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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 13 Recap

Qiao Xiangwan took a sum of money to the goddess of Linshui Village to spread the rumors. The goddess agreed and said that he would talk to the goddess of the village next door. Li Tiancheng handed Ta Xiang to Uncle Ge Wen, hoping that he could help test the ingredients. Li Tiancheng took the initiative to go to the restaurant to have a meal with members of the medical team, and everyone was very surprised. Wang Xiaocong made a simple but thoughtful wreath for Qiao Yuqian.

Qiao Yuqian found from his conversation that he seemed to be interesting to herself, and she tactfully expressed her rejection. Wang Xiaocong didn’t feel too embarrassed, he was a person who could afford it. An emergency patient between the ages of 50 and 60 was in a coma on the street and was sent to Youhao Hospital. Li Tiancheng knew about Chinese medicine and said that he could prescribe Danshen tablets to this patient.

Liao Yu felt strange. He didn’t expect that he grew up abroad, but he knew Chinese medicine so well. Li Tiancheng told him that in such a difficult environment as in Africa, he could dabble in as long as it was a way to save patients. Qiao Youzhi kept holding Zhou Yue and didn’t let go. The nurse told Liao Yu and Li Tiancheng about the incident. The two thought that Qiao Youzhi was as emotional as Qiao Qi last time, and ran over to discourage Qiao Qi indiscriminately.

Later, the two learned that Zhou Yue had helped Qiao Qi’s wife to pay for the medical expenses in advance. Qiao Qi felt that it was inappropriate and talked to Zhou Yue about the matter. Both of them were a little embarrassed and apologized to Zhou Yue, but Zhou Yue felt that they were questioning their own level of surgery. Qiao Youzhi was very grateful to Zhou Yue, and Li Tiancheng asked him to help take samples of the villagers’ excrement.

Wang Xiaocong was looking for a stroke patient, and Liao Yu was also looking for it, but just now he heard the stroke patient say that he was going to the toilet, and no one was seen in a blink of an eye. Liao Yu felt that something was wrong, and asked if he had done identity registration. Wang Xiaocong said that he had just asked him to do it, but he ignored it.

Uncle Ge Wen said that he mostly ran away, so don’t expect him to come back after such a person ran away, and even if he was brought back for treatment, it would be a waste of medical resources. Ge Wenshu explained that the person who ran away behaved strangely. It was nothing more than a refugee or a pirate. People who lived in a peaceful country would not understand how sad the people here. Even so, Wang Xiaocong still feels that it is the bounden duty of medical staff to save people, regardless of the person’s character.

Qiao Youzhi quickly brought the excrement, and Huo Xiang decided to take it for inspection as soon as possible. Li Tiancheng went to Uncle Wen to get Taxiang’s test report, and he felt that something was wrong at the time. A pregnant woman who had an incomplete abortion was sent to the hospital. After Zhou Yue’s diagnosis and treatment, he instructed the medical staff to take some precautions and leave. Li Tianzhi wanted to talk to her, but he didn’t know why Zhou Yue was a little reluctant to speak with him alone.

Zhou Yue picked up Li Tiancheng’s lost pagoda incense. Qiao Yuqian had heard that this was not a simple pagoda incense, so she asked Li Tiancheng why he would use this pagoda incense for Zhou Yue. Li Tiancheng explained it, and Zhou Yue happened to hear it at the door, and she angrily asked Li Tiancheng to clarify what happened that day.

Uncle Wen told Roy about Li Tiancheng’s doubts about him, and Roy forced him to find someone with a simpler mind. Zhou Yue and Li Tiancheng discovered that the pagoda incense obtained through Qiao Xiangwan was not the same as the pagoda incense they had obtained by themselves. Li Tiancheng asked Qiao Yuqian to help find someone who could do the chemical analysis. Wang Yuemei, a pregnant woman who had been in a car accident, woke up.

Wang Xiaocong told her the unfortunate news of her miscarriage, but she did not say that her husband had passed away. Qiao Yuqian took back the analysis report, and the psychedelic effect came from nutmeg. Excessive myristyl ether can cause hallucinations, so the coma and nonsense of Xiaoliu are probably due to myristyl ether and ecstasy.

But even if they found so many, they still couldn’t prove that there were no ghosts in the hospital, because Xiao Liu kept saying that there were ghosts, myristic ether and Ecstasy in the hospital, which would not make him say so clearly. Qiao Yuqian took Li Tiancheng home to eat with him. Li Tiancheng also wanted Zhou Yue to eat with them, but Zhou Yue refused. Uncle Ge Wen accidentally told Wang Yuemei that her husband Jiang Walong was dead, and Wang Yuemei’s face turned pale at the time.

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