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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 25 Recap

Shu Wenbo didn’t say a word while eating, but just drank silently. This made Li Nian and Luo Ting a little at a loss. Seeing that Shu Wenbo ignored them at all, they planned to go to the movies first and were about to leave. At that time, Shu Wenbo fell drunk on the dinner table. The two of them couldn’t leave Shu Wenbo to ignore. They had to give up the movie and put Shu Wenbo back. Shu Wenbo was lying on the bed and talking drunkenly. He actually liked Ruan Qingxia. , But felt that he and Ruan Qingxia had no future, so he dared not pursue it.

Xing Kelei was still thinking about his tumor. After Shu Wenbo reminded him, he remembered that he still had to accept Ruan Qingxia’s interview today. Xing Kelei was a little frustrated and did not want to be interviewed, but Team Hao said that he would have more interviews in the future, so he wanted him. Now I’m getting used to interviews.

When Ruan Qingxia was interviewing Xing Kelei, he asked why Xing Kelei chose such a dangerous profession as a special police officer. Xing Kelei said that someone had to bear the danger and hardship. Ruan Qingxia asked him if he was in such a busy frontline. After thinking about giving up on the front line after getting married, Xing Kelei remembered his illness. He had not thought about what he could do if he were not a policeman.

Xing Kelei’s face was getting worse and worse. Before the interview was over, Xing Kelei left. Team Hao saw that Xing Kelei’s mood was wrong, and told Shu Wenbo to pay more attention to Xing Kelei’s situation. Upon seeing this, Ruan Qingxia also planned to leave, and deliberately looked indifferent to Shu Wenbo and didn’t say a word to Shu Wenbo.

Director He found Shao Yuhan and said that Yanshan had handed her resignation letter to the dean. She had just packed her things and left. Shao Yuhan said she knew it. He didn’t make any superfluous reactions to the result. He just announced the matter to everyone and took it with him. The people at hand went to patrol the house. The people who didn’t know the truth thought it was Mi Hao and Shao Yuhan who forced Yanshan away. Chen Tao didn’t understand what Yanshan did. She was obviously very good, so why bother to fight with Mi Hao? After the heavy rain, Chen Tao wanted to send her off, but Yanshan felt that Chen Tao was pitying herself.

Dean Zhang asked Shao Yuhan to go to Hainan to participate in a seminar. Shao Yuhan agreed and hoped that Dean Zhang would consider Yanshan’s resignation. After all, Yanshan’s talent is very good. He doesn’t want the hospital to lose a good seedling. Chang promised that he would talk to Yanshan again. Shao Yuhan took over the task of the seminar and called Xing Kayao and pushed the weekend party. Xing Kayao had rejected the seminar. After learning that Shao Yuhan was going, she decided to go too.

At the seminar, Shao Yuhan saw that Xing Keyao was entangled by a client, so he stepped forward and took Xing Keyao to get rid of the entanglement. Xing Keyao thanked him, and the two went back to the hotel to rest together. They had the opportunity to be alone in the elevator. Shao Yuhan was about to say something, when Xing Kayao’s floor arrived, Shao Yuhan had no choice but to give up.

Ruan Qingxia’s tire burst. Just as she was at a loss, Li Nian and Shu Wenbo passed by, and they got out of the car and replaced Ruan Qingxia with tires. Li Nian wittily left a separate space for the two of them, but Ruan Qingxia was not like before. I kept entangled with Shu Wenbo like that, and after thanking Shu Wenbo, they drove away alone.

Yanshan’s mother, Zhang Yajun, went to Renxin Hospital to see a doctor. She didn’t know about Yanshan’s resignation. Mi Yan and Chen Tao also kindly helped Yanshan conceal it. After the examination results came out, Zhang Yajun was diagnosed with an intracranial abscess. Mi Yan suggested surgery as soon as possible However, Zhang Yajun kept saying that he would show the inspection report to Yanshan’s cousin abroad. He always looked down on Yanshan’s level and was unwilling to perform surgery in China.

This time, Yanshan was irritated and Zhang Yajun was in Wandering in the corridor, I found that Yanshan was not on the watch, so I found an opportunity to question Yanshan. The mother and daughter quarreled in the ward. Zhang Yajun scolded Yanshan for nothing, and Yanshan collapsed.

Mi Ha saw this scene. Seeing the quarrel between the two, Mi Ha seemed to understand why Yanshan needed someone to confirm so much. She told Xing Kelei about it. Xing Kelei wanted to take the opportunity to tell her about her illness, but then I remembered that Lu Feng said that men should take care of their own affairs, but he still didn’t tell the matter. Yanshan and Zhang Yajun quarreled, so she wanted Chen Tao to help her bring fruit to Zhang Yajun.

They were talking, and they happened to ran into a patient who needed rescue. Yanshan desperately began to rescue the patient. This scene was watched by Zhang Yajun. Then, seeing her daughter desperately trying to save others, she thought of Yanshan’s father. Her attitude began to change. She was no longer so harsh on Yanshan. The mother and daughter reconciled, and Zhang Yajun also decided to stay in Renxin Hospital. For the operation, Mi Jia happened to be involved in this operation.

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