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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 7 Recap

Standing in the back row with Ding Kai and Chen Anni, Tianyue couldn’t help but be moved by the hard-won happiness of Grandpa Jiang and Grandma Hu. In the banquet hall, Captain Dress hosted the wedding for the two elderly people. Grandpa Jiang looked at Grandma Hu affectionately with a diamond ring, but everyone did not expect that Grandpa Jiang’s son also came to the scene. Dress asked Xiao Jiang to lead the bride. The bridegroom, but Xiao Jiang still did not pass the hurdle in his heart. In the eyes of everyone’s expectation, he suddenly turned and left.

Tianyue regrets that Grandpa Jiang and Grandma Hu didn’t get married. Ding Kai told her that the understanding was mutual, and Xiao Jiang felt very uncomfortable. The highest state of love is whether two people are together or not, they hope each other is happy.

After Grandpa Jiang returned to the room, Grandma Hu had already left, leaving him a note saying: Let’s separate. Grandma Hu told Annie Chen in another room that Xiao Jiang did not agree that their marriage was a long-standing grievance. She could not affect their relationship between father and son because of her existence. Moreover, Grandpa Jiang was also sick with that kind of illness.

Ding Kai came to Xiao Jiang’s room. Xiao Jiang was sorry to keep them busy. He admitted that he had no objection, but he didn’t know why he couldn’t do it suddenly at the scene. He cried in front of his mother’s grave before he came. Ding Kai told him that Grandma Hu didn’t want to replace his mother, but wanted to leave no regrets for the rest of their lives before Grandpa Jiang became seriously ill. Xiao Jiang said that his mother had never received his father’s love before he was alive, and he did not want his mother’s heavenly spirit to rest in peace. Ding Kai told Xiao Jiang that when his father had an accident, he felt that he had a lot to say to him, but there was no chance anymore. He hoped that Xiao Jiang would consider it carefully.

He Cai secretly stuffed a note in Mu De’s pocket when the training class organized the students to carry out the expansion activities of the leadership test.

Laishan felt that there were aliens nearby, so he joined with Mayfair to cut the side dishes. Chef Fang Qiang and the others took a few large water guns and put them with pepper sauce on the boat to search for them. At this time, He Cai and Xiang Mu De were dating. He Cai eagerly wanted to help Xiang Mu De to tie his shoes. When the two were bending over, Lai Shen and others caught them with a net.

Ding Kai severely criticized Laishan and others, and asked them to apologize to He Cai and Mu De face to face as Olsen asked. He Cai was reluctant and said to Mu De that they were not intentional, He Cai Only then was willing to give up. After the two left, Olsen asked Ding Kai’s advice on how to deal with it. Ding Kai suggested that all employees involved in the incident should be confined for one day. The prince echoed. Olsen meaningfully said that foreign monks are good at reciting scriptures, and the new rules should be The ship was built. Then Ding Kai found another graffiti on the corridor during his inspection.

A little boy wondered why the girl Xiaoxi had been wearing a hat, and mischievously tore off her hat. Xiaoxi’s bald head was unobstructed, and she was so angry that she slapped the boy in the face.

In the advanced training class, Chen Anni found that Tianyue knew Ding Kai better than herself, and that Tianyue also had a good impression of Ding Kai while chatting with Tianyue. In the engine room, Allen asked Wang Ziyang about the captain’s dinner list, reminding him that he could tell Ding Kai to refer to the previous list, and Olson used to be in charge of this work. At this time, Ding Kai was checking the information of tourists one by one on the computer, and the company found clues to the fraud gang. Then Wang Ziyang came over and mistakenly thought that he was selecting guests for the captain’s dinner, so he suggested that Ding Kai could refer to the previous list.

In the bar, He Cai was about to take a seat next to Xiang Mu De, Xiong Kailin took a letter of intent to cooperate and ran over to grab her place. Seeing that Xiang Mu De went to the bathroom halfway, He Cai immediately followed him and blocked him in the bathroom. He Cai said that Baohua could give Xiang Mu De Trajan Travel Agency what he couldn’t. She forced Xiang Mu De to see Baohua. The personal promise sent by the boss repeatedly reminded Xiang Mu De not to promise Xiong Kailin any conditions.

Xiang Mu De Zai Lang heard Bai Jing arguing with her husband about the child on the phone, and suggested that she could send her to school in Italy. In the restaurant, Tianyue suggested that He Cai reconsider the cooperation with Xiang Mu De. In order to grab a man, it would be too risky to put all of her savings in. He Cai disagrees, thinking that this kind of thing is to be fast and accurate. The conversation between the two was heard by Xiong Kailin behind her. She used to provoke that she was going to make a decision with the general project and warned He Cai that she had better not interfere.

Ding Kai saw that Xiaoxi took off his hat in front of the window and looked in the mirror with a flower headband. He found it very interesting. He was about to walk over to talk to her. Xiaoxi ran away immediately after seeing him. Back in the room, Xiaoxi asked her mother. He heard that aliens were coming, so she wouldn’t take herself away. Xiaoxi’s mother held back her tears and told her that she could go first and have a party with the aliens to have fun. Xiaoxi obediently put the lucky star made by her mother into the box.

At lunch, Bai Jing asked Duan Duan if she would like to go to school in Italy and live there. Tianyue at the same table advised Bai Jing to carefully consider immigration matters. It is not easy to take children to unfamiliar environments by herself, Bai Jing said I just asked.

Hashmi said to the waiters at a meeting that it was too shameful that they actually believed in the alien theory. Mayfair said it was what Lai Shen said. Hashmi was about to train her, and Lai Shen came over and told Hashmi: truth Before being confirmed, they existed in the form of fallacy. He insisted that there must be aliens in this world. At this time, the supervisor called Hashmi away, and Laishan left with a small song triumphantly.

Tianyue heard from Grandma Hu that Grandpa Jiang’s forgetfulness was getting bigger and bigger recently, and he had to watch it when he went out, otherwise he would get lost, so Tianyue thought of buying an electronic locator for Grandma Hu.

Grandpa Jiang sat outside the cabin and looked at the diamond ring at the sun. Xiaoxi ran over curiously. She told Grandpa Jiang that her mother said that she would not grow old and would become stars hanging in outer space.

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