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Hello Mr. Gu (2021) 原来你是这样的顾先生

It turns out that you are like Mr. Gu’s
Other Title: 原来你是这样的顾先生, Yuánlái nǐ shì zhèyàng de gù xiānshēng, So you are Mr. Gu

Genres: drama, romance
Ma Hongwen, Li Dian
Tencent Video
Release Date: 
March 30 2021
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  • Chen Jing
  • Yan Zhichao
  • Guo Yun
  • Qi Zhu
  • Danni Dingjia

The web drama “So You Are Such Mr. Gu” is directed by Ma Hongwen and Li Dian, starring Chen Jingke, Yan Zhichao, Guo Yunqi, Zhu Danni and others. It turns out that you are like Mr. Gu. The plot tells the heart-warming and healing love story of “The Princess in Distress” and the “Contrast Meng CEO” because of a “contract marriage”.

On the one hand, there is a contrasting cute CEO, and on the other, a princess in trouble. The heroes and heroines with completely different personalities and life experiences are different from each other, and they have to reach a “contractual marriage” agreement because of an accident. The fake couple began a “cohabitation” life. In the midst of running-in and adversity, the two gradually changed from a raging foe to a confidant, confidant or even lover.

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