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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 16 Recap

Zhang Dan and Zhang Lishe originally wanted to take the Deqing army to assist Cao Wei, but they were captured by the Liao army halfway. Faced with Xiao Chuo’s surrender remarks, Zhang’s father and son would rather die than surrender. After Wang Xianzhong, who had changed their names and surrendered to the Liao army, listened to them. It was very uncomfortable in my heart, but it was important to save his life right now. Wang Jizhong thought for a moment, but had to bow his head and lead the order, and ordered the tie to take away Zhang and his son for subsequent execution.

Taifu Cao paced restlessly. His son Cao Xiu went to negotiate a peace, but there was no news. A letter came from his hand. It was learned that Cao Wei had violated the decree and detained Cao Xiu privately. Cao Taifu and Guo Hanlin were both furious and they decided to work together. Report, refer to him.

The Daming Mansion was not captured, Xiao Chuo hesitated looking at the map. The general thought that he should attack Chanyuan directly, but the prime minister thought that the front should not be lengthened. After listening to the speeches of the two sides, Xiao Chuo agreed with the general’s Bingguishen speed and decided to continue to attack Chanyuan.

In addition, he instructed the prime minister to continue to let Wang Jizhong revise the letter to Song Dynasty, asking for a peace talk as soon as possible. On the other side, Yuan Kan was very pleased with the persistence of the Daming Mansion, but Kou Zhun suddenly wondered why Cao Li had not rushed to the Liaoying camp.

Sure enough, the Daliao’s Argument and Shuttle arrived again and deepened their doubts. At this moment, the Jingshi When the letter arrived, the emperor’s anger suddenly erupted, and he was angry that Cao Wei stopped the envoy without authorization. But at this time, Kou arrived on time. Xiao Chuo was fighting and negotiating a peace. It seemed that he had bad intentions. The emperor calmed his heart and understood now.

The most important thing is to speed up to Chanyuan, and then order the three armies to go to Chanyuan at full speed. After receiving Yuan Kan’s order, Cao Wei had to release Cao to use. The civil servant and military attache had different opinions and almost renewed the dispute. Fortunately, Wang Qinruo immediately stopped the dispute between the two and personally sent away Cao to use.

Cao used the same day to reach the Liao camp, but Xiao Chuo deliberately did not personally greet him. The prime minister understood that this was Xiao Chuo delaying time to help the Liao army, not trying to negotiate a peace. Liu E was still worried about Zhao Ji’s safety in the Liao Camp. Wan’er mentioned that the soldiers were very happy to learn that the envoys of Song Dynasty had negotiated a peace, but Liu E saw the situation behind all this, and the two armies seemed to be discussing a peace. The scene is actually waiting for the final battle.

The road to the battle was so long and cold that even Jialing could not bear it, and his face was pale, but when he recalled the experience of fighting in the past, it was the first time that he was so weak. Jialing was very puzzled. Sure enough, it was because of her pregnancy. Jia Ling’s resistance has dropped a lot, Yuan Kan on the side is very guilty and regrets allowing Jia Ling to follow him, and now he is extremely concerned about Galing and the dragon seed in his belly.

King Ji rushed to Cao’s mansion late at night. Seeing that the Taifu had gathered five thousand people in the dark, Wang Ji was worried that the situation is uncertain now, and it is easy to leak the news. He was accused of conspiracy. However, the Taifu was determined to be a soldier and even moved out of thinking. Qi and the prince, this stabilized the heart of King Ji.

Yuan Kan was not in the imperial city, and Queen Guo was sitting in the harem. Hearing that the maid revealed that Concubine Pan Gui was not going out for a long time, the rumors of being pregnant with the Dragon Si had already been heated up. When she recalled that Yuan Kan had already given pills to the concubine, the queen was puzzled and personally. When I came to the palace to try, Pan Guifei’s expression suddenly changed when she heard the fetal medicine. Then she took her precautions off and confessed to the queen that pregnancy was a foregone conclusion, but the emperor had not heard from the emperor’s personal search.

The queen instructed Pan Guifei to write The letter informs the emperor, so that we can persuade the emperor to return to the palace, so that Concubine Pan will have a good birth, and can prevent Guo and Pan from becoming prisoners after the emperor’s defeat. After hearing the queen’s words, Pan Guifei took up a pen after thinking about it and wrote it down on the paper.

Early in the morning, the ministers asked the king of Ji to write a book to Yuan Kan requesting that the holy driver return to Beijing, and the king of Ji nodded and agreed. On the other side, Yuan Kan’s army stopped halfway. It turned out to be to place Jia Ling and the fetus in his womb. Kou Zhun asked Yuan Kan to continue on his way, but Yuan Kan didn’t take it seriously. He wanted to accompany Jia Ling more and watched Yuan Kan wave away. Go, Kou Zhun can only sigh. Sitting alone in the study room, now that the Liao army passed the Yellow River, Chan Yuan was in a hurry, but Pan Liang came to see him, saying that Wang Chao led the army to the famous mansion.

Yuan Kan was shocked after hearing this, and couldn’t figure out Wang Chao’s thoughts, Pan. Liang once again reported that Concubine Pan was pregnant, trying to use various sources to force the emperor to return to Beijing. And Yuan Kan received so much information, and his heart was vacillating.

The king of Ji was in the palace and the Taifu came to report. Wang Ji was very worried about whether Yuan Kan would return to Beijing. The Taifu said that if the emperor returned to Beijing, he would send someone to assassinate him. The timid King Ji was very frightened when he heard it, but Tai Fu looked like he was in power.

Now that Wang Chao led his troops to the famous mansion, there might be a rebellion in the capital by the king of Ji. Pan Liang fanned the fire and made Yuan Kan lose his judgment and even ordered to stop going south. Kou Zhun and Su Yijian hurriedly persuaded him, but Yuan Kan was right. Wang Chao’s troops are worried…

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