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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 5 Recap

Annie Chen invited the investigation team to meet with Professor Lin, the most famous acoustic expert in China. Professor Lin used the same material and volume to simulate the lifeboat, and marked the positions of Ding Kai, the father and son of the freighter and the walkie-talkie at the time of the incident, and then played the captain’s instructions to test ten walkie-talkie decibels from different directions. The result of the experiment was that Ding Kai was in a location where the sound of the walkie-talkie could not be heard due to the waves, the wind and the cry of the child.

Wang Ziyang believes that although Ding Kai could not hear the order, he may have psychological barriers due to his father’s death in a shipwreck, and he is not suitable for the post of Chief Executive Officer of the Ocean Cruise. Valuable, decided to continue to hire Ding Kai. Wang Ziyang respected the decision of the headquarters, and on behalf of the investigation team congratulated Ding Kai for passing the investigation.

Mr. Tang drove up to Chen Anni who was riding a motorcycle, wondering why she was so interested in Ding Kai’s affairs. Chen Anni thought that Ding Kai was a rare talent on the cruise ship. As a guardian, Mr. Tang reminded Chen Anni that she could only help and not to cross the boundary.

Tian Yue was eating rice at a roadside stall when she ran into Grandma Hu by accident. Tianyue bought a lot of vegetables and went home to cook, and also helped He Cai get a massage. He Cai enjoyed this free service very much. Ding Kai accidentally drove into a man wearing a clown costume. The man was lifted up by Ding Kai and left on his own. Ding Kai picked up the image data of the hospital he had fallen on the ground and realized that it was Grandpa Jiang Wenqiang.

Dad Tianyue was working on a construction site. He accidentally saw Tianyue sitting on a chair not far away eating biscuits, watching his daughter’s hair tossed by the wind, Tianyue’s father hid aside and called his daughter, Tianyue He lied about doing market research in a shopping mall, and Tianyue’s father felt uncomfortable. At this time, Tianyue received a call from Ding Kai and hurried over immediately.

Grandpa Jiang in a clown costume called “Xianzhi” when he saw Tianyue. Grandma Hu told them that Xianzhi was her own character, and she took Grandpa Jiang home. Tianyue is strange: Grandma Hu sets up a stall outside to sell rice noodles every day. Grandpa Jiang is not like a rich person. Why would they spend money on a cruise?

Tianyue’s father went to the original rented house to find his daughter and rushed out. He wanted Tianyue and his roommates to come out and invite them to have a meal. Tianyue refused, so his father went to her without any explanation. He invited Tianyue out to eat. After a big meal, he lied that he had won the prize and forced his daughter some money.

After Ding Kai followed Grandpa Jiang, he found that he was carrying a bag of toys to the gate of the playground to perform magic tricks for a group of children. After the park closed, he gave the money in his hat to Grandma Hu who came to pick him up, and then the two old men helped hand in hand. Come back home.

Ding Kai went out to eat and accidentally ran into Tianyue who was working in a restaurant. He told Tianyue that he had met Grandpa Jiang in the playground for several days. The strange thing was that Grandpa Jiang pretended to be a clown. Put the change in the hat, and then pretend that he earned the money in one day, and hand it to Grandma Hu who came to pick him up. In order to help the two elderly people, Ding Kai asked Tianyue to show himself the information of the two elderly people, and Tianyue agreed.

The next day, Ding Kai and Tian Yue split up to find Grandpa Jiang and Grandma Hu. Tianyue went to Grandma Hu’s stall to eat rice noodles. Grandpa Jiang told Ding Kai that he worked in a circus when he was young and fell in love with an expert from other provinces. All his clown costumes were drawn by her. The girl told him that even if he is acting as a clown, he must be serious. To act, it was the best time of his life. But Grandma Hu’s family strongly opposed their staying together.

Grandma Hu had no choice but to return to her hometown. Less than two years after marrying a man, her husband got a serious illness and died. Later, her daughter also got a serious illness and passed away due to lack of money to treat her. Grandpa Jiang was forced by his family to get married. Later, the child’s mother passed away. He still wanted to find Grandma Hu, but it was not easy to find someone in that era.

Grandma Hu told Tianyue that she had gone back to the circus to find Grandpa Jiang, but people had gone to the circus, and the circus was also disbanded. Later, she set up a stall near the circus to sell rice noodles, looking forward to meeting him one day. Grandpa Jiang. God’s favor, on a rainy day after more than 20 years, they really met in front of the rice noodle stall.

Grandpa Jiang was afraid that his memory would deteriorate, so Grandma Hu left first and asked Ding Kai to help Grandma Hu find a nursing home with good service. Because his son objected to them being together, Grandma Hu was not allowed to enter the door. He was afraid that Grandma Hu would be wronged after he left. Grandma Hu on the other side also cried and said to Tian Yue, if she walked in front of Grandpa Jiang, who would take care of him?

In the evening, Tianyue sighed to Ding Kai that there really is a love like Grandpa Jiang and Grandma Hu in the world. Ding Kai told her that love is mainly about meeting the right person. Ding Kai found that Tianyue was afraid of water but had to lead the team on the cruise ship. He worked in a travel agency during the day and part-time in a restaurant at night, making money too hard, so he told her not to rush to pay her own money.

He Cai signed up for the MBA business class with a total of 15 people. She and Manager Ma talked about how much commission would he give if he took over the business class team? Manager Ma dismissed Tianyue and said cruelly that one person was half. He did not expect He Cai to call Tianyue immediately, saying that she was a student and could not lead the team. The business class was led by Tianyue. The funding gap was filled, and He Cai knew that Tianyue had no money, so she generously contributed to make up for her.

In the restaurant, Wang Ziyang told Anni Chen that since fate allowed her to stay in Shanghai, he would formally pursue her. Before departure, He Cai called Tianyue and said that she had helped her win the position of the team leader, and that everything on board should be under her command, and Tianyue fully agreed.

When Grandpa Jiang and Grandma Hu boarded the Ocean Cruise, the defendant told them that they would be VIP guests on the Ocean from now on.

The ocean crew members talked about the fact that Chen Anni, the daughter of the president of the Asia-Pacific region, also went to the Ocean. Everyone could see that Chen Anni was unusual for Ding Kai.

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