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Guardians of the Tomb 墓王之王 Episode 25 Recap

Luo ShiqiuwithLin ShuiyaoFarewellLou Man Feng, To find the tomb of weapons together.Han QianluoworryChu YunxiThere was danger, Lou Man Feng made Han Qianluo believe in Chu Yunxi. For Chu Yunxi, going to Wuyingxuan was not a problem at all. On the way to the Weapon Tomb, Luo Shiqiu angered Lin Shuiyao, and Lin Shuiyao was so angry that Luo Shiqiu carried her to the Weapon Tomb. Luo Shiqiu did not dare not follow her. Lin Yukun saw Qian Yiying watering the water, he stepped forward to help, and accidentally touched Qian Yiying’s hand. Qian Yiying heard Lin Yukun’s heartbeat speed up, and asked Lin Yukun what happened?

Lin Yukun was embarrassed to tell Qian Yiying. Lin Yukun beat a row of bamboo slices that were hung up, making Qian Yiying guess, and Qian Yiying didn’t make a mistake.Xiaogu DoctorSeeing that Qian Yiyi’s hearing is much better than ordinary people, he deliberately attacked Qian Yiyi with stones. Lin Yukun helped Qian Yiyi get the stones at the moment. Xiaogu genius doctor was very satisfied that Lin Yukun had better demeanor than Lin’s old leader.

The genius doctor Xiaogu treats Qian Yi’s eyes and makes Lin Yukun two feet away from the house. Lin Yukun dare not listen.Murong XianGet Lin Qingfeng’s greeting card and let people invite Lin Qingfeng in. Lin Qingfeng apologized to Murong Xian about the marriage of Lin Shuiyao and Lone Mo regret, and then proposed to Murong Xian that he was willing to help guard the grave. Murong Xian accepted Lin Qingfeng’s kindness and asked him to arrange for the Mo Gong school disciples to stay first, and then prepare.

Good wines and dishes, drink freely with Lin Qingfeng. Duke Di reported to the prince that Princess Yingxue had left the tomb palace, and the prince asked Duke Di to do it tonight. At night, Father Di led people into the tomb palace and assassinatedMurong Ye, I didn’t want Murong Ye not in the room, but was caught by Lianhua and Xiyue instead. Princess Yingxue personally took care of Murong Ye until Father Di was captured.

The prince was surprised when he learned that Duke Di was arrested. When Luo Shiqiu carried Lin Shuiyao to the Weapon Tomb, he noticed a group of suspicious refugees. Chu Yunxi has not returned yet. Han Qianluo worried about the safety of Chu Yunxi, and went to Wuyingxuan to look for Chuyunxi with Lou Manfeng. At the entrance of the weapons tomb, Luo Shiqiu asked Lin Shuiyao to be careful of the refugees in the distance. Lin Shuiyao didn’t put those refugees in his eyes, and went into the weapons tomb with Luo Shiqiu to look for the male sword.

Seeing the glamorous sword, Luo Shiqiu guessed that the refugees he saw before were the tomb guards of the Weapons Tomb. As soon as Luo Shiqiu and Lin Shuiyao found the male sword, the tomb guard broke in. Luo Shiqiu went to stop the tomb guard, but before Lin Shuiyao got the male sword, Luo Shiqiu was arrested by the tomb guard. Lin Shuiyao drew out the female sword, and the tomb-keeper recognized the flower bitter, and immediately knelt down towards Lin Shuiyao, letting Lin Shuiyao accept their soul-breaking sword.

The male and female swords merged into one, and the grave guards were free, and Lin Shuiyao and Luo Shiqiu were also happy for them to obtain a complete Flower Devouring Soul Breaking Sword. Han Qianluo and Lou Manfeng rushed to Wuyingxuan and were captured by the tomb guard headed by Murongxian. Han Qianluo took his own life and forced Murong Xian to let Lou Manfeng go. In order to get the poisoned hand, Murong Xian had to let Lou Manfeng leave.

Lou Manfeng left Wuyingxuan, and Murong Xian used Chu Yunxi to threaten Han Qianluo, forcing Han Qianluo to cooperate with Lonely Desert to train into a unicorn arm. Chief Qianji reported to Murongxian,Luo TianchengHe has returned to Guzi Tomb and is heading towards the camp of the attacking tomb camp. Chu Yunxi remembered the mistakes she had committed to Han Qianluo, and was very sad.

Luo Tiancheng led his disciples and set up camp in the tomb camp. When Luo Shiqiu and Lin Shuiyao returned to the cave, Lou Manfeng told them that Han Qianluo was taken away by Murong Xian. Luo Shiqiu expected that Murong Xian used Han Qianluo to practice the unicorn arm, and he would definitely send Han Qianluo to the Qilin Pool.No soulPut Hanqian into the Qilin Pool to help lonely practice the magic of the Qilin Arm.

When Luo Tiancheng received the news, Murong Xian was bringing people over and immediately informed his disciples that without his news, they were not allowed to make claims. Lonely Mo was sitting in the Qilin Pool, Han Qianluo let the Qilin Pool drip blood, helping Lonely Mo to cultivate the unicorn arm. Murong Xian led the people to the tomb attack camp, Luo Tiancheng led the people to stand at the door, made a courteous sentence with Murong Xian, and then drove Murong Xian away.

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