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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 8 Recap

Xiaoxi held a bottle of lucky stars and walked to the railing. Grandpa Jiang followed. Xiaoxi told Grandpa Jiang that every star in the sky was changed by humans. She wants to save many stars and strive to become the brightest one. , So that mom and dad can see themselves as soon as they look up, but she doesn’t know if there is enough time. When Grandpa Jiang turned back to the sofa, he found that the ring just placed on the table was gone, only the empty box was left. He eagerly asked Xiaoxi where the ring was. Xiaoxi ran away in fright, hit Tianyue halfway and was hit After Xiaoxi passed out, Tianyue rushed her to the infirmary.

Captain Drake and Ding Kai called out Doctor Paula and asked if she had seen a ring on Xiaoxi. Grandpa Jiang’s ring was lost. Xiaoxi was the last person he came into contact with, and that place was a dead end of surveillance. They Wanting to rule out the child’s suspicion, Xiaoxi’s father said emotionally after hearing that his child could not steal something. He pointed to Tianyue and said that she was there at the time, because Tianyue Xiaoxi only fell, so Tianyue is also suspected.

Captain Drake called an emergency meeting. Paula told everyone that Xiaoxi had leukemia and the possibility of cure was very small. She didn’t know when she would wake up or whether she could complete the voyage. The captain asked Paula to tell Xiaoxi’s parents that they were about to dock in Sardinia and suggested that they transfer Xiaoxi to the local hospital.

The captain called Ding Kai outside the cabin to talk alone. He asked Grandpa Jiang that he always forgets things, and whether the ring was originally not in the box. Ding Kai thinks that there is no such possibility for Jiang to be a person. After monitoring and seeing the conversation between the two, Allen told his subordinates that Ding Kai must have made Drake dissatisfied. The last incident of Ding Kai didn’t seem to be fighting for fame and fortune, but in fact, he was a hero in his bones to grab the limelight. Wang Ziyang on the side couldn’t listen, and walked over to tell them that he thought Ding Kai’s disposal was very appropriate, not only to prevent the dirt from leaving the cruise as much as possible, but also to allow the little girl to dispel suspicion.

He told Tianyue that he did not want to go to school in Italy, because if he did, he would be separated from his father forever, but if he was with his father, it would be difficult to see his mother again. He knew that the father and mother quarreled because of himself, he I wish to the stars every day, hoping my mother will be happy. At this time, Ding Kai came to let Tianyue recall that before Xiaoxi passed out, did anyone else have contact with Grandpa Jiang? Tianyue said that the incident happened too suddenly. She only took Xiaoxi to the infirmary at the time, and didn’t pay attention to whether there were other people around.

After hearing that Tianyue said that Xiaoxi was sick, he quietly ran to the infirmary to look for her in the middle of the night. Seeing Xiaoxi was asleep and the nurse outside was also asleep, he quietly pushed Xiaoxi out of the ward to watch the stars. When Xiaoxi’s parents arrived and saw the two children talking to the stars, they couldn’t bear to interrupt them. Duan Duan told Xiaoxi that she would definitely become the brightest and happiest star in the galaxy, so that mom and dad would not find her, Xiaoxi’s mother burst into tears after hearing this.

When the training class was doing outdoor activities, the teacher asked to put all the inconvenient things in the basket. After Tianyue put the information in her hand, He Cai suddenly found the ring that Grandpa Jiang lost in Tianyue’s bag.

Tianyue couldn’t argue, Ding Kai asked her if Grandpa Jiang gave the ring to Tianyue and she forgot. Tianyue answered that there was no such thing. Ding Kai said frankly that Tianyue’s suspicion was the biggest at present. Tianyue asked Ding Kai to believe that she did not. Did this. Grandpa Jiang didn’t believe that Tianyue took the ring either.

Olsen told the captain that in accordance with international law, Tianyue needs to be handed over to the local for disposal at the next port. Ding Kai suggested that this matter should be handled with caution, because it is impossible for thieves to put dirt in a translucent bag in full view Olsen thinks that this is where Tianyue is shrewd. The captain finally decided to hand it over to the locals after the ship docked.

After Manager Ma learned of the incident, he asked He Cai to help deal with the aftermath. Ding Kai informed Tianyue that in accordance with international law, they had no right to investigate and must hand Tianyue to the Sardinian police, but he believed Tianyue would accompany her. Tianyue was taken away by the Sardinian police crying, and Ding Kai helped her cover the handcuffs with clothes. He Cai, on the other side, said that she had some things to deal with, and handed over the business class to Chen Anni and others to take care of her. Chen Anni made a special trip to accompany the Xiaoxi family, and Wang Ziyang took care of other tourists.

Wang Ziyang told Chen Anni that the captain of this voyeuristic case was supposed to be handed over to him, but Ding Kai insisted on taking it on himself. It seemed that he was very concerned about Tianyue.

After the Sardinian police took Tianyue to the police station, Ding Kai was not allowed to follow up. Ding Kai phoned the local lawyer and hired a lawyer. The police quickly came out and told Ding Kai that he had completed the handover and was ready to leave. Ding Kai hoped that the other party would produce results as soon as possible, because Tianyue was not only their tourists, but also a representative of the cruise marketing partner.

Xiang Mu De took He Cai to see the resort project. He bluntly stated that he had no energy and was looking for someone to run it for him. Xiong Kailin on the other side called and told the other party that no matter what means, this business can only fall on her. At this time, Xiang Mude received a call, which seemed to be from another intended partner. After he hung up, He Cai immediately proposed to sign a contract with him at the house purchase center. When signing the contract, there was no Chinese version of the contract. He Cai didn’t mind.

She reminded Mu De if she wanted to discuss the terms of the contract with the company. He Cai said that it was her own business to buy a house, and she asked if Xiang Mu De would still agree with him. Others in the team were talking about expanding tourism projects. Xiang Mu De said that everything was unknown before signing the contract, and he didn’t know whether Baohua Travel Agency had this capability. After hearing this, He Cai didn’t say a word, and signed it readily.

Mayfair called Laishan to inquire about Tianyue. She believed Tianyue would not do such a thing. Lai Kun was talking on the phone and suddenly saw a circular flying saucer above his head. He thought it must be an alien flying saucer. , Immediately rushed to chase, and finally ran a few streets and just caught up, but was taken away by the police who rushed over.

After entering the police station, Laishan realized that the aircraft was originally the aircraft of Marine passenger Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen told him that he was going to take the college entrance examination in half a year. There was a good buddy who wanted to take the Maritime Academy, so she wanted to help on the cruise ship. A good friend patted the sea, and Laizun was extremely disappointed. After Chen Anni and Ding Kai arrived, the police told them that the aircraft had violated the no-fly regulations and needed to be confiscated. Chen Anni and Ding Kai asked the police to let them watch the video of the aircraft. They soon found the section where Grandpa Jiang lost the diamond ring.

The Sardinian police told Tianyue that they were going to hand her over to the Chinese police for handling, so to send her back to the country, she had to take the nearest flight back. When Tianyue was at a loss, Ding Kai arrived and he told the police that he could do it. Take Tianyue back, and the police agreed.

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