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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 18 Recap

With the sound of horses hoofs, Yang Yanzhao once again ordered the preparation of bows and arrows, and the sharp arrows were off the string. In an instant, the sturdy Xiao Talin was shot through, and instantly fell under the horse, and the Liao army suddenly had no head. At this time, Yang Yanzhao erected a wooden thorn again.

The organ, the Liao army collapsed, and when the formation of the Liao army was chaotic, the Song army immediately came out and killed the Liao army by surprise. Seeing that the situation was not good, the Liao army immediately retreated to the front line. Seeing the Wu Yang Yang horses retreating, Yuan Kan’s heart was full of emotions, both joy and worry. Xiao Chuo did not expect to lose his beloved general in this battle. In order to welcome his beloved general back, Xiao Chuo was willing to replace it with Liu E.

In this way, in the ice and snow, the two armies met again, watching Xiao Talin’s body be returned, Xiao Chuo also nodded and agreed to release Liu E. Su Yijian hurried to greet him, but Liu E was still worried about Zhao Ji who was still in the Liao Camp. Su Yijian had no choice but to carry back the extremely weak Liu E. Looking at Xiao Talin’s miserable corpse, Xiao Chuo was extremely angry and threatened to lead the Liao army to take down Chanyuan City.

I haven’t seen Liu E for a long time, and seeing her dirty face, Yuan Kan feels distressed. The woman in front of him is courageous, but she is stubborn to make herself speechless. Yuan Kan hastened to call the doctor, but she is tight. Hold Liu E’s cold hand tightly.

Galing was still on the way, but his stomach really couldn’t hold on. The imperial doctor and Zhang Jingzong hurried around outside the carriage. Fortunately, Galing took his life back to a princess. Looking at the baby in his arms, Galing couldn’t help but feel her heart. A little sad, he still wanted to give birth to a prince for Yuan Kan. Fortunately, Jia Ling was relieved with Zhang Jingzong’s comfort.

Concubine Pan didn’t expect that when she woke up, she would see the red on the quilt, and called the doctor in a hurry. It turned out that she couldn’t keep her baby. The suspicious Pan Yushu believed that it was the poisoning murder of the decoction sent by the queen a few days ago, so he was indignant. He heard the handmaid passed to the queen to visit. Pan Yushu secretly hid the scissors under the pillow and waited until the queen came to the pillow. ,

Pan Yushu took out the scissors and stabbed it with hatred. Fortunately, Pan Yushu was weak and was unable to start, only hurting the queen’s calf. The imperial doctor carefully applied medicine to Queen Guo, and heard the maid said that Pan Yushu was still kneeling at the door. Queen Guo thought that she had just lost her fetus and was anxious, so she asked her subordinates to go out and call Concubine Pan, as if she would no longer be held accountable. But at the court, Guo Hanlin repeatedly called injustice for his daughter.

The Pan family on the side was naturally unwilling to show weakness. Seeing that King Ji, who was in power temporarily, obeyed General Pan’s words, Guo Hanlin was so angry that he wrote directly to the emperor. Sure enough, after receiving the letter, Yuan Kan was very disappointed with the impulsive Pan Yushu, and immediately ordered his name to be degraded and downgraded to Xiuyi.

Xiao Chuo prepared a good meal for Zhao Ji. Zhao Ji asked Liu E where he was going. Xiao Chuo did not say much, but asked his subordinates to take Zhao Ji away, saying that he was to meet Li Wan’er and Liu E… The prime minister walked into the shed. Speaking of the 200,000 troops and horses of the Daming Mansion and the generals of Chanyuan City, the Liao Army was in a state of being attacked by the enemy, but Xiao Chuo was unwilling to violate Xiao Talin’s last wish. Determined to attack Chan Yuan. On the second day, the two armies fought again.

The Song army rushed towards Xiao Chuo’s unit, and saw Xiao Chuo and others launch a chariot with a weak figure tied to it. Yuan Kan looked intently at the torch. It was his son Zhao Ji, whom he hadn’t seen for a long time. Yuan Kan hurriedly ordered the retreat. The Liao army really took the opportunity to approach step by step, seizing the opportunity to send troops to seize the opportunity, and the chariot advanced step by step. Due to Yuan Kan’s hesitation, the pioneers had already rushed to the city gate. Yang Yanzhao, Kou Zhun and others knelt down and asked for arrows to be released.

Seeing that the soldiers fell into the river and were buried as funerals, the giant stone carts of the Liao Army kept dropping weapons, even Pan Liang also kept asking the emperor to release arrows, and the archers couldn’t stand it anymore and had to release the sharp blade in their hands to save the lives of the brothers. Seeing Leng Jian flying out, Yuan Kan quickly ordered Yang Yanzhao to rush out to rescue his own Jill. The Liao army also hurriedly informed Xiao Chuo to retreat to the Liao camp, and the Song army was about to come back soon…

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