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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 17 Recap

Yuan Kan was on the verge of giving up going north. Fortunately, Kou Zhun and Su Yijian’s desperate admonitions helped Yuan Kan stabilize his mind and ordered the three armies to rush to Chanyuan to fight the Liao army. On the other side, Cao Liu finally arrived at Liao Ying, but Xiao Chuo wanted to see Cao Liu after he captured Chanyuan. He couldn’t figure out Xiao Chuo’s mind, and Cao Liu had to give in temporarily. The horn sounded in the wasteland, and Xiao Talin was galloping through the wilderness with thousands of troops.

The soldiers saw Xiao Talin’s bald eagle and rushed back to the famous mansion. But now, Yuan Kan’s troops will arrive in half a day. Yang Yanzhao decided to chip away the ice on the river first, and the enemy had to wait for the river to freeze in order to get through. The hard-working people saw the Liao army’s team and stepped up their work. Cracks flashed across the white surface. The Liao army’s arrows struck, and the two sides lined up to attack each other, and the situation became extremely chaotic. Xiao Tat Rin held a long spear and waved it, provoking several people at once. The Song Army soldiers rode against him.

In the violent shock, the ice surface became torn apart. The soldiers fell into Hanoi one after another. The Song Army quickly retreated to the side. Sure enough, the Liao Army’s pace was blocked. , The two armies were silent at each other. After the fierce battle, Yuan Kan’s reinforcements finally arrived. Seeing the golden armor appearing on the tower, the cheers of the people and soldiers were deafening. Xiao Chuo was shocked when it reached the Liao camp, but he was still ready to concentrate and appoint the reinforcements to go. support.

The biggest disaster today is Wang Chao, who is holding a heavy army. The troops of Wang Chao who are going south are very worried about Yuan Kan. Cao Wei’s troops where Wang Qinruo is in receive the edict and want to stop Wang Chao’s troops. Compared with Cao Wei Wang Qinruo believes that Cao Wei’s weakness should be found first and let him lose without a fight. So the two greeted Wang Chao’s troops more than ten miles away from the Daming Mansion. Although they had doubts, Cao Wei walked into the tent. Unexpectedly, there were many beautiful women in the camp.

Wang Qinruo greeted the king with flattery. Super toast, Wang Chao, who has been scheming by beauty, is reluctant to think about it, but Hu Yan on the side is hard and hard. As Wang Qinruo led him to another tent, Wang Qinruo quickly handed over the emperor’s edict. Seeing the black and white letters, Hu Yan was really angry. In the past, Wang Chao was not subject to his own request for military transfer.

He had a conspiracy. Now, facing Wang Qinruo and Cao Wei’s request, Hu Yan readily agreed and led the 200,000 army back to the Daming Mansion. Now Wang Chao has been taken down without a single pawn. Cao Wei also changed Wang Qinruo’s image as an “incompetent civil official”, and the two became respectful. Now that Wang Chao has been arrested, Yuan Kan’s greatest worry has finally been removed, and he is ready to devote himself to this decisive battle.

Jia Ling was pregnant with Liujia, but he was still very concerned about Yuan Kan’s safety. The physical pain was no more than the torment in his heart. Jia Ling insisted on asking Zhang Jingzong to prepare the carriage and rush to meet Yuan Kan himself. In the middle of the night, Yang Yanzhao and others specially showed Yuan Kan the jackdaw arrow carefully crafted by the craftsmen. This arrow has a long range and strong lethality.

It is specially prepared to kill Xiao Talin, and after many calculations, as long as Xiao Xiao When Tullin enters the range, this arrow must be able to take his life. The next day, the iron cavalry of the Liao army stepped into the ice field, and the bowmen quickly prepared. Seeing that the Liao army was approaching the city immediately, Yang Yanzhao gave an order and the giant arrow shot out, but Xiao Talin was still on the horse…

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