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Legendary Hotel 大饭店传奇 Episode 2 Recap

The group of Zhu said badly, the beauty agreed to stay in the hotel for one night. Zhu and the others communicated with the beauty and learned that her name was Ma Hulu, a singer, but due to the world and the chaos of the circle, they did not get any results, and were embarrassed to go home. The group of Zhu said that she was someone who had met the world at first glance, hoping that she could give some advice to the operation of the hotel, and Ma Hulu gave his own advice. Subsequently, the Zhu group appointed Gu Debai as the chef of the restaurant.

At night, Daxi and a few beggars gathered in a small hut. Daxi claimed that he had met a female revolutionary at the entrance of the theater. The situation was critical. The female revolutionary party told Daxi to complete her unfinished mission before leaving. Daxi and the Revolutionaries met at the entrance of the theater building and taught him a gesture as a joint code. Daxi cleaned up his appearance. He decided that since the theater had become a big hotel, he would lie in the big hotel, waiting for the arrival of the revolutionary party.

The hotel is well run and the business is booming.

After a busy day, the group of Zhu talked with Ma Hulu. Ma Hulu said that she had a conflict with her father, and went out to the capital alone in angrily, hoping to realize her dream of being a singer, but she failed to succeed, and now she is embarrassed to go home. Zhu Qun said that his dream is to be realized bit by bit, and he hopes Ma Hulu can stay in the hotel.

After a while, everyone was involved in the conversation. The group of Zhu said that Shen Moren and himself were inseparable when fleeing. The two people shared the same difficulties. Now the situation is getting better. He appointed Shen Moren as the boss, and Shen Moren was moved. When Miss San was looking for a package hidden by Zhu’s group, she was greedy for a cup and made a good wine, and was appointed by Zhu’s group as the bartender. Ma Hulu was appointed as a waiter with good image and temperament.

At night, an unidentified person entered the tram, communicated briefly with the people in the car, and left quickly.

On the second day, a handsome police officer came to the hotel. This police officer was favored by many women. His name is Liu Sanyuan and he works in Fengtian Police Station. He observes the crowd and analyzes the personality and identity of Zhu Qun and Shen Moren with just a few glances, and the analysis is very accurate.

Suddenly, Liu Sanyuan asked to see the deed of the house in the hotel, but Zhu and his group naturally didn’t have it, so everyone interrogated, and Liu Sanyuan said that he would see the deed of the house tonight at the latest.

Before leaving, Liu Sanyuan analyzed the identity of Miss San, saying that she was the only girl who didn’t praise him for being handsome. Ma Hulu asked Liu Sanyuan to show herself. Liu Sanyuan said that he had seen Ma Hulu’s life experience, but he didn’t dare to say.

Miss San realized that since the police were here, she had to find her treasure as soon as possible. The group of Zhu recalled the lunatic refugees they met that night when they first came to the hotel. The man knocked Zhu and Shen fainted and walked along the package, so Zhu Mo remained silent.

At night, Miss San was looking for her baby everywhere in the yard. Suddenly she saw a figure in the well. Everyone went to investigate. Two people crawled out of the well. They claimed to have been in prison for two years and finally escaped. Gu Debai speculated that the two They are the two brothers of tomb robbers who are famous in the tomb robber world. The two men kidnapped everyone after intimidating everyone to serve them, saying that they would kill the people before leaving.

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