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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 19 Recap

Seeing that the situation was not right, Xiao Chuo had to accept the general’s request and returned to the Liaoying in a carriage. After the fierce battle, there were countless corpses outside the name of the mansion. This was the serious consequence of the war. Yuan Kan convened a meeting with everyone, and asked very angrily who ordered the arrow to be released. Pan Liang had to stand up and admit that he ordered the archer to be hand-operated. Yuan Kan was about to deal with Pan Liang. Fortunately, Kou Zhun stood up for Pan.

Liang’s words made Yuan Kan change the punishment to the dismissal of the military position. Pan Liang was also unwilling to do so, but he could only thank him for leaving. Yuan Kan then ordered Kou Zhun to immediately repair the book to Xiao Chuo and ordered him to return it to Zhao Ji. On Xiao Chuo’s side, the grain and grass have been cut off by Cao Wei. Now that the arsenal is insufficient, the prime minister persuades Xiao Chuo to make peace, but the Liao Emperor impulsively wants to kill Zhao Ji to pay homage to Yelukang and the general. ,

I want to think about it for a moment. When the prime minister saw Xiao Chuo’s entangled expression, expecting that things would change, the prime minister hurriedly called out Wang Jizhong and Mu Yi, and confessed that they had brought Proton and Li Wan’er to Song Jun’s place. Mu Yi returned to the tent, but saw Tie Jing arrange his clothes. Tie Jing said that Xiao Chuo ordered to return to Beijing.

The two can finally live a stable life. Hearing Tie Jing planning in a gentle tone In the future of the two of them, Mu Yi suddenly felt a little warm in his heart. He couldn’t help but hugged the iron mirror that showed the little woman’s expression in front of him. The iron mirror noticed some fluctuations in Mu Yi’s voice, but it couldn’t be said to be strange. , I saw Mu Yi picked up the saddle and said that he was going to take care of his horse, so Tie Jing let him go.

Mu Yi walked into Zhao Ji’s tent quickly, and saw Li Wan’er constantly wiping off cold sweat for Zhao Ji, but Zhao Ji on the bed looked blank and looked lost. Mu Yi said that she wanted to take away the two of them, but Wan’er couldn’t let go of the guard in her heart. Only then did Mu Yi tell her true identity. It turned out that Mu Yi was the split of Yang’s surname. This is the fourth son of the Yang family. Yang Yanzhao’s brother Yang Yanhui.

Only then did Li Wan’er feel relieved to follow Yang Yanhui to leave. It was at this moment that Tie Jing sat in the tent thinking about it, always feeling that Mu Yi today is a bit strange, recalling Mu Yi’s feelings of homesickness from premise to homesickness, and seeing Mu Yi and Liu E exchanging letters that day. Only then did Tie Jing wake up and ran out of the tent.

Yang Yanhui and Wang Jizhong galloped on the snow. They did not expect that the chasing soldiers immediately caught up with the two. The dark shadows illuminated by the torches behind them looked like evil spirits. Wang Jizhong stopped the horse and wanted to block the army for the three of them. He agreed to Liu E’s request: to send Zhao Ji back to Chanzhou safely.

Yang Yanhui looked at Wang Jizhong’s look at home, and nodded with tears. I saw Wang Jizhong approaching the crowd with a sharp blade, and the tip of the knife slashed his throat one after another, hot blood dripping on the white, but the crowd was like a swarm of deadly bees, surrounded Wang Jizhong all at once with a miserable sound. The horses screamed through the night sky, and Zhao Ji in the carriage couldn’t help but shiver…

Xiao Chuo angrily accused the prime minister of making the decision to return the proton without authorization. The prime minister argued that he was only considering the future of the Liao and Song countries. If Zhao Ji returned, Yuan Kan would definitely not let Xiao Chuo go. At this time, Tie Jing suddenly broke into the tent and heard the conversation between the two, only then realized that his Mu Yi was likely to be gone forever, so he quickly turned around to chase.

Li Wan’er and Yang Yanhui finally came to the gate of the Daming Mansion. The generals on the city gate greeted the two of them, but the iron mirror just arrived behind them and summoned Yang Yanhui, begging hard not to abandon themselves. Iron mirror still dreamed of the two. When I return to Shangjing, I can still live a stable husband and wife life, but Yang Yanhui cannot bear the reputation of being unfaithful and unfilial. Tie Jing took out his bow and arrows to face Yang Yanhui, but he still couldn’t recall that firm back. It was until the Liao General behind the Iron Mirror shot Yang Yanhui’s figure with an arrow, Tie Jing burst into tears and regretted it.

Yang Yanzhao bandaged the wounds for his brother Yang Yanhui. He didn’t expect that his brother who had been killed in the battle would now return with credit. Yang Yanzhao was very pleased and promised to take his brother back to Tokyo to greet his mother.

Yuan Kan hurriedly called on the head of Liu E’s bed. Sure enough, the news of Zhao Ji’s return made Liu E excited. He got out of bed and hurried to visit, but when he saw Zhao Ji’s trembling body, Liu E hugged Zhao Ji tightly. In his arms, he comforted softly, and when Zhao Ji’s cold sweat continued to fall, even Yuan Kan on the side was distressed. It was late at night when Zhao Ji finally closed his eyes. Liu E was still at the side of the bed uneasy. He only heard Zhao Ji whispering.

It seemed that the painful memories tied to the chariot still lingered in his heart. Liu E hurriedly responded. Consoling, singing the song in a low voice, trying to calm Zhao Ji’s heart, only to hear Zhao Ji’s trembling body gradually ease, until it was cold, Liu E’s eyes were full of tears, and he looked down, Zhao Ji Already lifeless, Liu E’s heart seemed to be held tightly. He couldn’t breathe, so he could only continue to hum the songs in a low voice, just as if Zhao Ji in his arms was still the same as before.

Li Wan’er hurried to call Yuan Kan. In shock, Yuan Kan and Su Yijian rushed to the room. Hearing Liu E’s singing from a distance, Yuan Kan seemed to have noticed something and was about to collapse weakly. Going down, when he saw Liu E still holding his child tightly, and Zhao Ji’s already stiff appearance, Yuan Kan could no longer support it, his eyes were red, and he was silent, almost relying on him as he was about to fall. At the threshold, Su Yijian needs to help him to stand up.

The prime minister hurried into the tent and reported to Xiao Chuo that Zhao Ji had been cremated, tears also shed. Thinking of the tragic experience of the two protons, Xiao Chuo recalled the situation where the generations of the Liao and Song dynasties were stuck together. Now he is completely defeated, and he can only call Cao back to discuss matters of peace. Xiao Chuo and Cao used their efforts to fight for the ownership of the Guannan land, but Yuan Kan would not give up returning to the land at all, and would only agree to donate money to Liao every year.

The prime minister on the side suggested that they should meet Yuan Kan in person and come to discuss and discuss it in person. In the matter, Xiao Chuo saw Cao taking advantage of his firm stand, so he nodded and agreed to the prime minister.

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