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Mouse 마우스 Episode 7 Recap

Cheng Zhien was awakened by the nightmare, only to realize that the staff sent her to the hospital. Gao Wuzhi asked Cheng Yaohan about Kim Korea’s whereabouts. Cheng Yaohan fainted without saying anything. Gao Wuzhi called an ambulance to take Zheng Barin and Cheng Yaohan to the hospital.

Cheng Zhien learned that Cheng Yaohan was seriously injured and hurried to the hospital. She ran into Gao Wuzhi head-on. When she learned that Gao Wuzhi shot Cheng Yaohan and wounded Cheng Yaohan, she couldn’t help complaining about Gao Wuzhi. Gao Wuzhi felt that Cheng Yaohan deserved the crime. Cheng Zhien slumped on the ground, and Cui Hongzhu saw this scene from a distance. The police dispatched police dogs and quickly found the garbage dump where Cheng Yaohan changed his car midway.

Gao Wuzhi hurried over and found the burned clothes pieces from the oil drum. Police Officer Shen came afterwards. The police found blood stains nearby, and Gao Wuzhi hurried over. After checking, it was concluded that Kim Korea was hidden nearby, and the police mobilized a large number of police forces to investigate nearby.

After the medical staff tried their best to rescue, Zheng Barin had to suspend the operation because of head trauma and intracranial edema. Cheng Yaohan’s operation was very successful, and Cui Hongzhu was in pain. This incident caused dissatisfaction with the government. The president’s ruling power dropped by 40%. The support rate of the ruling party fell to the bottom. There is still a year before the general election. The mayor is very nervous. Cui Hongzhu came to the place where Cheng Yaohan used to live alone, took out a cassette and sent it to the mayor.

Wu Fengyi hated Chengyao and Hanzhi. He sneaked into his ward and covered him to death with a pillow. Wu Fengyi stood by Zheng Barin’s bed, begging him to wake up as soon as possible. Gao Wuzhi came to the hospital to see and force Wu Fengyi Sent to the ward. Citizens came to the hospital to send flowers to Zheng Barin, praying for his speedy recovery.

Cheng Zhien threw Cheng Yaohan’s ashes into the sea, full of guilt. Wu Fengyi woke up and saw that little bird fell to death downstairs. She was pleasantly surprised to find that Zheng Barin was awake, and hurriedly called the doctor. Zheng Barin didn’t remember anything. The doctor checked him and lost part of his memory. Zheng Barin underwent three operations and finally recovered from his injuries and was discharged from the hospital. Reporters gathered around the entrance of the hospital to interview him. Gao Wuzhi was called to the police station for investigation because he shot and wounded the suspect without authorization. Police Officer Shen was also held accountable. Gao Wuzhi was not convinced and yelled at the director and others.

My aunt was worried about Zheng Barin, so she asked him to move near her home. Gu Dongjiu came to help Zheng Barin move, and talked about Luo Zhiguo casually, but Zheng Barin didn’t remember anything. Wu Fengyi hid and saw Zheng Barin riding in the car. She felt uncomfortable leaving. Jiang Dexiu was about to be released from prison. The people protested at the gate of the prison and strongly demanded that Jiang Dexiu be sentenced to death. Gao Wuzhi came to hear the news, and Wu Fengyi was not found in the crowd, so he was a little relieved. Jiang Dexiu was released and Gao Wuzhi warned him to do it for himself. Jiang Dexiu was taken away amidst the condemnation of the crowd.

One year passed in a blink of an eye. On the day of the presidential election, the ruling party Li Qingxian had a loud voice. There were people in the streets and alleys waving the flag for Li Qingxian. Gao Wuzhi was sleeping at home and he could not be disturbed. In order to stabilize the people’s mind, the superior asked Zheng Barin to reinstate his post as soon as possible. The South Captain asked Officer Shen to take him on patrols and repeatedly told Officer Shen not to interfere with his freedom. He could go home from get off work at any time, and Officer Shen was dissatisfied.

Barin Cheng saw that Mr. Shin’s promotional photos were completely painted by supporters of other candidates, and he hurriedly wiped it out, clearly stating that he would elect Mr. Shin. Officer Shen was indebted to him. There was a sudden call for help on the other side of the road. The robber on the motorcycle robbed the passerby and ran away. Mr. Shin and Barin Cheng went after him without saying a word. Because of the panic and the speed, the robber’s motorcycle fell down. Abandoning the car to escape, Zheng Barin chased him. The robber ran to the pond in one breath. Zheng Barin caught up with him and subdued him. He suddenly saw a female corpse in the grass. He looked at the female corpse as if he had known each other, but he couldn’t remember it, but his heartbeat accelerated, so he immediately called the police.

The detectives rushed to the scene quickly, because the deceased Jiang Minzhu had no wallet. It was preliminarily inferred that the murder was a robber. Zheng Barin thought it was a disguise and was reprimanded by the criminal police. Wheel marks and traces of drag were found near the scene. Officer Shen felt that Zheng Barin’s judgment was correct. Zheng Barin disagreed with the criminal police’s revenge killing. Officer Shen did not want to have another dispute. He hurriedly pulled Zheng Barin away. Gao Wuzhi was assigned to the evidence room. He did not agree. Convinced, he could only categorize the evidence a little bit patiently, and he turned over to the evidence of Han Xujun’s murder, which contained their belongings.

Jeong Barin and Gu Dongjiu came to the class reunion. Gu Dongjiu specially brought the actor and girlfriend Seqi. The classmates teased that Gu Dongjiu was cuckolded. Gu Dongjiu punched and kicked him, and Jeong Barin taught the classmate severely A meal. The criminal police team sent evidence of the case, and Gao Wuzhi found that there was something missing, so he went to the criminal police team to ask for it. Gao Wuzhi drove home and almost ran into Zheng Barin again. Zheng Barin finally remembered him, so he turned over the pictures of the murdered in the bushes and explained his suspicions to Gao Wuzhi one by one.

Gao Wuzhi came to the interrogation room and saw that the suspect was being interrogated. He denied the murder. Gao Wuzhi received evidence of a new murder case, which was exactly the same as the grass murder case. Gao Wuzhi came to the deceased Hong Naying’s house overnight to investigate. Finding the exact same rope, he hurriedly called Zheng Barin. Zheng Barin restored the whole process of the case and determined that the two cases were done by the same person. Gao Wuzhi’s fighting spirit was stimulated. He wanted to fight Zheng Barin. Catch the murderer together.

Seeing how the deceased was tied up, Gao Wuzhi suddenly remembered the same way that Han Xujun killed Police Officer Park’s daughter Hyun Soo back then. Cui Hongzhu also closely followed the murder of Jiang Minzhu and Hong Naying. She went to the evidence room to find the rope. She overheard Gao Wuzhi and Zheng Barin discussing to go to Han Xujun. She hurriedly hid, and Zheng Barin found that someone had moved the evidence. The box, Gao Wuzhi was anxious to go to jail and didn’t take it seriously.

Zheng Barin came to see Han Xujun. Han Xujun denied that he had taught anyone this way of knotting. Han Xujun took out a small mouse. Zheng Barin suddenly remembered that he had caught a small mouse on the roadside when he was a child. He felt a splitting headache.

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