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Legendary Hotel 大饭店传奇 Episode 1 Recap

At the beginning of the twentieth century, warlords fought with each other, natural and man-made disasters continued, and the people were miserable. The three northeastern provinces became the fat in the eyes of the great powers. The sons of the declining hotel tycoon, Zhu and his group, took refuge in their hometown in the northeast with his servant Shen Moren. The two of them were displaced all the way and lost the last bit of money.

At the same time, the commander of the warlord got a treasure. The Revolutionary Party and the Japanese wanted to get this treasure, so they all came to cooperate with the warlord. The commander decided to cooperate with the Japanese because of the rich conditions of the Japanese. Upon hearing this news, the third young lady Yang Sirui and his tutor Gu Debai, from the thieves family in Shuzhong, believed that the warlord had colluded with the enemy to harm the country and the people, so they stole the treasure. Then the two were chased by two assassins, Ye Da and Ye Er, in the Marshal’s Mansion for stealing treasure.

At night, Fengtian City. Zhu Qun and Shen Moren were resting in front of an abandoned theater building. They met Gu Debai, who had lost sight of Miss San. After the three got acquainted, they entered the theater building and suddenly fell into the setting of the two Ye brothers who had been waiting here for a long time. The two brothers asked where the baby was, but everyone didn’t know. The two saw that there was no woman among these people, and they were not the one they were pursuing. While thinking, they suddenly saw a ghost figure. The two Ye brothers thought they had met a ghost and fled.

When everyone was safe, they discovered that the so-called “ghost figure” was the third lady Yang Sirui who had separated from Gu Debai. The group of Zhu discovered the package dropped by Miss San during the chaos. He expected that the two assassins must have come for this package. There must be a treasure here, so he hid the package.

Zhu Qun and Shen Moren were investigating in the theater. Zhu Qun suggested to Shen Moren that he did not want to wander anymore and wanted to open a big restaurant here. Shen Moren pointed out that Zhu and his group had been on the way to escape. When talking about the opening of a big hotel, I always talked about it and never put it into practice. Zhu and his group believed that the place was right and right, and he made up his mind to open a restaurant here.

Zhu and Shen kidnapped Miss San and Gu Debai and threatened them as their own hotel employees with their babies, and they were forced to agree.

The hotel opened the next day. Zhu and others carefully decorated the facade of the hotel.

On the first day of the shop, a beggar named Daxi came to the hotel and said that he was a music artist. He also said that he knew that the hotel was originally a theater, not the property of Zhu Group, and he wanted to go to the police station to expose them. Daxi also said that the theater was haunted. The group of Zhu said that the so-called ghosts were just refugees. They stayed here at night, and they had already met a lunatic refugee here the night before.

However, Daxi did not do it, not saying that this place belongs to him, and Zhu and his group insisted that this place belongs to him, and the two quarreled. Finally, Zhu and his group decided to take a gamble and go to the police station. Daxi was shocked in an instant.

In the end, Zhu Yiyi compromised with Daxi and decided to conduct an interview with Daxi. As long as Daxi passed the interview, he could stay and work in the hotel. Daxi did not perform well in the interview, but Zhu and Shen were kind, and finally agreed to keep him in the hotel to work, including food and housing but no wages.

At this time, a beautiful lady came to the restaurant for dinner, but there was no chef in the restaurant. After hearing this, the lady turned and left, and the Zhu group chased it out.

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