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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 1 Recap

In the busy old Shanghai wharf, cargo ships are sailing to the ship post. Among them, the wharf in Baijiajiao is the busiest. As the largest in Shanghai, its business and geographical boundaries are the most eye-catching. Bai Yushu is the new boss of the Bai family. His father passed away not long ago. He had to come back to inherit the family business after studying abroad. This is a task and a mission.

In order to survive smoothly, the white and thin Bai Yushu moved with the workers to eat together. Although it was bitter, he also enjoyed it. It’s just that the Bai Jingang on the dock saw that Father Bai had gone, and often ganged up to harass his actions. Bai Jingang is a famous land snake on the Shanghai Wharf. Among them, the rogue gangsters are dressed in black, each holding a black axe, and acting as a tiger at the wharf.

Father Bai can only swallow his anger, let alone the bookish Bai Yushu, Bai Yushukong. With the determination to revitalize the family business, he was helpless in the face of Platinum. He was sad and annoyed, so he had to cast his anger elsewhere. He bitterly soaked in the lake, just to pour the carp essence that came frequently.

This carp fine usually comes to Bai Yushu for meals, because Bai Yushu often breaks some dry food and throws it into the lake to feed her. Today, Xiaoyu is so upset that he decides to go ashore to find Bai Yushu to reason. Xiaoyu’s companion tried his best to dissuade her, because a demon collector specializing in the inner alchemy of the goblin appeared in Shanghai recently, called Jin Xingjian.

At this time, Jin Xingjian was looking for a wolf demon. The wolf demon did both soft and hard, but the other party was unmoved. No matter how the wolf demon moved, he could not escape the control of Jin Xingjian. After a few rounds, golden light suddenly appeared in Jin Xingjian’s eyes. Dasheng, an inner alchemy who swiftly took away the wolf demon.

Jin Xingjian returned to Huaxuezhai. There was no light in the house. Only Jin Xingjian’s footsteps were quiet. He opened a clay pot and there was a rustling movement in the corner. Jin Xingjian only raised his eyes to look at the direction of the sound, and did not move too much. He took the things and walked to the bookshelf, neatly turning a vase in front of the bookshelf, the bookshelf opened in response, and there was a secret room inside.

After passing through many barriers, I reached the deepest part of the secret room. There was a warm jade bed in the middle, on which was lying a woman in white clothes, like a willow, with a beautiful face, but her eyes closed tightly. I don’t know how long I slept here.

When Jin Xingjian saw the woman in white clothes, his complexion eased. He looked at the sleeping woman affectionately and whispered in a low voice. He only needs to take half an inner pill and the woman can wake up. Jin Xingjian is bound to win the inner pill.

Jin Xingjian is very particular about daily life, but he is also extremely alienated and indifferent in dealing with others. Even if there is only one person at home, he will wear suits and shoes, and arrange every detail of his body. No matter how his friend Ye Qingchun pleases the beloved and praises him, he can deal with the past one by one.

In the evening, the little fish who asked Bai Yushu to reason up secretly landed ashore. She was very uncomfortable when she experienced walking on both feet for the first time. She stumbled into the footsteps of Bai’s family after turning around a set of clothes. Unexpectedly, I ran into Bai Yushu taking a bath. The scared Bai Yushu poured a basin of water on Xiaoyu’s body.

When the two were quarreling, Bai Jingang came to harass her feet again. Xiaoyu was not angry, and one person slapped all the land. When she fell down, Bai Yushu was surprised, and he directly worshiped Xiaoyu as his teacher, and Xiaoyu was also happy in it. The two of them got along day and night, and their love grew secretly.

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