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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 2 Recap

On this day, Bai’s footwork was as busy as before, but a huge whirlpool suddenly appeared at the pier, trapping the cargo ship containing foreign wine in the whirlpool. When everyone was at a loss, Bai Yushu took out a bundle of rope and tied one end to it.

At the waist, one end was handed over to the crowd on the shore, who wanted to swim to the boat and then be pulled back by the crowd. But the vortex was too big and he gradually lost his energy. Seeing this, the little fish plunged into the water to rescue him without hesitation. Seeing the little fish jumping into the sea, Lianxuan, a man sitting on the dock, jumped to the highest point of the dock vigorously.

Xiaoyu dragged Baiyushu out of the water, and when he was about to go ashore with him, he was swallowed by the fish in the sea. This Kun is Xiaoyu’s partner. He only made the move when Xiaoyu was greedy for the world. He closed his mouth and refused to let Xiaoyu go out, but couldn’t resist Xiaoyu’s prank. A sneeze made Xiaoyu escape.

Bai Yushu, who was rescued ashore, woke up in a daze. The steward told him the news of Xiaoyu’s disappearance. After learning the bad news, Bai Yushu couldn’t believe the facts. Through these few days of getting along, he gradually fell in love with Xiaoyu. , Bai Yushu was heartbroken to save his beloved one from dying tragically. He sat in the room decadently, his eyes red and his heart as gray as death. Suddenly there was a noise outside, and someone from Bai Jingang came to find fault. Bai Yushu was screaming in grief and indignation.

Normally, he rushed out of his feet and confronted a group of gangsters. The opponent was crowded and unreasonable. After a few shots, Bai Yushu was surrounded in the corner and beaten. The crowd laughed at Bai Yushu’s uselessness. And cowardly, verbally abused.

Suddenly, the ruffian who surrounded Bai Yushu was kicked away. Bai Yushu looked up, and the little fish that had died in the sea reappeared in front of him. Xiaoyu repulsed Bai Jingang, and the two met again. After experiencing the pain of losing Xiaoyu, Bai Yushu became more clear about his inner thoughts. He hoped that Xiaoyu would stay and be his wife. Xinyue Baiyushu’s Xiaoyu agreed with shame, and the two agreed to get married in a few days, and Baiyushu would customize the most beautiful bridal gown for Xiaoyu.

Bai Yushu brought Xiaoyu to Ye Qingchun’s clothing store. Jin Xingjian, who painted Xuezhai next door, felt the existence of the little fish fairy as early as when Xiaoyu passed by. He also walked into the store and happened to have a face-to-face encounter with Xiaoyu. . Xiaoyu keenly felt the cold temperament of the other party, and feared for no reason. After the boss Ye Qingchun introduced them to each other, Xiaoyu shuddered when she learned that Jin Xingjian was named. Jin Xingjian only left one sentence: The fish will always return to the water. He turned around and walked out of the shop.

Lian Xuan has been following the little fish since the last vortex at the dock. Seeing the little fish come ashore one day, he rushed straight away without any explanation. He adheres to the principle of human monsters with different paths, and is unwilling to let Xiaoyu go. Xiaoyu lost to Lianxuan. When he was about to be surrendered, a woman in green appeared beside Lianxuan to make trouble. Xiaoyu escaped by chaos to gain a chance. .

Every time I went to Baijiajiaxing, he was unfavorable. The leader of Bai Jingang found a gun and decided to make Baijiajiaxing suffer a bit next time. A group of people came to Bai’s footsteps. Xiaoyu did not know how powerful the gun was, and rushed up neatly as usual. Although he repelled the Bai Jingang and his team, he was shot in blood without stopping. This scene frightened Bai Yushu, and when he was stunned, the incarnation of Kun appeared, told Bai Yushu Xiaoyu’s identity as a fairy and wanted to take Xiaoyu away. Bai Yushu has captured Xiaoyu, even if Xiaoyu is a demon, he still has to be with Xiaoyu.

The group stumbled to Jin Xingjian’s residence. Jin Xingjian was already prepared and seemed to know their purpose. Facing Bai Yushu’s bitter pleading, Jin Xingjian asked to use half of a small fish’s inner alchemy for consultation. Without half of the inner alchemy, the little fish can only transform into a fish shape. In order to stay with Bai Yushu, the little fish resolutely agreed to Jin Xingjian’s terms. The blood in his belly still continued, and the flesh in Bai Yushu’s arms gradually turned into foam, leaving only a goldfish in the end.

Holding half of the inner alchemy, Jin Xingjian awakened the woman Ye Ming in the secret room. When Ye Ming woke up, he didn’t even know Jin Xingjian. In her impression, Jin Xingjian is just a knee-high little stone spirit, arrogant and cute, and often presents his real body to Ye Ming, while the man in front of her is tall, weirdly dressed, and has weird hair, which is very different from what she remembers. . Jin Xingjian patiently explained Ye Ming’s doubts. At this time, they seemed to switch roles. He used to rely on Ye Ming, but now Ye Ming relies on him.

The bustling Bai family’s feet are no longer lively. Bai Yushu holds the fish tank in one hand and the luggage in the other. After leaving this homeland that carries too much, he looks at the small fish in the fish tank with rare peace and stability in his heart. Xuanlian in the corner looked at the white jade book and the fish tank in his hand, sighing.

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