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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 14 Recap

In the past few days, Yuan Kan has shown love to Jia Ling. Pan Yuzhu was about to walk into the hall to greet her, but when she saw the two loving appearances, her heart was chilled for a while. At this moment, Kou Zhun asked to see him. Yuan Kan asked about the envoy. Sure enough, Kou Zhun rejected Pan Liang’s choice and suggested that Cao use it to negotiate a peace. Xiao Chuo found that the Liao Army was seriously injured.

Seeing the confrontation with the Song Army, Xiao Chuo had to go south and decided to win with speed. Liu E looked at Zhao Ji’s sleeping face and thought for a long time. Now the emperor has no idea of ​​personally conquering, but the Liao army is already going to continue south to Kaifeng. Liu E decided to personally write a letter to advise Mu Yi to hand it over. The next day, Liu E took the opportunity to talk to Mu Yi, and handed over the letter in his hand, requesting Mu Yi to pass it to the station. Who knows that all the scenes were seen by the iron mirror.

Tie Jing sent his men to follow. As expected, Mu Yi rode out of the city gate. Tie Jing sent a signal to recall Mu Yi. Seeing Mu Yi came back, Tie Jing questioned Mu Yi. Mu Yi explained that he had burned Liu E’s letters, but Tie Jing I can no longer fully believe in Mu Yi, and can only ask Mu Yi to stay away from the three of Liu E. Listening to Tie Jing’s painstaking persuasion, Mu Yi felt guilty, so he nodded in agreement.

The next day, Mu Yi quietly approached Liu E again, informed him that he had not sent a letter, and then left quietly. At the Great Song Dynasty Hall, the officials analyzed that the Liao army must now move to the Daming Mansion. Yuan Kan ordered Wang Chao’s 200,000 army to issue an emergency rescue order, while Kou Zhun still asked Yuan Kan to conquer himself to stabilize the army, but Yuan Kan still Regardless of Kou Zhun’s advice, he left again angrily.

Kou Zhun was worried because of the emperor’s silence, so he could only use wine to pour his sorrow, but Mrs. Kou awakened Kou Zhun with a word. Kou Zhun hurried to Prime Minister Bi Shi’an’s house and asked Bi Shi’an to advise him together. Bi Shian believed that the emperor did not escape, but was waiting for the opportunity to deal with the trivial matters in his hands. If the emperor personally conquered, there would be hidden dangers in the palace. That is the current king of Ji.

Early the next day, Bi Shian, Kou Zhun, Su Yijian, and a group of ministers advised Yuan Kan to make an immediate decision. Sure enough, under the advice of the ministers, Yuan Kan decided to go on an expedition. Li Jilong, Li Ji, and Pan Liang led their troops on the expedition, and Wang Dan and Bi Shian defended the country.

On the other hand, the Tai Fu and King Ji were in collusion. Now the Tai Fu has bought out Li Jilong’s younger brother Li Jihe and set off with the emperor. At that time, he will stabilize the emperor’s whereabouts. , The emperor’s expedition was imminent, the Taifu persuaded King Ji to show his loyalty in front of the emperor, so as not to arouse suspicion.

Yuan Kan came to Jialing’s bedroom, and Jialing, who was extremely worried, wanted to go out with Yuan Kan, but Yuan Kan still shook his head, and Jialing had to watch Yuan Kan leave with his own eyes. Later, Yuan Kan summoned Wang Dan, specially arranged for Wang Dan to assist Bi Shian to sit in the court for him, and drafted a secret edict. If the emperor did not return in ten days, he would make the second prince Zhao You the emperor, in order to guard against the honest hope The king was bewitched by the traitorous officials around him.

Pan Yushu knelt down in the Buddhist hall, Yuan Kan approached and looked closely. Pan Yushu explained that he prayed for Yuan Kan’s peace. Yuan Kan was moved for a while. The two of them had another Spring Festival evening. Pan Yushu was about to personally send away Yuan Kan in armor, hoping that he would be able to do it again. Birth prince, who knows Yuan Kan ordered Zhang Jingzong to give Yuzhu a pill, and after taking it, he would avoid conception and child…

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