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Breath of Destiny 一起深呼吸 Episode 12 Recap

Qiao Yuqian asked Wang Xiaocong what Zhou Yue liked, Qiao Qi wanted to buy her a gift and apologize. Wang Xiaocong said that there are regulations in the team that Huo Xiang will be blamed for receiving gifts. Qiao Yuqian turned to ask Liao Yu. In her opinion, the relationship between Liao Yu and Zhou Yue was very good. Wang Xiaocong said that although Liao Yu and Zhou Yue are friends and neighbors, they are not lovers. Hearing this, the joy on Qiao Yuqian’s face is obvious.

Zhou Yue couldn’t remember what happened just now, Li Tiancheng remembered it clearly, but he was too embarrassed to remind Zhou Yue. Old Qiao’s sow gave birth to piglets. He came out to find someone to help. Just in time, he met Zhou Yue and Li Tiancheng and begged them for help. After delivering the piglets, the two were too tired to move on the haystack.

Zhou Yue had never seen a new-born cute pig, and couldn’t help but laugh. Li Tiancheng said that she rarely smiled. Zhou Yue stood up, and Li Tiancheng motioned to her to pull herself up, but Zhou Yue didn’t pay attention, but was pulled down by him. The two looked at each other, and the atmosphere suddenly became awkward and ambiguous. Old Qiao ran to ask them to help persuade his sick wife to see a doctor. Zhou Yue and Li Tiancheng readily agreed.

They helped Old Joe’s wife to get in the car. The Zal Island police officer knew that today was a market day and there would be many people on the road, so they took the initiative to take them to the hospital. In this way, police officer John and Zhou Yue met, and he handed his business card to Zhou Yue, and Li Tiancheng then helped Zhou Yue block the rotten peach blossom.

Wang Xiaocong saw grass on their heads and Zhou Yue’s clothes buttons were broken, and his eyes revealed suspicion. Li Tiancheng knew what he was thinking, but he deliberately didn’t explain it. Zhou Yue didn’t know why. As a result, he sang me with Li Tiancheng, and Wang Xiaocong completely thought that they were going out to do a “big business.”

Old Qiao’s wife said she didn’t want to check anything. She thought the hospital was just for them to spend money, but in the end Qiao took it back. When Zhou Yue returned to the conference room, Li Tiancheng asked about the situation of Old Qiao’s wife. Zhou Yue honestly said that they were dead, and it was still too difficult to change their minds. Wang Xiaocong interrupted, making Ge Wenshu dissatisfied. He felt that Wang Xiaocong, who had a good background, was unworthy to say these things.

Wang Xiaocong was so angry that he wanted to argue with Ge Wenshu, and was dragged down by Zhou Yue and Li Tiancheng. Li Tiancheng held Ta Xiang and wanted to think about today’s affairs, but his attention was drawn away by Zhou Yue’s buttons. Wang Xiaocong came to his room, said a bunch of inexplicable things to him, and accidentally threw Taxiang as rubbish. Li Tiancheng hurriedly flipped through the trash can.

After Zhou Yue learned about it, he also helped him find a little Taxiang in the trash can. Huo Xiang hoped that Qiao Xiangwan could help. He wanted to take samples to the Department of Health for inspection, but Qiao Xiangwan said that he could not help them take samples. Old Qiao’s wife passed out and was unaware when she was sent to the hospital. Zhou Yue saw that her lower body was bleeding and speculated that she was pregnant with twins, but they didn’t know that the time had passed for too long, and the child must have no fetal movement. Zhou Yue can only do his best to save the life of Old Qiao’s wife.

Huo Xiang wanted to take a sample for inspection. Li Tiancheng reminded him that his reputation might be the bet. Huo Xiang didn’t care about the reputation. After all, Xie Hua took his life for this matter. Qiao Xiangwan wanted to use Roy’s shameful things to the Friendly Hospital to blackmail Ann Wanhao. Liang Kaili felt wrong, but Qiao Xiangwan had already decided to do so. Qiao Yuqian helped Li Tiancheng wash the clothes. Zhou Yue’s clothes buttons fell out of Li Tiancheng’s trouser pockets.

She believed that Li Tiancheng and Zhou Yue had the kind of relationship, which made Zhou Yue feel very inexplicable. Li Tiancheng hoped that Qiao Xiangwan would stop the goddess from taking medicine to Xiaoliu. The people in Linshui Village respect Qiao Xiangwan and are responsive to his requests.

Li Tiancheng successfully got the taxiang from the house of the goddess. Qiao Xiangwan admitted that it was something that was researched in the Liang Kaili Research Institute, and it was all plant ingredients, because they were cooperating with the pharmaceutical company Coyate in Country K, and the other party demanded strict Harsh, they dare not waste any leftovers at all.

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