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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 9 Recap

After leaving the police station, Ding Kai called Chen Anni and said that the person who stole the ring was related to the tourist group. He told Tianyue that she was going to return to the ship with herself, but she could not contact other people for the time being, because the person who stole the ring might be a perpetrator. The police have opened a case for investigation, and Tianyue needs to cooperate in the follow-up.

Grandpa Jiang was holding the lost ring at the beach, thinking of his son’s incomprehension, frustrated, and threw the ring into the sea. Drake told Hashmi that this was the last time he took this route. Knowing that Hashmi hadn’t found the person she liked, Drake hoped that she would hear Hashmi’s good news before she retired.

The entertainment director Fang David told Xiao Jiang that he and his father were a couple. When his father was young, his father was very busy at work. It was easy for the whole family to get together for a meal but the two of them quarreled very hard. Later, he did this business, better than his father It was still busy at that time, but in the dead of night, I always felt boring to be alive.

The doctor said that he was suffering from severe depression. One night, he was standing on the 20th floor and wanted to jump down for a hundred, but suddenly he received a beating from his family. The call came and said that Dad was gone. After he returned, he stayed in front of his father’s spirit for three days and three nights, regretting that he did not understand his father well and stayed with him in his old age.

Ding Kai sent Tianyue back to the room and told her to return the phone after sailing. At this time, the Ocean was notified that due to the sudden change in weather, the Ocean must leave the port immediately in order to avoid risks. Captain Drake asked whether he could postpone it for two hours until all his tourists boarded the ship before leaving the port, and they had not completed the supply.

The command center informed that the huge wind and waves would cause damage to the cruise ship and the port. Retreat to five nautical miles away. Drake asks everyone’s opinion: Should the tourists be transported back to the ship in batches with lifeguards or should they be allowed to spend the night on the shore?

Deputy Captain Olsen said that in this situation, he used life-saving lifts to send tourists back to the boat. Wang Ziyang suggested that they had old people and children this time, and they could not take them at risk. Olsen questioned whether the boarding and lodging islands could accommodate so many tourists. Ding Kai believes that regardless of the cost, it is the ship’s responsibility to put the safety of tourists first.

Drake finally decided: Wang Ziyang will coordinate the supply, Ding Kai and the Marketing Department Hotel will arrange issues related to tourists staying ashore. Allen stays on board to observe the weather changes and ensure safe departure from the port. After the meeting, Drake informed Ding Kai: The arrest has changed and can only be carried out on the shore. Ding Kai must hurry ashore to ensure the safety of tourists’ property and the reputation of the ship.

Tianyue was shocked when she received the departure announcement from the ship. She asked Wu Yue at the front desk to find out that the tour group was staying at the Sorrento Reis Hotel. On the other side, Chen Anni took advantage of the reporter’s report to ask the media for help, and quickly solved the tourist’s accommodation problem. He Cai stopped her specially after seeing Xiong Kailin in the lobby, and said proudly: She agreed to win everything by strength, but Xiong Kailin listened absently and hurried upstairs!

Tianyue ran to the Sorrento Reis Hotel secretly and found that He Cai lived in Room 425, but after going there, He Cai seemed to be not in the room. She was standing at the door just about to leave, and was suddenly dragged by someone covering her mouth from behind. At the corner of the stairs, Tianyue saw that the person was actually Xiong Kailin.

She immediately believed that Xiong Kailin had stole the ring and ran away. Ding Kai saw Tianyue in the corridor and was about to chase him. Xiong Kailin told him that she was Li Hannah sent by the International Armed Police. Tianyue took the supply boat and went ashore. Her appearance would start to stun the snake and affect the arrest. Yue, can’t let her show up.

Tian Yue, who was rushing all the way, ran into Xiang Mu De in the corridor, and Xiang Mu De enthusiastically called her to her room to wait for congratulation. He found out that Tianyue’s suspicion was lifted, and he was shocked. Tianyue said to himself that the thief was Xiong Kailin. She wanted to kidnap herself just now, but she was still able to move around freely, indicating that she must have accomplices.

At this time, he answered the phone to Mu De and hid in the room to talk. The other party told Xiang Mu De: The money has arrived. Xiang Mu De said that they had been exposed and quickly retreated. Tian Yue was surprised when he saw Xiang Mu De taking a lot of banknotes in the box by the door.

