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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 13 Recap

The cold winter has come and Kou Zhun has become addicted to alcohol again. The people next to him are discussing the situation of the war, and most of them have dragged their families to escape the situation. Su Yijian hurriedly came to Songxiang Pavilion to find Kou Zhun. It turned out that Kou Zhun suppressed the military intelligence report and was known to the emperor. Faced with the doubts of the ministers, Kou Zhun solved the puzzles one by one.

The warfare method of accumulating sharpness, waiting for the enemy to attack, then ask Yuan Kan to recruit himself to boost morale and defeat the enemy. However, Yuan Kan obeyed the advice of other ministers and hesitated to make a decision. Kou Zhun then alluded that Yuan Kan lacked courage compared with Liu E. This time he really reversed the dragon scales, watching Yuan Kan walk away, Kou Zhun stopped speaking.

The Liao army attacked the city, and the two sides fought fiercely. Xiao Chuo was pacing in the barracks, but sure enough, he still received the news of serious casualties from Liao. It seems that Dingzhou is not easy to win, and now it is not easy to attack for a long time. Xiao Chuo decided to immediately retreat and move to Yingzhou.

Sure enough, as Xiao Chuo said, Dingzhou General Wang Chao was cautious, and regardless of his subordinate Hu Yanzan’s suggestion to pursue the pursuit, if Yingzhou was attacked, it would be equivalent to opening the gates of Song Dynasty, but Xiao Chuo was fancy Because of the characteristics of the battle, the Song states are ready to defeat them one by one. Yuan Kan valued this city very much, and sent an experienced general to guard it. Sure enough, the Liao army suffered heavy casualties after several battles.

Xiao Chuo was distressed, and the prime minister proposed to retreat as an advance. It is better to take this opportunity to directly ask Yuan Kan for the land of Guannan. Xiao Chuo asked Mu Yi for his opinion. Mu Yi nodded in agreement, and Xiao Chuo asked Mu Yi to find Wang Jizhong to repair the book. But after Mu Yi left, Xiao Chuo reminded Tie Jing to beware of Mu Yi in case his heart was still in the Song Dynasty.

Mu Yi found Wang Jizhong, and the two Song people are now drinking in Liaoying to pour homesickness. Mu Yi mentioned that Xiao Chuo had peace talks and hoped to take this opportunity to repair the book and stop the war. Wang Jizhong was overjoyed, and Mu Yi began to prepare to repair the book. On the other side, the good news has been passed back to Yuan Kan, but Wang Jizhong’s peace talks also arrived at the same time. Kou Zhun read out each word, Yuan Kan frowned, Kou Zhun saw through Xiao Chuo’s illusion of peace talks, which was actually an aid to the troops. The ministers once again advised the emperor not to request for peace talks, but to go out to defend himself against the enemy.

In the Liao Camp, the soldiers were doing hard work. Their bodies shivering in the cold looked extremely thin. If they were a little careless, the generals rushed out and flogged. Seeing a child was beaten by the generals to bleeding, Liu E stepped forward to help the soldiers. Intercession, everyone was moved by hearing, but the general was so embarrassed that he ordered Liu E to be locked up. The story of Liu E reached the general’s ears.

The general who was already dissatisfied decided to cut the three of them. Mu Yi just rushed to stop the crowd. Tie Jing reported to the queen mother. Only then did they save the three. It was so courageous. Liu E and Xiao Chuo got on the bar. Xiao Chuo saw that Liu E was different from everyone else as a woman, and did not make too many accusations, but ordered the three to be guarded strictly.

Yuan Kan saw Jia Ling riding and archery in the training ground. He was so unskilled. Yuan Kan was curious. He came to Jia Ling’s bedroom. The free-born Jia Ling and Yuan Kan talked about the things of the previous tribe. Yuan Kan saw from the past. Out of the current situation of Song Daliao, there was a decision in his heart. Seeing Jia Ling’s brilliant smile, Yuan Kan suddenly felt relieved.

Pan Taibao found Kou Zhun and wanted to recommend his son Pan Liang to talk to his envoys. Kou Zhun had seen the nature of Pan Liang’s failure, so he personally rejected the Taifu’s remarks. In desperation, Pan Taibao could only switch to writing a letter. To his daughter Pan Guifei, I hope she can say more of Pan Liang’s good things in the ears of the emperor.

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