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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 6 Recap

Ding Kai was formally reinstated and returned to the Ocean. Captain Dres warmly welcomed Ding Kai back to the team and introduced him to the new second officer, Wang Ziyang. Dress announced that the headquarters will launch the captain training program for the Asian market. The candidates are Ding Kai, Wang Ziyang and Allen, and the three will start the assessment from now on.

Chen Anni saw Ding Kai throw the daisy into the sea and was very puzzled. Ding Kai didn’t explain. Chen Anni bluntly said that she didn’t like others to bully Ding Kai. She was jealous and loves to fight against injustice. Ding Kai just laughed.

After seeing the new captain training plan and evaluation system developed by Captain Drake, Deputy Captain Olsen believed that the cost and time and energy to establish and operate the new system would not be worth the loss, while Drake believed that training new talents and improving services Not a contradiction, Olsen left unhappy.

Drake told Ding Kai that the cruise ship has a very special culture called the Captain’s Dinner, which is usually initiated by him and Olsen. He decided that Ding Kai would choose the guests this time. Ding Kai felt that it was inappropriate for him to be a newcomer to win this honor. Olsen also strongly opposed. Captain Drake said that he was optimistic about Ding Kai and insisted on letting him do it.

Olsen was dissatisfied. The captain told Ding Kai privately that he had just received help from Interpol, asking them to assist the International Armed Police in uncovering an economic fraud. The scam group has now been locked in the business class of Baohua Travel Agency and will probably leave the next port on the cruise. Before starting, Ding Kai’s task was to ensure the safety of tourists when the international armed police carried out arrests.

Laishan, Mayfair and others were very pleased to learn that Ding Kai was qualified to select guests for the captain’s dinner. They all agreed that the captain would allow the new chief mate to select guests for the captain’s dinner, indicating that he was very important to him.

When Ding Kai inspected the lifeboat, he found that the roller skating was loose, but the crew told him that he had to report directly to his superiors. Ding Kai was about to call the crew’s superior, Ai Lun, and Wang Ziyang came to mediate and said The engineering department did it. Soon the engineering department checked the shelf life of the roller skating. Wang Ziyang told the crew that although the roller skating did not expire, Ding Kai’s strict requirements were correct. He could report to the immediate superior, but the roller skating should be replaced. Arguing again.

Wang Ziyang told Ding Kai that the personnel on the ship were more complicated. Ding Kai said that he just wanted to protect the sea in front of him and protect their ship.

Mayfair told Tianyue that he heard that Ding Kai’s family situation was particularly good, and there was a particularly beautiful homestay in his family, but he did not have the pretense of a rich man. Tianyue added that he was a man when he was saving people.

At dinner, He Cai wanted to attract attention and was deliberately late. Sure enough, the students of the business school are all elites in the business world. When they introduced themselves, He Cai immediately checked their net worth on their mobile phones and identified Italy after comparison. Xinghao Real Estate CEO Xiang Mude is the strongest in this class.

The last person who came was President Xu. He was very dissatisfied with the seat arranged by Tianyue. After adjusting the seat, President Xu first fined himself three cups. Then President Wang picked up the matter and said that President Xu had never learned punctuality and integrity. Second Because of the conflicts in the business world that year, Chen Anni arranged for security to be called immediately.

Tianyue learned from Ding Kai that the two had arrived in the security room and wanted to lead them. When Ding Kai showed her the way, Chen Anni saw from behind that Ding Kai seemed to be very affectionate to Tianyue. Wang Ziyang on the other side found a piece of graffiti in a corridor while patrolling.

Mr. Xu and Mr. Wang quarreled again just after leaving the security room. Tian Yue tried to persuade him to make peace, and moved out the security manager. After the security manager came out, the two immediately changed their faces and walked away.

He Cai was secretly observing the marketing director of Trajan Travel Agency Xiong Kailin and Xiang Mude at the bar. Tianyue happily ran over to explain that classes could start in the next day. He Cai was very disappointed. He quickly pulled Tianyue aside and said, The woman Xiong Kailin is trying to be a beauty to Xiang Mude. In order to prevent her from stealing the travel agency’s business, Tianyue must separate the two. Tianyue asked inexplicably whether He Cai was interested in the project or Xiang Mu De, and He Cai told her that the project must be won.

Tianyue took the order, and ran to intervene in between Xiong Kailin and Xiang Mu De and said that there were some problems with Xiong Kailin’s information that needed to be checked. Xiang Mu De said goodbye, Xiong Kailin reminded Tian Yue not to mess with others, otherwise, People are not good for themselves.

He Cai then came to the gym and deliberately asked Xiang Mu De to help her align the equipment, and teased him when she asked for advice, but Xiang Mu De did not accept it at all.

The business class officially started. Chen Anni asked everyone to talk about the purpose of studying here. Xu Dabao and Wang Ben quarreled again. Tianyue stood up and asked them to stop quarreling. He Cai hurriedly pulled Tianyue and sat down. Bai Ling said that his real purpose in coming here is to find companies and partners with potential and future prospects.

As long as he can see your strengths, money is not a problem. Xiang Mu De said that he was here to learn and improve, and to strengthen communication with the outside world. Xiong Kailin bluntly said that she came to Mu De, and He Cai pretended to say that she always cooks at home, she is to gain knowledge. Tianyue said sincerely that she was honored to study with the business elite and benefited a lot.

Tianyue sent a spa coupon to Grandma Hu, and Chen Anni came over to inform them that they need to wear formal attire to attend the captain’s dinner in the next two days. Laishan on the other side found another graffiti in the corridor. Ding Kai and Wang Ziyang were surprised that they had cleaned up two days ago and now it appeared again, but they couldn’t see anything strange. Then Ding Kai saw UFOs appearing on the sea in his surveillance, and he reminded everyone to pay more attention during this period.

Grandma Hu searched all the clothes but they were not formal. Grandpa Jiang asked her to look through the cabinet again. Grandma Hu accidentally discovered that there was a newly bought dress in the cabinet. Grandpa Jiang said affectionately that he hadn’t given it to Hu in so many years. A decent dress for grandma. The two came to the deserted theater in formal attire.

Grandma Hu thought they had arrived early. At this time, the lights were on and the two dancers danced gracefully. One of them was dressed the same as Grandpa Jiang on the stage. Grandpa Jiang said affectionately, now he is going to spoil Grandma Hu, and Grandma Hu is moved by her lover’s side.

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