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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 4 Recap

When Ding Kai came home, his mother, Yu Wenli, wanted to pack his luggage, but Ding Kai refused to let him go. Taking advantage of her mother’s time to serve food, Ding Kai quickly took out the seaman certificate in her bag and hid it.

Manager Ma told Tianyue that she had to pay 980 yuan to the company after deducting the cost of compensation for the ocean number from the commission she led the team. Tianyue looked at the list, and it turned out that she had damaged the tableware and washing machine while chasing the winter in the restaurant. For equipment and other expenses, Tianyue hopes that the travel agency can refund her deposit. She has no money to pay the rent, but Manager Ma tells that as long as it is an employee of the company, the deposit cannot be refunded. He suggested that Tianyue live with her parents.

Chen Anni, the marketing commissioner sent by the US headquarters, came to the Shanghai headquarters of Luo Ya Company and reported to Mr. Tang. Mr. Tang is familiar with Annie Chen. He told Annie that she has joined the company for the fourth year. Although she is a talent of the cruise company, he still hopes that she can let go. Chen Anni said that it is difficult to give up what she chose. Mr. Tang reminded her that many things on the ocean are sudden, just like this time the first mate Ding Kai on the Ocean to save people from a typhoon was originally a heroic deed to be praised, but now Because he ignored the return order to accept the headquarters investigation.

As soon as Tianyue met her mother, her mother cried and told her daughter that she had invested all her family’s money in the past few years into a peer-to-peer grid loan. In the past few months, she has lost money. She told Tianyue not to tell her father. Otherwise, her father would fight her hard, Tian Yue comforted her mother and said that he had used the money. She persuaded her mother to stop believing in peer-to-peer online lending, which are all illegal fundraising. Her mother complained that Tianyue was an afterthought, and she was busy changing jobs all day, and she didn’t have time to manage herself.

Tianyue came to He Cai with her luggage, but she didn’t open her mouth. He Cai mistakenly thought that Manager Ma had betrayed her. Tianyue came to her for revenge. She said with a guilty conscience that Tianyue was in trouble on the cruise ship. She was the truth. To be honest, Tianyue knew that it was He Cai who put her shoes on behind her back.

She was so angry that she squatted on the ground and started crying, but thinking that there was no other way, she knocked on the door again and begged He Cai to take in her. Her mother was the long-term nanny of someone else’s family, and her father lived in a dormitory. She still owed the travel agency. Qian, He Cai moved a hidden heart to let her stay, but asked Tianyue to take care of all the housework, Tianyue was full of words and couldn’t ask for it.

Anni Chen met Ding Kai when she entered the elevator. Unexpectedly, her high heels got stuck in the seam of the elevator. Chen Anni’s effort not only dropped her shoes, but her skirt broke. Gentleman Ding Kai took off her coat and put it on Chen Anni and helped her get it. With the shoes out, Annie has a good impression of Ding Kai.

Yu Wenli took Ding Kai to his stepfather Uncle Zhu’s house. Unexpectedly, Lai Shen and Fei Er were also there. Ding Kai introduced to her mother that Lai Shen and Fei Er were her customers. In the evening, Laishan asked Ding Kai why he wanted to be a seaman without telling his mother. Ding Kai told him it was a secret.

The next day, Chen Anni waited in the lobby early. She reminded Ding Kai that she must not be nervous about the investigation and just tell the truth from facts. Ding Kai thanked Chen Anni for her trust in herself, saying that she was the first China that she had handed over to Roya. friend.

The first questioning of the hearing began, and Wang Ziyang, an investigator from the Miami headquarters, asked questions. Wang Ziyang asked Ding Kai what he was doing twenty minutes after he was missing from the rescue. Ding Kai stated that the captain of the freighter was hit by drifting objects and passed out. He put on a life jacket and an oxygen tank and went to sea to rescue him. Wang Ziyang asked Captain Ding Kai for the second place. Whether he heard the second order, Ding Kai answered that he heard it.

