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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 29 Recap

In the competition with Japanese players for the world championship, after a disastrous defeat in the first game, Yu Kenan figured out the characteristics of the opponent, and at the beginning of the second game, he was so powerful that his opponent had no resistance. For this competition, for the world championship, and for the ideals in his heart, Yu Kenan ignored his family, gave up friendship, indifferent to his girlfriend, and gave up everything in exchange for this opportunity. His determination and belief in winning deeply shocked his opponents.

In the end, Yu Kenan stood on the world championship podium amidst the cheers of the Chinese. His emotions affected everyone present, and even the commentator stood up excitedly and cheered him. In front of the reporter, Yu Kenan thanked everyone except Zheng Hao. What Yu Kenan wants to thank most is Xu Tan. He believes that Xu Tan is watching him play and that the other party will understand him.

However, Xu Tan was sweating in the boxing gym at this moment, venting his unresolved depression. He imagined himself standing in full view, standing in the center of the world game, imagining himself winning the championship. Xu Tan wanted to make herself too tired to move, too tired to stop thinking. Xu Tan didn’t show up until Yu Kenan came back. The blow to him was heavy this time. Xu Tan didn’t mind Yu Kenan’s choice, but was lost by the other party’s inconspicuousness.

Xu Tan’s recent state is getting more and more sluggish, coupled with the initiative to change coaches, the team has decided to arrange for him to enter the university to adjust, even Fu Chuanzhi has the will to change this ending. Xu Tan never thought that the first time he was impulsive to accompany his brother, he would get such a result, and he didn’t even have the chance to return to the provincial team. The matter was a foregone conclusion, and Xu Tan resignedly signed the application form of Luteng Normal University.

Before proceeding, Xu Tan didn’t say hello to anyone, and went out of the national team gate, and Yu Kenan came to see off specially. Yu Kenan made gestures that represented the tacit understanding and affection between them. It was a gesture that they used to fight against Xia Ke and Yu Zhenxin together, but unfortunately they failed to get Xu Tan’s response.

Back home, the mother who had always opposed Xu Tan’s playing was uncharacteristically. She comforted Xu Tan and expressed her full support for her son. In the past, Xu Tan had always been resigned, and would not resist everything around him at all. He could face any bad things with a calm smile, but this ups and downs took away the boy’s smile and affinity.

Yu Kenan won the championship one after another. Although he no longer quarreled with Zheng Hao, he was still at odds and never thanked Zheng Hao in interviews. Yu Kenan doesn’t deliberately deny his love affair in front of the media, but Zhang Caiwei hates being put on the title of a champion girlfriend, and the relationship between them has become more and more fragile.

Xu Tan came to Lvteng Normal University alone and reported as a sophomore transfer student when he happened to meet Wang Siheng, the manager of the university’s table tennis team. It was raining heavily, and Wang Siheng was enthusiastic and generous. He wanted to take the initiative to take Xu Tan to the boys’ dormitory by holding an umbrella, which would be considered a way for him. If it were in the past, Xu Tan would definitely respond with a smile, thanking the other for his kindness, but now he is indifferent, walking alone in the pattering rain.

For various reasons, Xu Tan lived in the dormitory, and only two people were left, he and Xiao Sha, who had to endure the noise of playing games every night. He got up several times to get angry, but the inscribed nature still made him choose to be quiet.

During class, Xu Tan silently lowered his head to take notes. When asked by the teacher, he habitually stood up to answer questions, and habitually clapped his hands after class. All these habits were only in high school. Xu Tan felt the surprised eyes of the people around him, and quietly packed his textbooks. Everything here made him feel out of place.

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