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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 19 Recap

Murphy was decent and generous at work. Mia seemed to admire her. A French woman asked about a piece of clothing with Chinese elements, and Tang Mingxuan suddenly appeared to introduce her. Mia has always been aware of Tang Mingxuan’s sincerity, but currently SLC prefers to cooperate with local companies in France. Mia hinted that there were other better options, and Tang Mingxuan had reason to suspect that Kaiman was behind, but the facts need to be verified.

After he was busy with work, Tang Mingxuan finally calmed down and apologized to Murphy. After all, how could he not cherish his girlfriend who could still work for him during the quarrel. Tang Mingxuan apologized for being impulsive, but all these stinginess were because he cared, and the two of them reconciled, buying vegetables in the supermarket and preparing to cook at home.

Fang Xiaoyu’s hand injury is still not complete, it has already affected his painting, and even prescribing a red wine seems laborious. There was a knock on the door, and Fang Weiguo, who had not been seen for a long time, stood outside the door. Fang Xiaoyu was surprised and indifferent to his father’s arrival. Fang Weiguo hopes that Fang Xiaoyu can focus on his career and he can give enough help, but he compares Fang Xiaoyu with Tang Mingxuan, which makes Fang Xiaoyu very impatient.

Fang Weiguo abandoned Fang Xiaoyu’s mother for other women. His mother’s death became Fang Xiaoyu’s knot. No matter how his father explained, he would not believe it. Perhaps it is precisely because of this that Fang Xiaoyu cares more about Fang Qian, his only relative. In his heart, his father is just the murderer of his mother.

Fang Weiguo obviously found out that Fang Xiaoyu was injured, so he couldn’t help but care, but every word made the relationship between father and son even more broken. When it came to the topic of his mother, Fang Xiaoyu became even more angry and drove his father out of the door directly.

Fang Xiaoyu drank boring wine alone, but Murphy was returning from shopping. Fang Xiaoyu thought that the meal was made for him, and only after hearing the laughter of Murphy and Tang Mingxuan did he laugh at his self-love.

This is the first time that Murphy has cooked for Tang Mingxuan. Two people will enjoy the food together. Tang Mingxuan wanted to let Murphy live in a bigger place, but Murphy didn’t agree, and he didn’t force it. It is rare for two people to meet each other, lying on the sofa quietly to sleep together, and they feel extremely sweet and happy.

Shen Jiaxi works seriously and has ideals. Xia Xueling has other plans because of Murphy, and she really appreciates her work attitude. After a few serious conversations, Xia Xueling kept asking for character with Shen Jiaxi. Although she was complimenting her, she secretly told her assistant to be careful of Shen Jiaxi, thinking that she was too utilitarian.

In order to shoot a promotional magazine, Zhu Haitian’s mother deliberately bought a set of jewellery, and Bai Xiaoman could take a look at it in advance. Knowing that this set of jewelry was given to Zhu Haitian’s future wife, Bai Xiaoman even took it as his own thing, and even asked his assistant to take a picture of her wearing the ring and send it to Moments to satisfy her vanity.

After the magazine was filmed, everyone knew that Bai Xiaoman was the future wife of Haiyao, and she deliberately asked her assistant to help her spread the rumor that she was about to marry Zhu Haitian, as if she wanted to enter Zhu’s house as soon as possible in this way. Bai Xiaoman learned that Zhu Haitian was having a headache for not being able to find a designer, and took the initiative to take the job and went to Paris to find a designer for Zhu Haitian.

In the evening, Tang Mingxuan deliberately brought the original book of The Little Prince to find Murphy on a date. He accidentally learned that Murphy had given Fang Xiaoyu food for a long time and never returned. Tang Mingxuan knocked on Fang Xiaoyu’s door and left without any pain or itching. Fang Xiaoyu prevented Murphy from chasing after him, so that Murphy knew that his legs were already healed, which made Murphy shook off his hand more decisively and hurriedly chased Tang Mingxuan.

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