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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 20 Recap

Tang Mingxuan went all the way downstairs, and Morphy was reminded by Midodo to change his position to understand Tang Mingxuan’s mood better. Murphy apologized on Himalaya Radio, hoping to reconcile with Tang Mingxuan. Seeing that the mobile comment area was empty, her heart became empty.

In Haiyao’s office, Zhu Haitian is playing games in full swing. Even the meetings are made by Bai Xiaoman, and he has never seen a designer candidate. Bai Xiaoman planned to go to France to sign a contract with Cheng Yang himself. Naturally, he also had other plans. Zhu Haitian was so focused on playing games that he did not hear what Bai Xiaoman said, so he agreed.

Tang Mingxuan met with Mia again. He had submitted the latest cooperation proposal before. After Mia has a deeper understanding of Mingyuan, she is looking forward to cooperating with Mingyuan. However, other sensible things are more inclined to Kayman, and Mia can only try to fight for it. Although he was worried that Fang Weiguo would stumble in secret, Tang Mingxuan was also determined to win the acquisition.

Murphy and Tang Mingxuan remained in the cold war. While Midodo advised her to cherish, he also formally proposed to Murphy to return to China. Midodo refused to watch the art exhibition with Murphy. This incident gave her inspiration and might help Tang Mingxuan and Murphy to reconcile.

Andre proposed to let Murphy and Meng Jing participate in the Lyon design competition, specifically requesting the use of oriental elements. The combination of east and west requires the integration of culture and design, which is also a test for them. After Murphy and Meng Jing were buying the fabrics, Miduoduo’s call came suddenly, and she regretted wanting to accompany Murphy to the art exhibition.

Outside the art exhibition, Murphy walked around bored and waited for Midodo by the way. Under the two rows of trees, the fallen leaves were flying, and there was a romantic atmosphere everywhere. As soon as Morphy looked up, she saw Tang Mingxuan walking towards her. Tang Mingxuan excused that Miduo was not available, and begged him several times to deliver the tickets before he was willing to take this trip. Then, Murphy received a text message from Miduo to cheer.

It was hard to see Tang Mingxuan, and Morphy didn’t care about being shy and reserved. She wanted to kiss Tang Mingxuan’s lips proactively on tiptoe, expressing apologies in this way. Every time Morphy stood on tiptoe, Tang Mingxuan deliberately hid on tiptoe, but no matter how much he failed, Morphy kissed Tang Mingxuan. In the end, Tang Mingxuan took the initiative to kiss Murphy, intense and hot.

The two reconciled in a passionate kiss, and Morphy also promised not to be an example. Even when she got home, she always smirked at the flowers Tang Mingxuan gave. Murphy was not sure about the relationship between the two at first, but after this time, she wanted to guard their love more bravely and firmly.

In fact, Tang Mingxuan was inspired by Miduo, for fear that she would give the ticket to Fang Xiaoyu, and rushed to the exhibition. Perhaps Tang Mingxuan was moved by Murphy’s confession on the radio, or he wanted to declare his sovereignty. He took the initiative to release their close photo in the circle of friends, which is equivalent to an official announcement of their love affair.

Tang Mingxuan and Murphy reconciled so sweetly, and even the official announced that one of the most uncomfortable people was Fang Xiaoyu. Fang Xiaoyu’s right hand still hasn’t recovered, and his hand is always shaking when drawing pictures. He tried to use his work to divert attention, but he was even more angry with his hand that could no longer draw.

Midodo has already booked a flight ticket to return home, and deliberately meets with Murphy for dinner before boarding the plane. At the same time, Bai Xiaoman also found Cheng Yang, hoping that he could return to China and enter Haiyao’s development. Cheng Yang returned to China for the sake of Mi Duoduo, and Hai Yao’s treatment far exceeded his budget. Whether cooperation still needs to be further confirmed. Bai Xiaoman seems very confident that he can sign Cheng Yang.

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