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Rattan 司藤 Episode 28 Recap

Siteng unexpectedly appeared in Qin Fang’s dream. She wanted to go back and work as a vine safely, and persuaded Qin Fang to go back and be a human, so that everyone would go to everyone. Qin Fang couldn’t let Siteng go and wanted to be with Siteng. But this will be the last time they meet, because Sito doesn’t know how many years the change will take. Qin Fang heard that Si Teng actually wanted to change, and wanted to be with him, but the change was not so easy. Qin Fang said that he would find a way to change her and let her return to his side. .

After Siteng left, Yan Furui stayed with Qin Fang. He wanted him to look away and start his life well. Yan Furui wanted to go back to Cangcheng Mountain, but was worried about Qin Fang, so he wanted to stay with him. Qin Fang didn’t. Keep him, if he has thoughts in his heart, there will be hope of alive. Yan Furui left with Wang Qiankun in this way, and met Jia Lingling on the road, but Jia Lingling ignored him, Yan Furui continued to thank her, he wanted to return to Cangcheng Mountain, and finally invited Jia Lingling with him, Jia Lingling finally Paying attention to him, pursing his lips, gave him a bun, which is a promise to go to Cangcheng Mountain with him.

Qin Fang calmed down for a long time, and returned to the place where Si Teng had been extinguished in the ashes. Looking at this unmarked ground, Qin Fang took a cut of the soil and left. Where he left, a cane quietly stuck out his head. Five years later, Bai Jin told the children the story of the prince and princess in a place. He told the children the story of Qin Fang and Siteng. The children were dissatisfied with the ending of Bai Jin, and Bai Jin told the children the story again. Follow-up development. Yan Furui worked in a kindergarten and was dealing with the rotten vegetables delivered by the food delivery master perfunctorily, but in a hurry he bumped his head and went to the hospital.

Yan Furui’s mobile phone was taken, and his wife returned to her family’s home. The dean looked at Wang Qiankun’s “Master Wang” remarks, and finally decided to call Qin Fang. Qin Fang just came to Cangcheng Mountain to do business. He heard that Yan Furui is now so Poor, let him not be polite with himself. The two chatted for a while. Yan Furui hesitated to mention Siteng, but Qin Fang still did not give up, looking for a way to make Siteng change. Yan Furui hoped that Qin Fang could let go and live his life well. Qin Fang sighed, and finally Still refused.

At the same time, Xixi in the kindergarten was called outside by Teacher Lin and taught her that she was bullying the children in the same class during this period. However, Xixi was rebellious and would not listen to her at all. Xixi also scared other teachers and forced Teacher Lin to call. Parents. Qin Fang left the hospital and went to work with his friend Yi Ru. They came to the door of the kindergarten where Xixi was located. They happened to see Xixi’s adoptive mother walking towards the kindergarten. Teacher Lin just learned that Xixi was an adopted child and she was killed in the mountains. The found, for some reason, made her very willful.

Xixi’s adoptive mother said she liked Xixi very much, so she had been petting her. Seeing this look, the teacher did not feel embarrassed anymore and asked her to pick up Xixi in advance. The adoptive mother noticed that Qin Fang and Yiru were parked in the car on the opposite side of the road. At the moment of overshooting, Yi Ru hurriedly lowered his head. Qin Fang looked at Yi Ru’s prosthetic limb and tried to get her to let go of the past, but he himself couldn’t let go of the past, so what qualifications could dissuade Yi Ru.

Xixi’s full name is Xizhu. The adoptive mother hoped that Xizhu could do things according to her teachings. She even tried to control Xizhu sickly. She was so angry that Xizhu bit her, and the adoptive mother gave her a slap. The nosebleeds came out. At the beginning, Yi Ru was rescued by Qin Fang. Because Kan Yiru had no hope in life, she stayed with her as an assistant, but now everything is over. Qin Fang wants Yi Ru to return to her mother and start life again. But Yiru was worried about whether his mother would want her again.

In the evening, Xizhu’s adoptive mother came in while she was sleeping. She apologized to Xizhu and left the room without answering. Xizhu opened her eyes, sneaked out of bed and started to pack things. She actually ran away from home and happened to be home. Qin Fang met. Qin Fang was worried about the safety of the child and walked up to her and asked her name, why she was still outside in the middle of the night. Xizhu asked Qin Fang to buy food and tell him the name. The moment Qin Fang looked at each other, Qin Fang found that she was very similar to Si Teng. Qin Fang squatted in front of her, staring at her blankly.

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