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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 16 Recap

Mia agreed to meet the day after tomorrow. Before Tang Mingxuan went to France again, he was worried that the army would be entangled in it. Xia Xueling could not cope with it alone, so she decided to go together tomorrow afternoon. Unexpectedly, as soon as Tang Mingxuan was about to talk to Xia Xueling about private matters, something really went wrong with Xin Embroidery Workshop.

The new embroidery workshop was in a mess. All the hard work of the embroiderers had been maliciously damaged, and the embroidery workshop had not had time to install the security system and could not collect any favorable evidence. Tang Mingxuan intentionally suspected that the army was deliberately making trouble, but the other party refused to admit it. Tang Mingxuan had no evidence and was helpless.

More importantly, the new product launch conference is just around the corner, and it is definitely too late to embroider again. The new product release this time is mainly based on Su embroidery. If remedy, it can only be patched stitch by stitch, but there is basically no possibility of remedy for this difficulty. It happened that the house leaked every night rain, and Mia regretted it again and delayed the meeting with Tang Mingxuan.

Taking advantage of the opportunity to eat, Tang Mingxuan finally put the words on the table and asked if Xia Xueling had a boyfriend to explain the problem. Tang Mingxuan is very clear about what Xia Xueling has done, but for many years of friendship, even if it is for the company’s sake, he will not and cannot make the relationship worse.

Xia Xueling thinks that Tang Mingxuan has paid a lot and studied oil painting for four years. Because she wanted to help Tang Mingxuan, she gave up her favorite oil painting and went to learn fashion design. Xia Xueling believed that only she could help Tang Mingxuan in his career, and Murphy was just a stumbling block in Tang Mingxuan’s life.

Xia Xueling personally felt the threat from Murphy. For the first time, she lost her attitude and called Murphy. Based on her family background, as well as the future of Tang Mingxuan and Mingyuan Group, she threatened her withdrawing. Murphy is not a weak, submissive person, even if she has doubts in her heart, she will not reveal it in this call. Murphy believed that no matter who it was, Tang Mingxuan could not stop Tang Mingxuan’s decision.

Fang Xiaoyu accompanies Murphy home from get off work, and analyzes Tang Mingxuan for Murphy from an objective perspective. Fang Xiaoyu did not maliciously slander Tang Mingxuan here, but it was easier for people to accept and agree with him.

If Murphy wants to be with Tang Mingxuan, in addition to liking each other, he also needs to have a strong ability to withstand pressure. After all, such a choice will be strongly opposed by parents from both sides. Once Tang Mingxuan chooses Murphy, it will also mean that he needs to be an enemy of everyone around him.

Since then, Xia Xueling has been indifferent to Tang Mingxuan deliberately or unintentionally, but Tang Mingxuan has paid more attention to Xia Xueling in his work than in the past, and everything related to design is dominated by her. Tang Mingxuan is very clear about the importance of Xia Xueling in Mingyuan, but Xia Xueling hopes that he understands more thoroughly. It happened that Shen Jiaxi interviewed Mingyuan Group. She was obviously eliminated because of her qualifications, and Xia Xueling deliberately admitted her.

The Embroidery Workshop has also made progress. Someone took photos of the army entering the Embroidery Workshop. When Master Li learned that Tang Mingxuan intends to take the army to court, she burst into tears and pleaded for the army and promised to pay any price.

Influenced by Xia Xueling’s phone call and Fang Xiaoyu’s advice, Mo Fei began to hesitate about the future with Tang Mingxuan, but she did not intend to give up. After learning that Tang Mingxuan could not come to France, Murphy’s inner disappointment disappeared under the comfort of the other party.

One night, Murphy returned to the apartment from get off work normally and found that the three people who had wronged her for stealing diamonds were following her. Murphy returned to the apartment before it was too late to close, and was pushed in by the three of them. Unexpectedly, the woman whose necklace was dropped was Betty, and she knew Cheng Yang.

Seeing Cheng Yang’s guarantee for Murphy, Di no longer cared about the necklace. Instead, he pulled Cheng Yang and kissed in front of Midoduo. All this happened so suddenly that Cheng Yang had no time to stop it. After Betty left, Midodo also drove Cheng Yang out, and he didn’t want to listen to his explanation at all.

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