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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 16 Recap

bar. Su Xing has been here for several days, wearing a mask and sitting under the stage quietly listening to Liang Yuxuan’s singing every day. Jiang Zhuan made an appointment with Mr. Ding for Pete and asked him to get Su Xing back. Pete gave a perfunctory sentence and asked Qi Yue to get ready to meet Mr. Ding. Cheng Ke was a big piece of fat. Soon Pete took Qi Yue to see President Ding, and Qi Yue went out to vote for what he wanted, and also prepared tickets for the theater that President Ding liked. Barney has fully recovered. Ye Lang sent it over. Sun Xiaoai felt that Ye Lang had many facets and he did well in every aspect.

Little Pudding wanted a furry little pet, but he had asthma and Su Xing refused to agree, so Little Pudding rushed away. Su Xing was still immersed in the play, and Sun Xiaoai came to give him soup, a little disgusted. Little Pudding was sulking in the room. Sun Xiaoai said that he had a little rabbit in his house, but asked him to promise that he could only see but not touch, Little Pudding quickly agreed. Sun Xiaoai secretly brought Barney over and showed Pudding. Su Xing asked him to make coffee, and Sun Xiaoai hurriedly left, and even told Pudding not to touch him. But Pudding was very curious and couldn’t help but touch Barney. When Sun Xiaoai came back, he saw Pudding having an asthma attack. Su Xing quickly asked him to call a doctor. Sun Xiaoai apologized guiltily, but Su Xing was too impatient to listen.

Little Pudding’s condition is not a major problem, and he should be fine after a few days of rest. Su Xing asked the doctor not to talk to Su Mu, for fear that she would be anxious. Sun Xiaoai secretly heard that Pudding was fine, and Su Xing patiently told Xiao Puding that although they were harsh on him, they were all for the sake of Pudding. Sun Xiaoai ran to the game hall. After playing for many times, he still didn’t accumulate enough points. Fortunately, he met Ye Lang, the great game god. After accumulating enough points to exchange gifts, Sun Xiaoai came to Su Xing and said it was for Pudding. He always wanted it. I hope he believes that he didn’t mean it. Su Xing asked Sun Xiaoai to give it to him, as long as Pudding forgive him. She will not hold her accountable.

Xiao Puding blamed himself because his affairs caused Sun Xiaoai to be scolded, but Su Xing told Xiao Puding that he must not tell Su Mu about this, otherwise Sun Xiaoai would be blasted out. The audition show was very hot. Su Xing asked Sun Xiaoai who he was most optimistic about. Sun Xiaoai felt that Qi Yue was very good, had a good figure, good temperament, and worked hard. Su Xing scoffed at this. Sun Yihang brought Ye Lang to the bar to listen to songs. Ye Lang was going on a business trip in a few days. Sun Yihang encouraged Ye Lang and Sun Xiaoai to go to the concert and took the opportunity to confess.

Su Xing asked Sun Xiaoai to have a supper. Ye Lang called to ask Sun Xiaoai to listen to the concert tomorrow afternoon. Su Xing looked gossip. Qingping wanted to sort out the gifts of Su Xing fans, and Pete asked him to put them in the office for a while and send them to him. Su Xing didn’t answer Pete’s call and had to go by himself. Sun Xiaoai quickly hid and let Su Xing open the door. Pete used all the reasons to persuade Su Xing to be a guest in the draft, and said that fans really miss him, and Su Xing kicked him out.

Peter and Mr. Xue reported about Qi Yue, but Mr. Xue only cared about whether Su Xing would go. Sun Xiaoai cleaned up the gift room, feeling that the fans care about him very much, but Su Xing is a bit unhappy. Su Xing is actually very grateful to the fans. Seeing that the fans heard that he is going to the Xijiang Lengyue Top Ten to prepare for support, Su Xing’s heart Very tangled.

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