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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 17 Recap

Under the leadership of Fang Xiaoyu, Murphy entered the Kayman headquarters building for the first time, and the luxurious and romantic atmosphere inside made people’s eyes shine. Murphy wore her own designed clothes and gained Ansel’s favor, but when the other party misunderstood the relationship between her and Fang Xiaoyu, she made a decisive and solemn explanation.

Fang Xiaoyu lost again because of Murphy’s separation of relationships. He spared no effort to persuade Murphy to work in Cayman. After all, for a new design designer, it is a desirable opportunity to enter Cayman. It’s just that Murphy hopes to make plans after graduation, not to mention that entering Cayman will inevitably cause some unnecessary misunderstandings.

Today is Mo Fan’s birthday, and Murphy has obviously forgotten this important day. This was the first time that Mo Fan had not celebrated his birthday with his sister, and it was also the first time that he had celebrated his birthday alone with another woman. Mo Fan looked a little lost, but Lu Zhu was like a pistachio by his side, singing his birthday greetings.

Lu Zhu deliberately took Mo Fan to the restaurant to celebrate his birthday, and the topic kept flowing. Until dawn the next day, the two people were drunk and spent the night in the park. After passing the police, they told Tang Mingxuan to come and pick them up. Lu Zhu worried that Tang Mingxuan blamed him, and inadvertently revealed the news that Mo Fei and Fang Xiaoyu were together yesterday, and blamed Mo Fei and Tang Mingxuan for not caring about Mo Fan’s birthday.

Shen Jiaxi was officially hired by Xia Xueling, and he deliberately reminded the other party that he should cherish everything in Mingyuan, and after hitting Shen Jiaxi’s ability again, he encouraged her in various ways. Shen Jiaxi told Murphy the good news, thinking that Xia Xueling was a very kind and kind person, which made Murphy somewhat speechless, but she did not influence Shen Jiaxi’s choice, let alone raise the grudge between her and Xia Xueling.

Murphy wanted to find another job. She went to a clothing store and used her ability to prove that she was fully qualified for the job. Murphy’s temporary performance made the person in charge very satisfied, and immediately decided to hire.

Fang Xiaoyu intentionally invited Mo Fei to dinner, but she was interrupted by a text message. When Mo Fei saw that the text message was like a child eating candy, she directly threw Xiaoyu underneath and ran to the appointment. Tang Mingxuan came to Paris in advance, just to see Murphy earlier, and also to surprise her.

During the date of the two, Moffitt deliberately took Tang Mingxuan to the riverside representing the center and spirit of Paris. This was the task that Andre set out. Even if she was dating, Murphy was thinking about work and wanted to use Chinese style to complete this homework. At the same time, she suddenly understood in the communication with Tang Mingxuan that Chinese tradition is engraved in the heart of every Chinese person, and there is no need for any rules and regulations. limit. What Murphy needs most at the moment is to break himself and become more free in design.

After a sweet date, I just returned to the apartment downstairs and found that the two men who had been following Betty making troubles were guarding here with wooden sticks in their hands. When the two men saw Mo Fei, they chased him ferociously. When Tang Mingxuan took Mo Fan to escape, Fang Xiaoyu suddenly descended from the sky to stop the two gangsters, and was also seriously injured.

They have no information about the gangster, and the police can’t find the suspect through Betty. The matter is still inconclusive. Fang Xiaoyu was hospitalized with a head injury, and finally woke up, but he played with Murphy again, hoping that this injury could be exchanged for the other’s empathy.

When Murphy returned to the apartment, she saw Cheng Yang Zheng silly standing at the door of the apartment and opened the door to let him in. Cheng Yanggang saw Midodo want to explain, but Midodo couldn’t let go of the scene of him kissing other women.

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