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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 43 Recap

Xu Lingyi felt guilty about the death of Qin Yinniang. Eleven Niang accompanied Xu Lingyi and comforted Xu Lingyi. On the other hand, the Marquis of Jingyuan no longer trusted Wang Jiubo because of the news brought by Qin Yiniang. He was ready to take action first and get rid of Wang Jiubao. All this is in Xu Lingyi’s plan. He has already let Wang Jiubao guard against it. As long as Jingyuanhou starts, Wang Jiubao will accept the court’s peace.

Lin Bo came to look for holly again. He hugged holly tightly, hoping that holly could marry him. Although Holly didn’t agree on his mouth, he had a sweet joy in his heart, and he also accepted the jade dong repaired by Linbo.

Subsequently, Linbo showed his intention to Eleven Niang before going to Fujian. He wanted to marry Holly. Eleven Niang knew that Holly also belonged to Linbo. She agreed to their marriage and also gave Holly a holiday, so that Holly could practice well for Linbo.

Wu Niang is about to give birth, and the farm is not yet harvest season. Seeing that the family can’t open the pot, Qian Shusheng still does not neglect Wu Niang. Qian Shusheng was worried about the two silver houses in his family. A friend introduced a business to Qian Shusheng. One was that people in the south needed a large number of embroidery products. It happened that Eleven Niang was doing embroidery workshop business.

Qian Shusheng made up his mind. He came to consult with Eleven Niang. Eleven Niang wanted to help the Qian family tide over difficulties, and secondly, she also wanted to drive the Xianyi Pavilion to the south. She did not hesitate to deal with it. Who knows that this matter is a trap set by Jingyuan Marquis. Soon after, the Beijing Shixianyu Pavilion had an accident because of colluding with pirates to smuggle embroidery. Not only was Master Jian arrested, but also the Eleven Niang was involved.

Shuntianfu came to Xufu to take away the Eleven Niang. Xu Lingyi reassured the Eleven Niangs. He would definitely save Eleven Niang. The prestige of Yongping Hou was outside. Xu Lingyi asked Shuntianfu not to abuse the lynching Eleven Niang.

Eleven Niang saw that Xu Lingyi believed in her and felt warm from the bottom of her heart. After that, Qian Ming was also arrested for his involvement in this matter. Before he was arrested, he told Wuniang everything and asked Wuniang to go to Xufu to find Xu Lingyi.

Duke Wei came to Xufu. He brought the latest news about the case. The evidence and witness in the hands of the Ministry of Criminal Justice have been conclusive. The only key is Qin Zhiyuan, who is leading Qian Ming to do this business. However, Qin Zhiyuan has gone to Fujian because of the promotion of Jingyuan Marquis. Xu Lingyi is afraid that he will not be able to find Qin Zhiyuan during the trial of the Third Division of Criminal Justice.

Eleven Niang’s imprisonment touched the hearts of Xu Fu. Old Mrs. Xu had been worried about Eleven Niang in her heart for fear that Eleven Niang would be wronged in prison. Xu Lingyi wanted to go to prison to visit Eleven Niang, but the Ministry of Criminal Justice stopped Xu Lingyi. Eleven Niang knew that this was aimed at her.

She did not want to involve Master Jane, but let Master Jane blame her alone when he was interrogated. Eleven Niang took the lead in accepting the interrogation. Eleven Niang shouted for injustice. She refused to plead guilty, let alone admit that the smuggling was ordered by Xu Lingyi. Seeing that the Ministry of Criminal Justice could not open Eleven Niang’s mouth, Jingyuanhou put pressure on the Ministry of Criminal Justice and asked the Ministry of Criminal Justice to determine Xu Lingyi’s crime.

Eleven Niang refused to plead guilty, so the Ministry of Criminal Justice had to interrogate Master Jane. Master Jane was severely punished. She took all the crimes on herself. In her heart, Eleven Niang was not only her apprentice, but also her relative.

When Amber learned that Eleven Niang was in prison, she was anxious to go out to inquire about the news, but was stopped and robbed by the people of the young lady. Au Shaoniang wanted to be unfavorable to Amber. Fortunately, Lin Shixian got the news in time. He rescued the Eleven Niang from the young lady.

Amber begged Lin Shixian to save the Eleven Niang. Lin Shixian promised Amber when he was in a dilemma. If this matter was really the marquis of Jingyuan, he would never watch Eleven Niang be killed.

Xu Lingyi went to Chen Ge Lao because of the matter of Eleven Niang, hoping that the Holy Spirit and Chen Ge Lao could give him some more time. He would definitely find the flaws in the case and save Eleven Niang. Chen Ge Lao analyzed the current situation. He gave Xu Lingyi a remotivated wife inscription.

As long as he submitted the remotivated inscription at the trial of the three judicial divisions and took off the 11th Niang on the spot, all the problems would be solved easily. Not only did smuggling have nothing to do with the Xu family, but the sea ban promoted by Xu Lingyi for many years would also proceed smoothly.

Xu Lingyi Don’t lose the bigness in this clevial eye. On the one hand, he was his wife and on the other hand, he was his country. Xu Lingyi was in a dilemma. The photo brought Xu Lingyi the news that Qin Zhiyuan was dead. Jingyuanhou had arranged everything secretly.

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