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Legendary Hotel 大饭店传奇 Episode 3 Recap

A grave thief fell in love with Miss San and insisted on marrying her. The crowd discussed secretly, first agreed to his request, held a wedding for the two of them, paid a courtesy to marry them, and dragged them to patrol Liu Sanyuan in the evening. When setting up the pro-site, a tomb thief saw the forged deed of the house and burned the deed to light a candle. Everyone panicked.

Ma Hulu put makeup on Miss San in the room, and the group of Zhu sneaked into the room and asked Miss San to take off her clothes, saying that Miss San was an employee of his shop. He couldn’t watch her accidentally, and he would pretend to be the bride.

At the beginning of the worship hall, everyone was able to delay time. When he uncovered his head, he thought it was exposed, but the criminals were very satisfied when they saw the Zhu group posing as a bride, and thought he was very beautiful and cute. Miss San couldn’t bear to marry a group of Zhu for her, so she revealed that she was the bride that criminals wanted. When everyone was entangled, Liu Sanyuan knocked on the door of the hotel.

Miss San went to open the door, dragged Liu Sanyuan into the house, and escaped with a stab from the bad guy on his head. Miss San punched and kicked Liu Sanyuan, followed his entry and exit token, and called him his servant. Liu Sanyuan looked up at the scene in the store and immediately realized what had happened, so he immediately cooperated with Miss San.

The criminals saw Liu Sanyuan wearing a police uniform and did not believe that he was Miss San’s servant. Miss San took out Liu Sanyuan’s token to leave the city from her pocket, and the two Tomb Robber brothers saw the token and believed Miss San’s words. Miss San wittily told Liu Sanyuan and the others to go out to buy wine, Liu Sanyuan quickly left the hotel.

After a while, Liu Sanyuan came back with a group of policemen, falsely claiming that the wine the two brothers had just drunk was highly toxic, and took out medicine. The two brothers scrambled to eat the antidote. After swallowing, the whole body got itchy. It turns out that the wine is not poisonous, but the so-called antidote is poisonous. Liu Sanyuan successfully arrested the two thieves.

When the incident ended, Liu Sanyuan asked to see the deed of the hotel. Zhu and the group took out the forged deed that was half burned by the tomb thief. Liu Sanyuan took a look and told everyone that he would help to reissue the deed as soon as possible to cope with the surprise inspection. When Liu Sanyuan left, Miss San returned the token to him.

The business of the hotel continues to operate. One day, Miss San Lama Hulu went shopping. She told Ma Hulu about her baby. Miss San claimed that she only knew that there was a baby in the package, and she didn’t know what it was. She only knew that the Japanese and the Revolutionary Party were all because of this package. Rush to cooperate with the warlord. .

An old man with a white beard came to the hotel. When Zhu Qun was discussing the appearance of the old man with Shen Moren, someone suddenly appeared. He claimed to be a well-known bounty hunter on the rivers and lakes, named Suohu, a gentleman, and his duty to safeguard the world. He traced the Northeast Chili Pepper, the second largest bounty in the Republic of China, to Fengtian City, saying that the Chili Pepper is likely to come to a big restaurant to eat. Legend has it that this big chili pepper is a powerful martial artist and is a murderous demon. Sohu will be here today. The big pepper is brought to justice for the people. He gave a bottle of Mongolian sweat medicine to Zhu’s group and asked them to give medicine to the big pepper meal.

The old man with white beard asked to order food several times, and Zhu and his group discussed how to catch Big Chili and ignored him. At this time, a chili smashed Zhu’s group of wine glasses. The old man with white beard blew himself up, he is the big pepper. Suohu stepped forward to catch the man, but was hit by the big chili with a chili.

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