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The Doll (2021) ตุ๊กตา

Tukta (2021)
Other Title: ตุ๊กตา, The Doll

Genres: Horror, Romance
Daeng Burapha
Wanit Jarungkit-anan
Channel 7
Release Date: 
Mar 25, 2021 –
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Suwap (Aphaphawilai), a beautiful woman who was widowed at the age of 28 when her husband Hommawat (Polpot Punnil) died in an accident on the day of Suwaphab gave birth. That incident made her a mourning person. Emotional instability Fortunately, the Himalayas left a legacy. Together with her father’s money, who had passed away This made her family with a mother and a 5-year-old daughter, Nong Bu, or Miss Burana (Panirin Thammawattana), without much difficulty.

Nong Bu grew up influenced by sadness from his mother. Making him a sober child, not cheerful until he got a cute doll Nong Buu comes alive. And very attached to the doll But Nong Bu always speaks alone, Tassa (Chakrit Bunsing), a young man who is courting Suwab Said that it was common to the first children, lucid followed. But the strange events that happened made her and Kong (Runglawan Tonahongsa), the maidservant, became scared, probably Suda (Piyada Penjinda), her mother, who was not afraid.

Nong Bu has a strange behavior, calls the doll “P’Puppe” and acts like that doll is alive. Suwab is afraid of her child is dangerous and is afraid of ghosts, so she takes the doll to the dump and accidentally Miss Phansa (Ranchana Rongkhavilit) and Bai Thong (Jada Intore) her aunt Met and brought it home as well Phansa has an uncle named Phan Chang (Kitkong Khomkrit), a handsome engineer Be a parent Because Pansa’s parents died in an accident.

When the doll was brought home, a strange incident occurred. Like a monologue There were voices like people walking around the house. And there is a sound in a strange language that says “Ma .. Ma .. Ew .. Nang Lob .. Patia .. Nang Lob .. Patia I want to go home.

The rainy season took the doll to school as well. Causing Nong Bu and Phansa to compete for dolls Suwab believed that the doll was haunted or had black magic. Phan Chang is trying to find a way out of this matter. He did not believe there was a ghost. But believe that there may be some cause Suwaphan wanted Pan Chang to take the doll from her home. But Phan Chang took pity on the integration and therefore refused. They both had arguments. At the same time, these stories made the two unknowingly bonded together.

How will the story of the doll continue? What will happen after this? Is the thing possessed in the doll, is it a ghost? And how can two families who are faced with a mystical mystery return to peace again? Follow and participate in every event in a doll drama that airs every Wednesday – Thursday at 8:30 pm on Channel 7

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