Li Hannah ordered the arrest on the first floor, but when they rushed to Xiang Mu De’s room, Tian Yue had fainted on the sofa and his whereabouts were unknown. Chen Anni saw Ding Kai very nervous and Tianyue kept calling her.

When the International Armed Police were looking for Xiang Mu De, Xiang Mu De deliberately placed a cigarette butt in the bathroom to trigger a smoke alarm. The guests fled one after another, and he was mixed in the crowd. In the middle of the journey, Mude changed into the hotel maintenance staff’s clothing and continued to flee. Li Hanna saw through the door near the door, but when they chased to the end of the room, Mude hid on the ceiling ventilation duct.

Tianyue woke up, Li Hanna introduced her true identity to her, and He Cai learned that Xiang Mu De turned out to be a liar. Li Hanna regretted that Xiang Mu De ran away, and Tian Yue said that he might be able to find him. It turned out that before Xiang Mu De ran away from the room, Tian Yue had been fascinated by drugs.

Tian Yue took the opportunity to put the locator she had bought for Father Jiang in Xiang Mu De’s pocket. Soon, Li Hannah locked the position of Xiang Mude based on the locator. She asked the hotel to broadcast the alarm immediately and let Xiang Mude relax. Sure enough, as soon as Xiang Mu De jumped off the ceiling, he was surrounded by the police.

Li Hannah said goodbye to everyone and reminded everyone that this fraud team specifically targets financially independent women, so everyone should take a warning. She tried to stop He Cai but failed. Everyone wondered why they stole the ring from Mude and wanted to blame Tianyue! Li Hannah told them that because Tianyue was a stumbling block to the Mude gang, Tianyue reminded He Cai not to invest blindly because of competition with others, and she also persuaded Bai Jing to emigrate carefully. And if Tianyue was a thief, no one would believe her.

Bai Ling saw that Li Hannah wanted to be the victim by herself. Li Hannah told everyone that He Cai’s loss this time, the International Armed Police will try their best to help her recover, and she sincerely thanked Tianyue for his help in this arrest. Tianyue immediately called He Cai and asked her to return to the hotel as soon as possible, but He Cai said that she must wait where she was and never go anywhere.

Xiaoxi saw a shooting star, and she asked her father: Does a shooting star represent a soul going to heaven? Who was the shooting star just now? Xiaoxi’s father choked and couldn’t speak. At this time, several girls holding candles were dancing and singing to Xiaoxi under the lighthouse, and Xiaoxi’s father bowed to David Fang to thank him.

Chen Anni bought toiletries and pajamas for Tianyue, saying that it was the company’s apology. Before that, Tianyue was wronged and entered the Maritime Safety Administration because the international armed police were afraid of violating the grass. . Annie Chen asked Tianyue how Ding Kai feels? Tianyue said that Ding Kai’s face was too stinky, and his mouth was also stinky. If he hadn’t lived on his face for 30 years, he would have been beaten to death.

Fortunately, she did something to make up for her merits this time, otherwise Ding Kai would say her death. Annie Chen thinks Tianyue cares about Ding Kai’s opinion of her? Tianyue said that every time she was particularly embarrassed, Ding Kai would run into him. Chen Anni teased that they might be Huanxi’s family. Tianyue Chacha said that there are enemies, but who would like Ding Kai’s brain is flooded, and the water from the five oceans is poured into his brain!

When everyone left the Sorrento Relais Hotel, they saw news on TV about the arrest of the Xiangmu De scam gang. Ding Kai was the interviewee. Olsen told Wang Ziyang bitterly that Ding Kai would cooperate with the international community this time. The criminal police made great contributions to solving the case, and the assessment will definitely be much higher than that of him and Wang Ziyang.

Captain Drake told everyone that after a delay of one night, they must grab an 8-hour voyage. Wang Ziyang reported that at least five engines should be online based on the current situation. Ding Kai learned that there were 45 tourists who had not boarded the ship and told him to report to him every five people who landed.

It was time, but He Cai still didn’t show up and didn’t answer the phone. Tianyue had to let everyone go first, and she came back as soon as she found He Cai. Tianyue finally found He Cai in front of a house, she stayed on the stone sitting in front of the door, Tian Yue pulled He Cai away without any explanation.

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