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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 21 Recap

Midoduo and Murphy were eating in the restaurant, and they saw Cheng Yang and Bai Xiaoman sitting together not far away, creating an illusion of ambiguous behavior. Midodo itself is particularly sensitive to this kind of things, she directly rushed over and slapped Bai Xiaoman in a fierce manner.

This matter has been misunderstood from beginning to end, but Midodo really hates Bai Xiaoman, and it is impossible to agree to Cheng Yang to work in Haiyao. Cheng Yang himself was willing to return to China for the sake of Miduo. In such a situation, he did not hesitate to abandon Hai Yao.

Cheng Yang no longer chose Haiyao, and Murphy took advantage of the trend and suggested that he could work in Mingyuan. Cheng Yang has been in a state of hesitation, because Song Tang is an old brand that has remained unchanged for more than ten years, and this is why Tang Mingxuan invited Cheng Yang. Because of Miduo’s mood and Tang Mingxuan’s genuine sincerity, Cheng Yang decided to choose Mingyuan.

When Bai Xiaoman asked Cheng Yang to meet again, seeing the other party’s attitude changed 360 degrees, and then reminiscing about the previous restaurant, she once again believed that it was Murphy who was doing the trick. Bai Xiaoman was unable to sign a contract with Cheng Yang and immediately threatened Cheng Yang with a lot of ugliness. This also made Cheng Yang very thankful that he did not choose Haiyao.

With a grudge, Bai Xiaoman asked about where Murphy works in France, deliberately making things difficult as a customer. Murphy let the smiles greet people everywhere, but Bai Xiaoman had to keep an inch, and even asked Murphy to squat down and put on shoes for her. Seeing Murphy no longer give in, Bai Xiaoman falsely accused her of damaging her shoes. Miduo, who was waiting outside the door, immediately rushed in to help. A farce ended in defeat when Bai Xiaoman didn’t understand French.

The small episode didn’t affect Murphy’s mood. Today is the day that Midoduo boarded the plane. When the two were saying goodbye, Cheng Yang, who bought the plane at the same time, arrived in time and wanted to board the plane with Midoduo. Although Midoduo was angry, it can be seen that Cheng Yang really decided to return to China for her, but the deep love in his heart only increased, that is, he was forced to admit it.

After Tang Mingxuan returned to China, Xia Xueling also returned from Milan. This time she not only found a good designer for Mingyuan, but also reached a cooperation agreement with the Milan company. The three of the Tang family ate at the same table with Xia Xueling. Tang Mingxuan intentionally announced his love affairs, but was deliberately interrupted and suppressed by Lu Dan. But even if Tang Mingxuan didn’t say anything, Xia Xueling didn’t understand her situation.

Lu Dan was very opposed to this matter. She thought about Tang Mingxuan’s happiness, thinking that her son could not see through or understand, so she made a confused choice. However, it was precisely because of Lu Dan’s insistence on matching Tang Mingxuan and Fang Qian that the final tragedy led to Tang Mingxuan’s guilt and responsibility that he shouldn’t have.

After this incident, Lu Dan has not changed, but intensified. In her heart, no one is more suitable to be a wife than Xia Xueling. No matter how much Tang Mingxuan insisted on explaining it, how Tang Qiren persuaded it to be of no avail, and Lu Dan even beat Tang Mingxuan impulsively.

Xia Xueling felt that she could not reverse the defeat. After learning about the designer candidate, Mingyuan’s cooperation with Milan, and the job that now required her to sign for confirmation, she unexpectedly chose to disappear. Xia Xueling not only left secretly by herself, but also dismissed her deputy on the grounds of annual leave, causing Mingyuan’s entire design department to become paralyzed.

Perhaps Xia Xueling wanted to prove to Tang Mingxuan in this way what consequences Mingyuan would face if Xia Xueling lost her. After Tang Mingxuan learned of this incident, he was looking for Xia Xueling while accepting work in the design department himself. The whole person exuded an icy atmosphere.

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