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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 27 Recap

Fu Jingchun entered the national team at the age of 16, and his only wish was to join Zheng Hao and win the championship together. When he was young, he was full of high spirits, and his eyes were full of longing and hope. After years of baptism, Fu Jingchun’s eyes were carrying more and more pressure. This year is likely to be Fu Jingchun’s last year, at least he can enter the Olympic Village as a player.

Xu Tan and Yu Kenan were watching the game in the dormitory, and the door opened at once. Liu Liming kept Xu Tan with a sullen face, holding the handkerchief that grandma once gave him in his hand. When Liu Shi wanted to find his mother when he was a child, grandma used this handkerchief to wrap her money, and now only this handkerchief can accompany Liu Shi.

The Olympic game has started, and Park Ji Min is playing against Fang Yue. It was Park Jimin who snatched the table tennis men’s singles championship from Fang Yue last year. For Fang Yue this year, it is a battle of revenge. Fang Yue’s pressure before the game was unprecedented. This is also the ability to resist pressure as an athlete must have.

The match was two-to-two and it came to the most critical third game. Although Fang Yue was leading by very much, he did not dare to relax for a moment. Park Zhimin slowly chased to six points and put pressure on Fang Yue to finish. If he scored eleven points earlier, he could end the game earlier. It was Fangyue’s turn to serve, and several rounds, Park Zhimin’s mistake was insulated from victory.

There was enthusiastic applause from the audience. Everyone cheered, watching the Chinese standing on the podium and watching the Chinese flag rise, and everyone felt awe and yearning from the bottom of their hearts. In fact, an hour before the start of the game, Xu Tan had secretly looked for Fang Yue to see the heaviness of the pressure he was facing more intuitively, and he also yearned for when he would be able to enter from the channel of the contestants and watched by reporters and leaders. Arena.

After Fang Yue missed the championship in Athens four years ago, it was difficult to get out of the shadow of defeat. He could not wait for another four years. Fang Yue’s decision to retire shocked Xu Tan, but Fang Yue believed that the future belonged to them and hoped that Xu Tan could remember his desire to win at this moment. This is the athlete’s greatest motivation.

Watching the game live, a hot seed fell in everyone’s heart, and Yu Kenan wanted to win the championship even more strongly. He specifically called Zhang Caiwei to talk about his feelings at the moment. Even if there is no need to explain, Zhang Caiwei knows Yu Kenan’s choice.

After the Games, the team ushered in a newcomer Su Shun, who was in the top eight of the National Games, and Xu Tan has always been the enemy. After Xu Tan was provoked by Su Shun, he ushered in another unacceptable news. He and Yu Kenan did not have the names of him and Yu Kenan in the Moscow World Table Tennis Championships.

Fang Yue has retired, and the retirements of Corning and Nie Ruifeng are also close at hand. By then, there will be a shortage of forehands for first-line players. Zheng Hao responded to Chuanzhi’s order to find new forehand players in a team and focus on training. Su Shun and Xu Tan couldn’t tell the difference for more than 30 rounds, but in Zheng Hao’s eyes, Xu Tan’s physical strength could not keep up with the rhythm.

Yu Kenan and Xu Tan repeat the practice every day, and there is no time for them to practice. In Zheng Hao’s eyes, a player does not have his own core technology, and his ability is not up to the standard. He is not worthy of wasting time. As for Kenan, there are too many problems with him. Zheng Hao will not be as deliberate as Teng Biao. Time to correct his problem.

The reality made Yu Kenan and Xu Tan see clearly that they were the people who had been abandoned by Zheng Hao. After returning to the dormitory, Yu Kenan thought about it, and finally couldn’t help the resentment in his heart, and persuaded Xu Tan to prepare to ask Fu Chuanzhi to change the coach.

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