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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 28 Recap

Everything that belongs to them today came from their own hard work. If this continues, Yu Kenan will easily see the end of a decadent exit after a year or two. In the national team, only coaches have always changed players, and no players have changed coaches. This is likely to ruin their careers. But Xu Tan couldn’t ignore what Yu Kenan said. He still chose to propose a coach change with Yu Kenan.

On the eve of the World Table Tennis Championships, Fu Jingchun’s foot injury recurred again, and he had already reached the point where he had to undergo surgery, otherwise it might affect his normal walking in the future. Fu Jingchun had never thought that his foot injury was so severe, but he would rather fight with one leg than he would insist on going to the stadium.

This is Fu Jingchun’s last chance to win the championship. He insisted on temporarily restraining his injuries and concealing everyone from rushing to the game. He is bound to win the championship at the end of his career. Zheng Hao has taken Fu Jingchun with him for many years, and his love is like a father and son. He is willing to fulfill Fu Jingchun, but the team will not let them do what they want.

From a national perspective, there are too many variables for Fu Jingchun to play with an injury. It is impossible for Fu Chuanzhi to let a wounded person enter a world-class competition. Zheng Hao didn’t try to fight for it, but standing in front of the national interest, he had to make the most rational and correct judgment, and could not tolerate the slightest personal feelings. Fu Chuanzhi also removed Qin Zhen that year.

Just as Yu Kenan and Xu Tan were preparing to find Fu Chuanzhi, Yu Kenan was stopped by Zheng Hao and asked him to participate in tomorrow’s analysis meeting. Yu Kenan had a firm belief, but when he learned that he could enter the World Table Tennis Championships, after hesitating, he decided to call to stop Xu Tan.

Xu Tan had already arrived at the door of Fu Chuanzhi’s office, and only then did he receive a call from Yu Kenan, and he didn’t know whether to advance or retreat due to the reason the other party could not say. It happened that Fu Jingchun walked out of the office with a look of loneliness, when Fu Chuanzhi went out to see Xu Tan hesitating outside. Things have reached this point, Xu Tan still confided his thoughts, and finally realized that there were others in the office.

When Xu Tan returned to the dormitory and looked at the guest card on Yu Kenan, he understood the reason for his temporary abandonment. Since then, Xu Tan has never spoken to Yu Kenan again, and it is as if he is abandoning himself. He practiced mechanically every day, mechanically sorting out the ping pong balls scattered on the ground, as if he had nowhere to rest assured.

Yu Kenan won the men’s team championship against German players, and even Xiao Jun also won the women’s championship. Their success made Zhang Caiwei more eager to grow up, so she hesitated to change her nationality, which became an irreconcilable dispute between her and Yu Kenan.

At the end of the game, Fu Jingchun also got off the operating table. He never thought that Zheng Hao turned out to be the one who turned his back on him in the end. Fu Jingchun came to the office specially to congratulate Zheng Hao for training another world champion. He has given everything to Zheng Hao since he was sixteen, and he has always followed his advice, which makes it even more difficult for Fu Jingchun to accept such an ending. Fu Jingchun smashed the glass in Zheng Hao’s office with a walking stick, and the mentorship between them was as fragmented as this glass.

The world will not stop turning because of anyone frustrated, the national team once again ushered in the World Table Tennis Championships in the Netherlands. This time, Yu Kenan was exposed to a world-class men’s singles competition for the first time. He passed through all the way and finally reached the most important pass. Facing the Japanese genius player, Yu Kenan unexpectedly gave up the strong attack of the first three rebounds, and under everyone’s expectations, he lost several points in a row.

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