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Don’t Think of Interrupting My Studies 別想打擾我學習 Episode 24 Recap

The meeting time arrived as scheduled. Nan Xiangwan took advantage of his mother’s absence, and quickly dressed up and slipped out. As a result, just a few steps away, she saw Beauty came uninvited and wanted to seek comfort from her. Nan Xiangwan realized that Yu Meili was suffering from anxiety symptoms before the exam, so she took the initiative to tell stories about her childhood, and even said that she would be admitted to college and become an excellent writer in the future.

Perhaps because of Nan Xiangwan’s encouragement, Yu Meili finally fell into her mind and promised to write Nan Xiangwan’s story in the book after becoming a writer. After comforting Yu Meili, Nan Xiangwan hurried to the agreed place, only to see two cups of coffee and a note on the table. Just as she was a little upset, Lin Xiaoran walked out from the side.

The two seemed to have endless words in the cafe, even though it was dark, they still couldn’t say goodbye. Even though there was no confession or sentiment in this date, there was still a tacit understanding by appointment. Nan Xiangwan said that he wanted to see him in Beijing, and Lin Xiaoran agreed with a smile.

On the day of the college entrance examination, when Nan Xiang entered the examination room late, there was a car accident at the door. Although she did not see who the person was lying in front of the car, she still inevitably made all kinds of speculations based on the same clothes. Originally, Nan Xiangwan wanted to rush over to find out, but the security guard stopped her directly, so that during the exam, he couldn’t calm his mind, and repeated the scene of Lin Xiaoran being sent to the rescue room in his mind.

Nan Xiangwan fainted on the spot and missed the exam. She missed Guanhua University. Even the teachers in the exam room felt sorry. As time passed by, Nan Xiangwan opened her eyes again and woke up. She was already on the apartment bed a few years later. She looked around, answered the phone call from her mother, washed and dressed methodically, and dressed decently. Going to work in the car, unconsciously touched the ring on the ring finger.

After coming to the company, Nan Xiangwan changed his normal state. He was tolerant of interns with poor performance and ordinary academic qualifications and exchanged positions for the other party. The intern was a little surprised. He had also heard about Nan Xiangwan. He didn’t expect that it is better to see it after hearing it. He was even more convinced that rumors should not be rashly followed.

Standing at the door, Yu Meili could not help but joking, and invited Nan Xiangwan to take her husband to the class reunion. Director Zhang, Wang Qibei and Liao Shichang would also attend. Nan Xiangwan readily agreed, so he called to inform the other party, considering the cold night, he simply brought a coat.

Nan Xiangwan signed in at the door, Liu Yubai hurried over, put his jacket on by the way, and the two attended the event together. Among the classmates present, everyone had their own gains. Jiang Darling lived up to expectations and became an excellent singer. Zeng Jianfei was a family member of the singer and also her assistant.

Liu Jiaojiao is already an internet celebrity with millions of fans, and can finally enjoy the aura and distress brought by online public opinion. Liu Yubai frequently wins awards for architectural design, Zhu Cong starts his own company, Zhang Chao has become a basketball superstar by virtue of his ability Even Wang Feng is dedicated to charity. Seeing that everyone is having a good time, Director Zhang and others are very pleased. Liu Jiaojiao took this opportunity to let her guess who among the people present got married after graduation.

Seeing the same brooch on Nan Xiangwan and Liu Yubai’s clothes, Director Zhang was a little surprised. After a while, he saw Lin Xiaoran walking from a distance wearing a formal suit. He sat next to Nan Xiangwan very naturally, obviously. The two are more affectionate. Lin Xiaoran realized her dream of flying, and the jacket that Nan Xiangwan had brought was lent to Liu Yubai, which led to Director Zhang’s misjudgment.

Everyone is gossiping about when Nan Xiangwan and Lin Xiaoran have been together, and Wang Qibei talked about the current situation of the examination room as an insider. It turned out that there was a male student wearing the same clothes as Lin Xiaoran. Although there was a car accident, fortunately, it was not serious. However, Nan Xiangwan didn’t know it, so before she was sent to the hospital, she accidentally saw Lin Xiaoran standing next to her anxiously.

Because of this Oolong incident, the two finally understood each other’s intentions and knew that they could never leave each other again. Although Yu Meili wrote the sad ending in the book, Nan Xiangwan and Lin Xiaoran are already the enviable lovers in reality. At the same time, they realize that they should take the initiative to fight for the right time and people, instead of leaving regrets. . As Wang Qibei replayed the interview video of Xiangli Middle School, everyone’s memory returned to the third year of high school, youthful and beautiful, and never ended.

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