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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 14 Recap

Wang Yuemei’s emotions became agitated, she pulled out the needle, and Xin Lu hurriedly pulled Wang Xiaocong over. When Wang Xiaocong learned that Xinlu had misunderstood her meaning, she lied to Wang Yuemei that Jiang Walong was asleep, and Wang Yuemei sprinkled her anger on Wang Xiaocong, thinking that he deceived herself and caused her failure to die with her husband. Seeing Wang Yuemei crying and making noises, Wang Xiaocong sternly reprimanded her, but Ge Wenshu spoke coldly beside her.

Wang Xiaocong couldn’t help refuting him, showing that his previous speculation that stroke patients were pirates or refugees was wrong. Because there are doctors like him on Zal Island who are negative, backward, and gloomy, the culture and sanitary conditions here can’t develop at all. These words irritated Uncle Wen, who blushed and said that he was here for gilding.

The two quarreled in the ward, and Ye Hong and Shuhui held them, and persuaded them separately, and the two men disappeared. After Zhou Yue did Wang Xiaocong’s ideological work, Xin Lu timidly told them that in her opinion, Wang Yuemei would not commit suicide, and people who were determined to commit suicide would not make much noise.

After listening to her analysis, both Wang Xiaocong and Zhou Yue felt that she had a good head. Xin Lu felt embarrassed and asked to stay in the hospital as a nurse for a few days. Zhou Yue was very happy. After get off work, they watched the sunset on the roof. Ye Hong joked about Liao Yu and Zhou Yue. Liao Yu honestly said that he did like her in high school, but later found out that she was too good, so he dispelled the idea. Ye Hong turned to Li Tiancheng.

Zhou Yue explained that he had nothing to do with Li Tiancheng. The relationship between Li Tiancheng and Qiao Yuqian was unusual. Qiao Yuqian had already taken the initiative to wash Li Tiancheng’s clothes, which shows that the relationship between the two is very good. Liao Yu is looking at the latest medical Da Vinci robot, but Li Tiancheng said that the state government here cannot spend such a large cost to buy it for hospital use, and people here will not pay for this machine for surgery.

Liao Yu has a different view from him. He has seen the outstanding performance of the Da Vinci robot in uterine fibroids surgery. Qiao Yuqian leaned towards Liao Yu and followed Li Tiancheng’s words to follow Liao Yu’s class. But Liao Yu refused, saying that gentlemen do not take advantage of others. Qiao Yuqian was anxious to explain that she was worried that Liao Yu would misunderstand her relationship with Li Tiancheng.

Traffic policeman John took the cake to the hospital and wanted to ask Zhou Yue out directly. Li Tiancheng said that she was very busy, so John handed him the cake. Zhou Yue learned of this and wanted to get his business card back from Li Tiancheng and call John to express his gratitude. Li Tiancheng refused. He clearly told Zhou Yue that he would not let Qiao Yuqian wash her clothes in the future, and hoped that Zhou Yue would not go out on a date with John.

Li Tiancheng’s expression was serious, not as if he was joking, Zhou Yue was very shy, and Wang Xiaocong’s seeing them made Zhou Yue feel more embarrassed. Li Tiancheng changed the subject. When talking about Taxiang, Zhou Yue was very worried that doing so would interfere with local affairs, but after seeing Xie Hua’s photos and listening to Li Tiancheng, she decided to continue the investigation.

Zhou Yue and Huo Xiang called to report, and Huo Xiang agreed with them to investigate, but reminded them to keep confidential. Li Tiancheng suspected Qiao Xiangwan, the god-wife, and Uncle Wen. After some speculation, they all felt that Uncle Wen was the most suspicious. Xin Lu discovered that Wang Yuemei had many signs of being burned by cigarette butts. Coupled with Wang Yuemei’s reaction, Xinlu knew that Jiang Hualong had abused her, but Wang Yuemei had any way to rely on Jiang Hualong for all her life. Liao Yu and Qiao Yuqian performed the operation on the patient. Wang Xiaocong, who was full of concerns, was absent-minded. After the operation, Liao Yu asked him to look for Ye Hong.

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