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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 46 End Recap

Shen Kuo has resigned from the company. He is planning a show and wants to invite Wen Ruxue to be the host. Wen Ruxue politely declined. Shen Kuo has set him as the first person in Wen Ruxue’s address book, as long as Wen Ruxue needs it. , He was on call, and Wen Ruxue thanked him for his justice.

That night, Dai Xixi went home to accompany her parents. Ding Huiqiao stayed beside Li Wensen. Only Wen Ruxue was at home. She pulled out the comics Wen Xiaoyang left behind. The comics recorded the stories of their five women in detail, Wen Ru Snow touched the scene, and she couldn’t help but think of scenes of the past, with mixed feelings in her heart. Wen Ruxue photographed the comics one by one and sent them to the public account, jokingly calling the five of them “girls”, and wrote down his feelings about love and friendship. When Dai Xixi, Wen Xiaoyang and Ding Huiqiao saw Wen Ruxue’s updated article for the first time, they were also full of emotion.

Five months later, Ding Huiqiao lived up to expectations and was appointed by the group company as the general manager of Wei Hotel. She gave a brief inauguration speech and specially invited Sa Sa back to help. Naturally, Sa Sa couldn’t ask for it. Julie was promoted to Director of Marketing. No regrets for helping Ding Huiqiao, but Ding Huiqiao still couldn’t let go of Li Wensen in his heart.

After the unremitting efforts of Chen Jiaqian and Wen Ruxue, coupled with the full support of Dai Xixi, the owner of Party A, the “Choose One from a Thousand Miles” studio has flourished, and Liu Ke is willing to be Chen Jiaqian’s good internal helper. As soon as Duan Xu came back from Ningxia, he came directly to Liu Ke’s house, and Liu Ke revealed to him that Dai Xixi’s wedding had been cancelled.

Duan Xu came to President Teng for the theory without saying anything. President Teng had to admit that Dai Xixi chose to escape the marriage at the last moment. She couldn’t let Duan Xu go. Duan Xu couldn’t wait to find Dai Xixi. President Teng warned Duan Xu not to hurt Dai Xixi anymore, otherwise. You are not welcome. Dai Xixi asked her father to accompany her to the playground. She couldn’t help but remembered that when she was a child, she only dared to play the merry-go-round for insurance. His father could sit next to him and make a work call. Without saying it, Dai Xixi decided not to force herself to do things she didn’t like from now on.

Father Dai saw that Dai Xixi still couldn’t let go of Duan Xu, so he had to admit that Duan Xu came to the family to pay back the money and offered to marry Dai Xixi, but the couple refused. Dai Xixi thanked her father for telling her the truth. Duan Xu called Wen Ruxue to inquire about Dai Xixi’s whereabouts. Wen Ruxue didn’t know where she was, but just reminded Duan Xu not to be fooled by Dai Xixi’s powerful appearance. She was still that simple and somewhat silly girl, and Wen Ruxue warned Duan Xu is not allowed to hurt Dai Xixi any more.

Shen Kuo came to pick up Wen Ruxue for the check-up on time, but Wen Ruxue didn’t buy it, teasing him for taking the opportunity to tease the young nurse, and she was so speechless that Shen Kuo was dumbfounded by her. Dai Xixi came to a client’s wedding. Hearing the vows of love between the man and the woman, Duan Xu suddenly came to Dai Xixi. Dai Xixi first apologized to him for his father’s words, and then said many epiphanies about love and marriage. Dai Xixi thanked Duan Xu for her concern, and wanted to leave after she said this.

Duan Xu grabbed Dai Xixi and proposed to her on one knee. Dai Xixi took off the necklace of the ring that Duan Xu had given her and hung it on a chair next to him. Duan Xu was confused. Dai Xixi reminded him that he should bring a ring when he proposes. Suddenly, Duan Xu suddenly realized that he took off the ring on the necklace from the chair and put it on Dai Xixi’s hand. Dai Xixi was moved with tears in her eyes, and the two couldn’t help but embrace each other deeply.

Wen Ruxue took Ding Huiqiao and Dai Xixi to the temple to pray and make wishes for their future happy lives. Wen Ruxue’s article on the public account was on fire. The reporter interviewed her in detail. Wen Ruxue gave a detailed introduction to the origins of the “girl”. She publicly admitted that Bai Xiangwen did not know about her pregnancy and she did not oppose Bai Xiangwen’s use of her father. Shen Kuo heard their conversation and secretly called Bai Xiangwen to tell him to come back and get back with Wen Ruxue and take good care of their mother and child. Bai Xiangwen was excited when he learned that Wen Ruxue was pregnant with his child on the other side of the ocean. The feelings are beyond words.

As soon as Bai Xiangwen returned to China, he came to see Wen Ruxue in the studio, squatting on the ground to listen to the child’s fetal movements, Bai Xiangwen persuaded Wen Ruxue to go home to rest, and promised to remarry tomorrow. Wen Ruxue did not want to continue their marriage because of the children. Emphasizing that Bai Xiangwen is only the child’s father, Bai Xiangwen is not angry, and hurried home to cook the soup, and promised to pick her up after get off work. Wen Ruxue was warm in her heart, feeling more secure and safe than ever, she couldn’t help but smile. Smile.


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