Wang Ziyang reminded Ding Kai that crew members have the obligation and responsibility to protect the life and property of the cruise ship, and must strictly implement the captain’s orders instead of making their own decisions. Wang Ziyang asked Ding Kai if he had heard the captain’s order to make him return to the voyage urgently. Ding Kai said that he had heard the captain’s order for them to investigate and did not hear the order of the emergency return. Wang Ziyang proposed to adjourn the meeting for ten minutes.

Captain Rex told Ding Kai that the current situation is not good for him. Ding Kai understands that there is no evidence to prove that he did not hear it at the time, but he hopes that the captain believes in his loyalty to this profession. He cannot disobey the captain’s orders. Rex reminded Ding Kai that the company only believes in facts and evidence.

After the meeting started again, Wang Ziyang played the evidence collection video of the investigation team. The crew of the freighter said that after the child was rescued, the captain of the freighter sank and the freighter was returning to safe waters. At this time, the video was interrupted, basically at the same time. , The captain issued an order to return immediately.

The investigation team rushed to Saint Niche to question the rescued victims. They said that except for the crying child, everyone clearly heard the captain’s order to return immediately. The second mate Morgan of the Oceans testified at the scene, saying that he heard the captain’s order to return three times: the first time was to search and rescue, the second time was to rescue the children, and the third time was to prepare to return.

When he received the third order Ding Kai was still outside the door of the lifeboat. The walkie-talkie had been plugged into the walkie-talkie seat. When the walkie-talkie issued an order, Ding Kai had already climbed onto the lifeboat. He was about to tell Laishan that they had to return immediately, but Ding Kai was already wearing it. After getting on the oxygen cylinder, he tried to go to Latin Kay, telling him that the captain had ordered a return journey. Lai Shen also went to the scene to testify.

He also heard the captain’s three return orders. When he heard the third instruction to operate the lifeboat to return, Ding Kai had already boarded the lifeboat. When Lai Shen turned around, he saw that Ding Kai had been wearing it. Leaving the oxygen tank and jumping into the sea, Lai Shen testified that he and the second officer Morgan tried to hold Ding Kai, but neither of them had contact with Ding Kai because Ding Kai had already jumped into the sea at that time. When they responded and called, Ding Kai had disappeared from the water. Therefore, Laishan did not agree with the second officer’s testimony because Morgan did not meet Ding Kai.

Wang Ziyang said that everyone had proved that he had heard the instructions, but Ding Kai had not heard it. Judging from the coordinate position of Ding Kai and the walkie-talkie at the time, this situation is impossible, unless Ding Kai is lying or ignoring the captain’s order. Morgan heard this and secretly smiled.

After the first round of questioning, Ding Kai hoped that Chen Anni would believe in herself. He said that the result now, even a second of trust, is meaningful to him. Annie Chen made it clear that she believed in Ding Kai, and they encouraged each other by high-fiving.

After hearing the results of the hearing, Mayfair and Tianyue both dealt with injustices for Ding Kai. Laishan worriedly told them that disobeying the order was a capital crime for the seafarers. Chen Anni was awake all night for Ding Kai’s affairs. She suddenly thought of a way and immediately jumped up to call the acoustic expert Professor Lin.

The second questioning of the hearing begins. Wang Ziyang took out the latest survey data and asked about Ding Kai’s family situation. Ding Kai said there were three people in the family, including himself, mother and stepfather. Wang Ziyang asked Ding Kai’s biological father, Ding Kai was silent. Wang Ziyang took out the video data to tell everyone that Ding Kai’s biological father died in a shipwreck.

He believed that Ding Kai suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after his biological father was hit by a shipwreck and must be medically identified immediately. At this time, Chen Anni opened the door and said that she had seen something on the medical helicopter that day and felt that something was strange. Today, she invited the most famous acoustic expert in China to witness it together.

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