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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 20 Recap

Yuan Kan looked at the letter sent by Xiao Chuo, in which he proposed to let Prime Minister Han Derang come to negotiate a peace. When asked about the next plan, Yang Yanzhao proposed to pursue the victory, but Kou Zhun feared that the pursuit would easily lead to resistance. Yuan Kan, who had just experienced the pain of losing his son, had a headache after hearing this, and decided to make a decision after seeing Handerang. Handerang finally came to Song Ying.

Unexpectedly, Yuan Kan and others had such a firm attitude towards Guannan Land. Handerang was shocked and speechless, and had to bow and agree to the terms provided by Yuan Kan, saying that he would try his best to persuade Xiao Chuo.

Yuan Kan came to Jialing’s room and looked at the little princess in Jialing’s hands. Yuan Kan couldn’t put it down and named the princess Wan, Shoukang, in order to pray for the great Song Fushou and health. After the Liao-Song treaty was signed, Yuan Kan was finally able to lead the army to a triumph, but Liu E in the carriage seemed lost, looking at the vast wind and snow outside the window, unable to speak for a long time.

The Liao army on one side finally returned to his territory. Xiao Chuo suddenly heard endless cheers from outside. It turned out that it was the soldiers rejoicing to return to their hometown. Xiao Chuo recalled the Kong Ming Lantern of his grandson Yelukang. Unable to sore his nose, let the prime minister let the sky lantern fly, and let his grandson’s wish float on the snow-white ground.

Yuan Kan triumphed, the eldest prince passed away, Pan Yushu and others judged that Yuan Kan would definitely let Liu E into the palace in the future, which would cause chaos in the harem. Pan Yushu was still nervous about the knife that the queen remembered hating herself, so he decided to visit the queen and explore by the way. Probe the wind. When they arrived at the Ciyuan Hall, Queen Guo was warmly entertaining Pan Yushu, who knows that at this moment, the Gonggong reported directly to convey Yuan Kan’s will.

Liu E was canonized as a concubine of Dekun and stayed in Dekun Palace next to Ciyuan Hall. Pan Yushu, who was sitting by the side, lost his senses when he heard it, and his heart sank suddenly. Pan Yushu feared that the emperor would prefer Liu E in the future, but Queen Guo said with a complicated expression that the veteran officials in the DPRK would definitely not let Liu E go.

The ministers of the Manchu Dynasty stood outside the palace to greet Yuan Kan’s army. Yuan Kan asked about Liu E’s canonization on the spot. Sure enough, the ministers rushed out one by one to stop Yuan Kan, and even moved out the emperor’s edict. Yuan Kan was angry on the spot and pulled out. The knife came and flew the black hat that protested.

I didn’t expect that his father’s words would be the shackles that bound him in the end. Kou Zhun on the side saw Yuan Kan’s embarrassment clearly, so he turned around and bowed to Liu E in the carriage, hoping that Liu E could agree to discuss another day. Sitting in the car, Liu E heard all these protests and recognized the lack of favor in the imperial family. He only faintly agreed to return to Duyunxuan. He just wanted to find a quiet place to pay homage to his beloved son.

When Cao Liu returned to the court, Su Yijian and others asked about the number of rumors and coins, but Cao didn’t say anything, but knelt in front of Yuan Kan and trembled out the figure of 300,000 taels. Unexpectedly, Yuan Kan accepted the result at once and ordered rewards to everyone who went with him to fight, but he demoted Queen Guo’s father Guo Xian to three levels and exiled to Dingzhou. In shock, Guo Xian knelt down and accepted the will.

Empress Guo met her father when she returned to the house. Seeing his father’s downfall, the empress wanted to intercede for her father, but Guo Xian believed that she had done nothing wrong. Now she can only rely on her daughter to raise Zhao You into a prince and win glory for her ancestors for generations.

Yuan Kan was holding Zhao Ji’s spiritual card and wanted to deposit the spiritual card and the Liao Song vows in the Taimiao. Who knew that Taifu Cao jumped out to stop Yuan Kan. Seeing that other ministers once again moved out the emperor’s edict to speak, Yuan Kan tried his best. Holding back the unwillingness in his heart and insisting on moving forward, the scene was at a stalemate.

At this moment, Kou Zhun came forward and mentioned that Liu E would be the guardian of the first emperor for three years. This would surely move his spirit in the sky, and then allow Liu E to enter the palace. Before Yuan Kan spoke, Liu E agreed. Yuan Kan looked at Liu E’s reasonable appearance very moved, but before taking a few steps, he fainted and fell to the ground.

After Yuan Kan woke up, he did not see Liu E, but Pan Yushu was sitting in front of the bed. At this time, Zhang Jingzong spread the word that the queen was waiting outside for a long time. After Yuan Kan agreed, Queen Guo rushed over with Zhao You and asked Yuan in tears. Kan spared his father Guo Xian.

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