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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 44 Recap (Update)

Lin Shixian sneaked into the study of Jingyuan Marquis. He found a letter from his cousin and knew that everything was planned by Jingyuan Marquis. It turned out that Jingyuan Marquis used his cousin’s authority in Fujian to take charge of most of the military affairs in Fujian, and it was also the work of Jingyuan Marquis who colluded with pirates to smuggle.

Jingyuanhou came in from outside the house. All this was deliberately he let Lin Shixian see. The reason why the district family has always been against the Xu family is precisely because the Xu family has always advocated the opening of the sea ban.

Once the sea ban is opened, all the interests of the district family will disappear, and the lives of hundreds of people in the family will be in danger. He hopes that Lin Shixian can think clearly. As his own identity, he is the son of the district family. He should do everything to protect the district family, not to kill the 11 mothers of the district.

Master Jane was seriously injured. Although Xu Lingyi secretly entrusted someone to send the injury medicine, Master Jane did not intend to improve. Eleven Niang called to see Lin Shixian. The Marquis of Jingyuan promised to let Lin Shixian meet Eleven Niang. He believed that Lin Shixian should choose.

In prison, Eleven Niang asked Lin Shixian about the situation of the case. Now all witness and material evidence point to Eleven Niang, afraid that it is very difficult for Xu Lingyi to turn over the case. As long as Eleven Niang is convicted, even if Xu Lingyi has made outstanding contributions to the battle, he will not escape from the link.

After the Eleven Niang thought about it, she only asked Lin Shixian to help her do one thing. Lin Shixian knew the determination of Eleven Niang and agreed to Eleven Niang.

In court, the three legal divisions held a hearing. Lord Shang Shu asked whether the case was involved in Xu Lingyi. Eleven Niang claimed that the case had nothing to do with Xu Lingyi, but Jingyuanhou had already made another preparation. He made a trick on Zhang Xiuniang of the embroidery workshop, making Zhang Xiuniang lie without conscience.

This case involves Xu Lingyi. Chen Gelao asked Xu Lingyi time to defend. He intended to let Xu Lingyi take out the inscription of repudiation, but Xu Lingyi decided to share it with Eleven Niang. Eleven Niang had an idea in her heart. Lin Shixian was entrusted by Eleven Niang. He hurriedly sent the Xianyuge account book and He Lishu that Eleven Niang entrusted him.

Every account book of Xianyuge was clearly remembered and had nothing to do with the Xu family. And this Helishu cleared Xu Lingyi’s suspicion. Chen Gelao announced on the spot that Xu Lingyi was involved in this case. It has nothing to do with it.

As for the 11th Niang, she can’t escape death. After this matter is reported to the emperor, it will be decided by the emperor and beheaded three days later.
Xu Lingyi came to prison to meet Eleven Niang. The husband and wife hugged each other tightly and cried.

Eleven Niang never regretted marrying Xu Lingyi. The reason why she admitted everything was that she did not want Xu Lingyi to be threatened because of her, and she did not want to involve the Xu family. Today’s farewell, I’m afraid that the two of them will have lost their fate in this life. If there is an afterlife, Eleven Niang only wants them to be husband and wife again.

It was time to explore Eleven Niang. Xu Lingyi held Eleven Niang’s hand tightly. He told Eleven Niang that he would not give up any hope. Just as Eleven Niang would not take and leave the book at the beginning, he would not let go of Eleven Niang’s hand today.

When Mrs. Xu learned that Eleven Niang put life and death aside for the Xu family, she deeply regretted what she had done to Eleven Niang before. She restrained Eleven Niang with family rules and let Eleven Niang suffer a lot. Now that there are still three days left before the date of the beheading, Xu Lingyi decided to go to see the emperor, and Mrs. Xu also decided to kneel down together to beg for the emperor’s kindness.

Xu Lingyi, Mrs. Xu Lingkuan and the Lord of Danyang County knelt outside the palace to beg for mercy. Chen Lingyi came to persuade Xu Lingyi, but Xu’s family was determined not to leave, so Chen Lingyi had to interce for Xu Lingyi.

Because of the plea of the Xu family, the emperor was willing to open his hand and postpone his execution for one month. However, if Xu Lingyi did not find evidence a month later, not only did the Eleven Niang have to be handed over to the Ministry of Criminal Justice, but Xu Lingyi would be punished by the crime of bullying the emperor.

Xu Lingyi brought Linbo and several brothers to find Wang Jiubao. Wang Jiubao was in danger. Linbo asked Xu Lingyi to leave first with Wang Jiubao. He stopped the man in black sent by Jingyuan Marquis. Xu Lingyi took Wang Jiubao away. Wang Jiubao was dying. Before he died, he gave Xu Lingyi an important criminal evidence.

Then the man in black could not find the criminal evidence on Wang Jiubao’s body. They tried their best to want Xu Lingyi. The governor of Fujian was originally a man of Jingyuan Marquis. He falsely reported that Xu Lingyi and Wang Jiubao had colluded on the spot.

In a rage, the saint wanted Xu Lingyi and decided to behead Eleven Niang ten days later. Before the Xu Ling case was arrested, everyone in the Xu family was not allowed to enter and leave the house.

Erniang came to the prison to see Eleven Niang. She could not get in, but Lord Shangshu let Erniang go to prison. Eleven Niang knew that Lord Shangshu sent people to eavesdrop secretly. She only made a mark to remind Erniang and asked Erniang to go to Luo Zhenxing. Luo Zhenxing was smart.

He thought about it and understood what Eleven Niang meant. Eleven Niang wanted to tell them that Xu Lingyi had evidence to save her, but on his way back to Beijing, he was extremely dangerous. Now the safest place to make Xu Lingyi is also the most dangerous place.

Er = (Mean) 2, the second, two

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