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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 15 Recap

Tang Mingxuan had to delay his stay in France because he had never seen Mia. Xia Xueling obviously didn’t want the topic between them to be work. When Xia Xueling, like a boyfriend and girlfriend, naturally asked about the trivial matters of Tang Mingxuan’s life, Tang Mingxuan’s desire to draw a line with her became more intense.

Xia Xueling could obviously feel that Tang Mingxuan’s tone was abnormal, and she would not blindly think like her mother that Tang Mingxuan’s so-called come back to have a good chat is to confirm the relationship. Xia Xueling felt that all of this had something to do with Murphy. She was anxious and could only wait for Tang Mingxuan to come back to reveal the answer.

Fang Xiaoyu officially confirmed the joint name of the work with Ansel. He wanted to pursue Murphy in this way and moved to live next door to Murphy. Fang Xiaoyu’s pursuit is enthusiastic and bold, but the result is counterproductive. Murphy seems to prefer the pursuit of long-flowing and silent efforts.

Fang Xiaoyu lives next door to Murphy, but the windows of the two houses are facing each other, even closer at hand. Fang Xiaoyu would talk to Murphy from time to time, which made Murphy even more impatient. He simply locked all the windows of the house and closed the curtains, so that he could not see and be bothered.

The new embroidery workshop is about to cut the ribbon. Tang Mingxuan specially changed the ticket for this purpose and planned to leave France that day. Before that, Tang Mingxuan deliberately came downstairs to Murphy’s apartment, but saw Fang Xiaoyu walking out of the apartment. Tang Mingxuan always thought that Fang Xiaoyu was pursuing Murphy, but he was hurting him in this way.

Fang Qian is free and weak and sick, Fang Xiaoyu can’t imagine where and what kind of life her sister lives alone. Fang Xiaoyu couldn’t forget the tears Fang Qian shed for Tang Mingxuan, let alone the way she followed Tang Mingxuan, which made Fang Xiaoyu’s hatred all poured on Tang Mingxuan. As long as Fang Qian didn’t find it for a day, Tang Mingxuan would always be Fang Xiaoyu’s enemy.

Lu Zhu was practicing over and over again. Linda asked her to speed up the weight loss. As a result, Lu Zhu’s daily energy intake was not enough to support the training. It was Lu Zhu’s wish to become a world famous model, and Mo Fan accompany her to practice together. Although Lu Zhu did not accept Linda’s scolding in his heart, she stood up firmly.

Seeing that Lu Zhu was so hungry that his chest was stuck to his back every day, Mo Fan deliberately carried her back home and made a salad to comfort Lu Zhu by himself. Feeling happy, Lu Zhu started to care about Murphy’s gossip again. When Murphy was asked by Lu Zhu and Tang Mingxuan’s progress, she deliberately pretended to be busy and hung up the video, but Yang Guang blocked her way after get off work.

Tang Mingxuan was about to return to China, he could not travel to France often, Fang Xiaoyu also gave him a great sense of threat. Tang Mingxuan needs to explain the relationship between Xia Xueling and Mo Fei clearly, hoping that even if Mo Fei does not choose herself, she will not choose Fang Xiaoyu. After confirming Murphy’s feelings, Tang Mingxuan confessed to her and kissed Murphy’s lips directly, leaving behind the unrecognized Murphy and walked away.

Murphy rode home all the way, and found that there were many light strips installed from the street to the apartment stairs. Tang Mingxuan was worried that Murphy’s way home was too dark, and wanted to illuminate her way home. Until Murphy returned home, she seemed to be still immersed in the dream of talking.

Murphy always thought that she was passionate, Tang Mingxuan was like a little prince, and she wanted to return to her world after all, and she didn’t want to be the little fox who could only wait. Today, Murphy confirms Tang Mingxuan’s heart, smiling happily like a flower, and the text messages with Tang Mingxuan have become sweet.

After Tang Mingxuan came back, he has been working at home, not showing up at the company due to jet lag. Xia Xueling deliberately sent a lipstick to Lu Zhu, deliberately arguing from the other party’s mouth. Lu Zhu has a carefree personality, and it is too late to make up for what he has said wrong.

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