the game, Bai Chengzi played chess with Lou Manfeng, and pointed out Lou Manfeng’s shortcomings. Lou Manfeng had so many distracted thoughts that he made a mistake.Suo ChaoyangReported to the prince that Grandpa Di was dead, and Murong Ye was guarded by Princess Yingxue, and it was not easy to assassinate him. The prince worried that Murong Ye would not die, and let Suo Chaoyang keep an eye on Yingxue Palace.

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