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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 15 Recap

Su Xing left in a fit of anger, and Pete hurriedly chased him to persuade him not to offend Mr. Huang. After all, his salary would only be more or less, but Su Xing despised the money. Ye Lang taught Sun Yihang to learn bicycles, and Sun Yihang was very strenuous. After Su Xing left, Pete scolded him secretly, and then sold Qi Yue to President Huang. Su Xing returned to his alma mater. The teacher was giving a lecture. He recognized him after class and asked him to walk with him. Su Xing took off his mask and walked side by side with the teacher. He felt that he had failed the teacher. President Huang Qiyue was very satisfied. Qi Yue worried that it would not be good for him to replace Su Xing so much, but Pete said he should be a bit of a sense of crisis. There was a news about Su Xing’s housekeeping staff on the Internet, and Pete quickly called out the public relations.

The teacher found a place where no one was there to solve Su Xing. The gains and losses coexisted, and he would accept the benefits and disadvantages of becoming famous. Su Xing is talented, and he can stop and examine himself at this stage. This is the most rare thing. Fans thought that the company had banned Su Xing and had started to make trouble. Pete was facing many problems. Su Xing saw the news on the Internet that Su’s mother and the nanny could not make it through, and quickly asked Pete to deal with it.

Su’s mother went shopping with her friends. The shop assistant said that Su’s mother was not good, and Su’s mother almost couldn’t help but go up to reason. Sun Xiaoai hurriedly went to Su Xing’s house when he saw the news on the Internet. He hesitated to explain that he didn’t say anything when he sent the masseur away that day. He also apologized to Su Xing, but Su Xing said that she was welcome to her. The world, the entertainment industry is like this, he understands that Sun Xiaoai is just being used, so don’t blame her. Sun Xiaoai breathed a sigh of relief, but Su’s mother came back. Su’s mother was very angry, but Su Xing was very calm and helped Sun Xiaoai speak, so Su’s mother agreed to let Sun Xiaoai stay.

Pete asked Su Xing to meet and said that he had turned his face with President Huang. The company also wanted to hold a second male selection event for Xijiang Lengyue. Su Xing wanted Su Xing to attend, but Su Xing felt it was unnecessary. After Mr. Xue returned to China, he found Pete. He was very dissatisfied with Su Xing. He hoped that Pete could think clearly about the importance of Su Xing. He could push Qi Yue, but only Su Xing could drive the company’s stock. He told him not to After losing the watermelon and picking up sesame seeds, once Su Xing’s wild horse got out of its borders, Pete was the first unlucky one.

Sun Yihang started playing music early in the morning. Julie couldn’t help going downstairs to turn off the music. Sun Yihang kept saying that he was composing music. Julie could see at a glance that he wanted to chase the girl and persuaded him to give up. Producer Jiang asked Pete to let Su Xing join the group. Pete said about Cheng Ke’s next play. Producer Jiang quickly agreed. As long as Su Xing nodded, he would help Pete push the newcomer, but Pete was too advanced, and Producer Jiang gritted his teeth. gone.

Sun Xiaoai and Ye Lang complained about Su Xing. Su Xing was also complaining about Sun Xiaoai when they went to get him for a massage. Although they didn’t know who they were talking about, Ye Lang knew that they had fallen in love with each other. Peter asked President Yu to meet and called Qi Yue. President Yu was very satisfied with the draft and hoped that Su Xing would attend, but Peter was a little embarrassed, saying that Su Xing’s schedule was too full. Mr. Yu said that if he does not come, he will not invest anymore.

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