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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 15 Recap

Pan Yushu took the pill reluctantly, and spit it out angrily after watching Yuan Kan leave with his own eyes. Accompanied by the ministers, Yuan Kan faced the ranks of the ancestors and said farewell solemnly. This led many soldiers and ministers to leave on horseback. The people watched all the way, and the voices of support came one after another. He came to the Baima Posthouse all the way. Kan found that Garing, who was wearing armor in the distance, would rather resist the decree and walk with him. Yuan Kan’s stubbornness and sense of justice made Yuan Kan admire.

Already near the border, Wang Chao still did not want to send troops to help. Kou Zhun recommended that Wang Qinruo go to assist Cao Wei and Cao Duwei. As a civilian, Wang Qin was panicked, but Kou Zhun and the emperor made a peace and agreed to Kou Zhun’s suggestion. . In desperation, Wang Qinruo had to go to the Daming Mansion alone, who knew that a large number of refugees gathered outside the Daming Mansion. Wang Qinruo yelled that he must open the city gate to welcome them. This caused a large number of refugees to flow in. Cao Wei was very troubled.

Wang Qinruo was just a civil official. , And there is no practical use, only knowing urging and nonsense. At this moment, Cao took advantage of the emperor’s will to come, Wang Qinruo took the opportunity to persuade the two to negotiate a peace, Cao Wei found the two people’s motives to negotiate a peace, so as not to shake the army, he ordered Cao to be imprisoned, Wang Qinruo jumped up and down with anger, but Cao Wei insisted on fighting.

However, according to the arrested spies, Liu E and Zhao Ji were among the rushing Liao army. Yuan Kan was very worried after hearing the report. Su Yijian volunteered to lead troops to assist. Yuan Kan was very emotional and watched. Su Yijian left on horseback.

Liu E followed the Liao army to an abandoned village, and Liu E and Li Wan’er went to find a source of water for replenishment. At this moment, the Song Army, who was lying on the side, attacked with secret arrows. Soldiers from the two sides rushed out to fight. The situation became extremely chaotic. Cao Wei took the opportunity to greet Liu E, but Liu E wanted to retrieve Li Wan’er and Zhao Ji. Ambush, quickly turned around, and sure enough, caught Li Wan’er and Zhao Ji. Cao Wei persuaded Liu E to leave. He could hear Zhao Ji’s call. Liu E could only tell Cao Wei his only information and let Cao Wei’s army leave first. And he returned to the Liao army team.

Liu E and others were brought back to Xiao Chuo. Faced with the question of the Liao Emperor, Liu E did not want to say more, but asked Xiao Chuo to let Zhao Ji go and let the two reunite, but Xiao Chuo ignored Liu E’s request. , Insisted that Zhao Ji be taken away, so that there would be trouble in the future, and there was a handle in hand. In the other military camp, Li Jihe’s desire to initiate a military remonstrance grew stronger and he was about to summon soldiers to discuss. Kou Zhun suddenly asked to see him. Kou Zhun asked Li Jihe to go to Chanyuan to support Li Jilong.

He wanted to continue pretending to be lurking beside the emperor. However, Kou Zhun mentioned that it was the emperor’s will. Seeing that Li Jihe could not hide it, he had to show his true colors and ordered Kou Zhun to be detained. Who knew that Su Yijian led his soldiers into the tent suddenly and looked at the original. The soldiers who surrendered to him helped his hand, and Li Jihe realized that he had been betrayed by others.

King Ji played with his princess Cao Siqi in the Song Dynasty Palace and had fun. Siqi admitted shyly that he was pregnant. King Ji was full of joy and looked forward to sitting on the dragon chair soon. But at this time, Cao Taifu passed the creed passed back from the border, and learned that Li Jihe’s deeds there had been revealed. Wang Ji was very upset, afraid that he would be confessed by Li Jihe. Taifu Cao on the side learned that his daughter Siqi had already Longyi instructed King Ji to stop and take care of everything by himself.

Yuan Kan and Kou Zhun contemplated the manipulators behind Li Jihe’s rebellious plan. Kou Zhun said that Li Jihe had already confessed that Wang Chao had conspired together. Only then did Yuan Kan realize the reasons behind Wang Chao’s delay in sending out troops to assist. Kou Zhun mentioned that Wang Chao was holding a heavy soldier at this time, and to subdue him, he only needs to be outsmart.

When the Liao army came, Wang Qinruo was so afraid that it would disrupt Cao Wei and the soldiers discussing the military. Cao Wei had no choice but to lock Wang Qinruo and Cao Liu together. Hearing the sound of the horn, Wang Qinruo and Cao were shocked and frightened by the use of Cao Wei. Using yelling at Cao Wei for being brave and intrepid, missing the opportunity to negotiate, would only sacrifice more lives, and then called the jailer to write on the grounds of writing a family letter, write a secret letter, and ask the jailer to send it. But now outside the big name’s mansion, there are already dead bodies in the city.

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