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Rattan 司藤 Episode 27 Recap

Seeing all of Baiying’s past, Sato was distressed and angry. Baiying weakly said regrets. The two sat together and talked for a long time. Baiying said that she was very heartbroken, and Sato thought she was really there. Repentance did not exclude her touch. But at the next moment, an extra needle came out of Bai Ying’s hand and it pierced Sto’s neck. The blood couldn’t stop flowing, Sto couldn’t heal the wound.

At this time Wang Qiankun was still looking for his master Canghong. Qiu Shan found Canghong and showed Wang Qiankun the way. Qiu Shan ignored Wang Qiankun and walked towards Qin Fang’s villa without saying a word. In the villa, Baiying smiled unscrupulously. She got the water on the needle, and the Xuan tribe couldn’t resist. Baiying had been using Sto. If Sto got in the way, he would kill her. Sto finally understood Qin. Fang said that since she had Baiying, she could no longer be a complete self. In that case, she would rather live in the world as a semi-native.

Sito’s blood could not stop, and her strength gradually disappeared, and she would eventually disappear into the world with blood. Bai Ying cursed Si Teng for being unable to meet her beloved, even if there were such a person, she would not be able to spend the rest of her life with him, Si Teng ignored Bai Ying, she had saved Qin Fang, and she had no regrets in this life. Yan Furui didn’t speak aside, while Bai Ying’s unbelievable gaze, Si Teng struggled to climb to Qin Fang’s side. He tried his best to lean against the unconscious Qin Fang’s chest and closed his eyes contentedly. This is what Bai Ying has always been. Longing for persistence and reliance on life and death, but these are not her own.

Yan Furui turned his head and saw his master Qiu Shan. Bai Ying fought with Qiu Shan. At this time, Bai Ying was not his opponent. Although Qiu Shan was dying, his ability was still good. He attracted the sky and wanted to kill Bai. English. Qin Fang unexpectedly woke up suddenly and jumped out to block the sky thunder. He is no longer completely human, but Qiu Shan still refuses to let Bai Ying and Si Teng go. Qin Fang is the descendant of Sky Tree, although there is Bai Ying’s in his body. Strength, but not fusion. If you don’t stop yourself at your own discretion, it will be difficult for the gods to save.

Yan Furui was in a stalemate between the two of them. At this moment, Bai Ying abducted Si Teng. Yan Furui and Qin Fang subconsciously stopped the rushing Qiu Shan, and Bai Ying and Si Teng fled like this. Qiu Shan kicked Yan Furui and Qin Fang aside, and Cang Hong and Wang Qiankun rushed out at this time. He also persuaded Qiu Shan to let go of the kind Si Teng, and even took off his position as the head of the house, and made Qiu Shan an authentic sect. But Qiu Shan already looked down on them. He thought that he was the only person in the world to be the authentic Xuanmen Sect, and after all, he chased Siteng and Baiying away.

When Si Teng woke up, she and Bai Ying were sitting next to a big tree. Si Teng couldn’t help but sigh that he was too innocent and didn’t want to talk about love or understand, until he met Qin Fang. She really looked away. Si Teng stretched out his hand to Bai Ying. She was already in the water and could not fit with Bai Ying, but they still had to face Qiu Shan. Bai Ying stretched out his hand silently. The moment the two clenched their hands, the wind rose in the forest. , They will combine the power of the two to deal with Qiu Shan together.

Qin Fang and Yan Furui found the forest with the seven-star stone tray, but Qiu Shan had already found Si Teng and Bai Ying one step earlier. Just as Qiu Shan was about to do it, Si Teng and Bai Ying were ready to deal with him. Back then, Qiu Shan became a half-clan. Bai Ying jokes that Qiu Shan must have been emotionally wounded, so he can’t see the love of others. Qiu Shan didn’t respond, but wanted to attract a third heavenly thunder for his own life. For the price, he was poisoned by Sute.

Bai Ying and Siteng did not give Qiu Shan a chance to draw thunder, but their power declined and they could not beat Qiu Shan at all. The sky thunder that Qiu Shan attracted was about to hit Bai Ying, Sto blocked her, and Qiu Shan did not give up. Still trying to attract thunder. Qin Fang and Yan Furui arrived desperately, but they were blocked by a barrier that was invisible to the naked eye. Their voices could not be transmitted in at all, and the thunder that Qiu Shan attracted had already landed on him. When the power broke out, Bai Ying and Qiu Shan seemed to return. In front of the person who cared about most in the past, he figured everything out at the last moment of his life, and finally disappeared.

The last one left was Siteng. As Qiushan was gone, the barrier shattered, and Qin Fang rushed into the barrier like crazy. Siteng heard his yelling and stretched out his hand to touch Qin Fang, but she couldn’t wait. Qin Fang turned into petals in front of him, disappearing without a trace, Qin Fang collapsed and roared, vomiting blood and fainting.

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