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Don’t Think of Interrupting My Studies 別想打擾我學習 Episode 25 End Recap

Extra 1:

On the eve of the college entrance examination, Lin Xiaoran made an appointment to the handmade shop for the southward evening on the eve of the college entrance examination. The two sat in the shop expectantly, but did not expect that the process of customizing the ring was complicated and long, and it did not end until dark. Fortunately, Nan Xiangwan didn’t care about it. Lin Xiaoran took the opportunity to engrave the first letter of Nan’s surname on the ring, which represented his true feelings in his heart.

Seeing Lin Xiaoran’s behavior, Nan Xiangwan showed the little girl’s shyness, which was completely inconsistent with the aura of her career elite. In the end, under Lin Xiaoran’s suggestion, she happily engraved the first letter of Lin’s surname and put the ring on her middle finger. It was not so much a blessing ring for the college entrance examination, but a couple ring.

The two said goodbye at the bifurcation, and should have gone home separately. However, Nan Xiangwan seemed to think of something just after walking a few steps. He couldn’t help but look back at Lin Xiaoran’s back, and had to swallow what he said. As everyone knows, when she turned and left, Lin Xiaoran was also looking back. He missed the best opportunity to confess, and he could hardly muster the courage.

In the process of looking back and turning around repeatedly, Nan Xiangwan took the lead to call Lin Xiaoran and rushed to the aisle without hesitation, and ran to his side. Although there are no lingering words of love, Nan Xiangwan and Lin Xinran have already intertwined, walking hand in hand on the street, patronizing the convenience store, and cherishing their peace and good times now.

On the day of the college entrance examination, Lin Xiaoran saw medical staff rushing past the door, vaguely aware of anxiety, so he handed in the papers as quickly as possible and saw Nan Xiangwan lying on the ambulance stretcher. At this moment Nan Xiangwan was gradually awakening, she hugged Lin Xiaoran and wept with joy, and Wang Qibei stood by silently watching the whole process.

Ten days after the college entrance examination, Nan Xiangwan completely lost contact with Lin Xiaoran. He called Li Shuai, Chen Shiyun and others, and learned that he had settled in the United States with Lin’s mother, and I am afraid he would go to university there. Hearing this news, Nan Xiangwan was unable to restrain his impulse, and then picked up the phone and clicked on Lin Xiaoran’s address book. He wanted to send a message, but after typing a few words, he deleted a line, just like the complex contradictions on the eve of the college entrance examination. Repeatedly, once again mustered the courage to press the send button.

As soon as the news was sent, I saw the waiter coming with coffee. Nan Xiangwan looked in the direction the waiter was pointing, and found that Lin Xiaoran was standing not far away, with a smile on his face. I thought that like most couples, the two would always choose to be silent in the face of reality, but I didn’t expect Lin Xiaoran to dare to fight, reject the future arranged by his parents in advance, and give up everything and fly back to China.

Extra 2:

Although Lin Xiaoran was admitted to Guanhang University with his own efforts to ensure a stable life in the future, Nan Xiangwan still wanted to punish him with a small punishment and deliberately turned to leave with a straight face. Lin Xiaoran hurriedly followed behind, patiently explaining her behavior without leaving, and took the opportunity to confess to her.

From the attention of the first encounter to the subsequent contacts, this relationship has deepened unconsciously. No matter how mature a man is, he will always be childish in front of the person he likes. At first Lin Xiaoran didn’t care about it, but every time he saw the southward night, it seemed that the whole world was frequently illuminated until he found out his true inner thoughts. Although every time it is a trivial matter, it has gradually penetrated into Lin Xiaoran’s life. Fortunately, Nan Xiangwan has the same experience. The so-called fortunate, is the moment when I love you, and so does you.

Established the relationship, Nan Xiangwan, as usual, brushed the subject during the date, and completely left Lin Xiaoran next to him, causing his dissatisfaction. It just so happened that at this time, a female classmate came over with a love letter. Her appearance not only did not destroy the relationship between Nan Xiangwan and Lin Xiaoran, but instead increased their ability to act. Nan Xiangwan kissed Lin Xiaoran on the cheek in front of the female classmate and swore his sovereignty. Lin Xiaoran kissed back without hesitation, and the two of them came and went, stupefied with the female classmate.

Over time, Lin Xiaoran became a pilot when he graduated from Nanxiangwan as an executive in a blink of an eye. The two have been dating for seven years, and they are still standing still. Even though they are as sweet as ever, they have not yet reached the stage of talking about marriage. Seeing that Yu Meili and Zhang Chao are about to have a second child, even Liu Yubai also proposed to Chen Shiyun, so Lin Xiaoran hopes to take the relationship further. He prepares the diamond ring in advance, but Nan Xiangwan has acted.

On that night, Lin Xiaoran knelt on one knee. He thanked Nan Xiangwan for appearing in his life and accompanying him throughout his youth, so he was willing to spend the rest of his life responding and handing in answers that would satisfy Nan Xiangwan. Under the light, Nan Xiangwan and Lin Xiaoran exchanged rings, and they wore them on the ring finger that was heading for marriage, looking forward to the future, only wishing to have each other in this life.

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