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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 44 Recap

Li Wensen and Li Zixue drank together, Li Zixue ate meat, drank big glasses, and kept showing off to him the comfort and beauty of nursing home life. Li Wensen casually talked about seeing his mother. Li Zixue was immediately dumb, Li Wensen didn’t want to say more. He hurriedly found an excuse to leave. Li Zifu wanted to keep him for a while, but Li Wensen resolutely left.

President Teng accompanied Dai Xixi to choose a wedding ring, and took photos on the spot. Dai Xixi couldn’t help but think of the scenes when she forced Duanxu to get married, and she couldn’t tell the sadness in her heart. President Teng and Dai Xixi came out of the gold store and saw from a distance that Duan Xu was playing games with Coke, and Mr. Teng took Coke to buy lollipops.

Dai Xixi told Duan Xu about her marriage to Mr. Teng, and she revealed that Duan Xu had nothing to do with Yuanyuan’s mother and son. Duan Xu was very surprised. She had never thought that she knew about it. Dai Xixi was very moved. They both got their own right now.

Dai Xixi asked Wen Ruxue to help her plan her wedding, and Wen Ruxue also wanted to resign. She fully agreed and found that Dai Xixi was not happy at all. Dai Xixi rejected President Teng’s house and chose a small house as her secret base. Dai Xixi couldn’t help but vomit bitterness to Wen Ruxue. Although President Teng tried his best to make her happy, Dai Xixi tried hard to pretend to be happy, but she was not happy at all. Wen Ruxue encouraged her to face her true self and think about herself. How long can it last?

Wen Ruxue wanted to go to the company to resign early in the morning, and suddenly received a call from Mia and learned that the video of Cheng Tianye’s underground garage had been exposed. Bai Xiangwen admitted that he posted it on the Internet and didn’t want Wen Ruxue to be Mia and Cheng again. Amano carried a scapegoat, and Wen Ruxue was very annoyed and complained that Bai Xiangwen had not discussed with her in advance. Bai Xiangwen repeatedly claimed that it was all for her benefit. Wen Ruxue did not buy it at all and would not allow Bai Xiangwen to control her life. Wen Ruxue scolded Bai Xiangwen for hypocrisy.

She catered to Bai Xiangwen everywhere, and her life was too tired. Bai Xiangwen reminded her to consider the feelings of her mother and sister. Wen Ruxue felt that Bai Xiangwen wanted to push her to desperation, and then obeyed him. When they went to Oakland, they had a big fight when they didn’t agree. Wen Ruxue was angry about divorce, Bai Xiangwen resolutely refused to agree, Wen Ruxue left regardless of slamming the door.

Because Bai Xiangwen exposed the scandals between Cheng Tianye and Mia, Cheng Tianye was suspended by the company. When Wen Ruxue heard the news, she went to the bar to buy her drunk. Shen Kuo came to accompany her and asked her to go back to the show. Wen Ruxue flatly refused. She had no face and went back. Wen Ruxue drank a lot of alcohol in one breath and went to the bathroom. Furiously vomiting, Shen Kuo sent her to the hospital and found out that Wen Ruxue was pregnant. Wen Xiaoyang, Dai Xixi and Ding Huiqiao rushed to hear the news and learned that Wen Ruxue was pregnant.

Bai Xiangwen was sitting at home in a daze. Her mother suddenly came to see them and learned that he and Wen Ruxue had fallen out. Wen’s mother complained that Bai Xiangwen did not respect Wen Ruxue’s feelings and did not give her enough sense of security and freedom. Dai Xixi persuaded Wen Ruxue not to divorce. Wen Ruxue had made up her mind to not allow them to tell Bai Xiangwen the news of their pregnancy. Wen Xiaoyang persuaded her to give birth to the child.

In the middle of the night, Wen Ruxue sat on the side of the street feeling sad, and suddenly received a call from Wen’s mother. Wen’s mother advised her to go home and wanted her to drink together. Wen’s mother bitterly persuaded Wen Ruxue to give Bai Xiangxue a chance, Wen Ruxue Decline politely. Wen Xiaoyang, Dai Xixi and Ding Huiqiao stood at Wen Ruxue’s door early in the morning, and tried to persuade her not to divorce, but Wen Ruxue had decided.

Shen Kuo sent Wen Ruxue to the Civil Affairs Bureau. Bai Xiangwen was waiting at the door early. He held Wen Ruxue tightly and persuaded her to choose divorce carefully. Wen Ruxue pulled him into the door of the Civil Affairs Bureau. The staff followed the usual practice. Wen Ruxue refused to accept the mediation. She decisively signed the agreement, and Bai Xiangwen had to sign, and the two went through the divorce procedures smoothly.

Bai Xiangwen sends Wen Ruxue to the train station to send Wen Xiaoyang, and Wen Xiaoyang wants to return to his hometown to confess to his mother. Wen Ruxue returned the ring and bank card to Bai Xiangwen. Bai Xiangwen will go abroad tomorrow, leaving the house to Wen Ruxue, asking her to take her mother and Wen Xiaoyang to live together. Wen Ruxue resolutely refused to accept it.

Today, the group company sent people to the Wei Hotel for the year-end audit. Sa Sa came to the underground garage and waited for Ding Hui Bridge early in the morning, and gave the backup file printed by the previous system failure to Ding Huiqiao. It stated that Li Wensen authorized the sale of low-priced houses, and Sa Sa let Ding Hui Bridge handed over the evidence to the people of the group company, and completely dismounted Li Wensen.

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