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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 32 Recap

Xiaoan read only sage books and published two academic monographs. In addition to opening a hotel, Xiao An and Jiang He also started contracting projects. At the liquor bureau, Xiaoxiao reminded Chen Yanping not to take risks. Chen Yanping patted his chest to make sure that he was not a criminal who knew the law, and gave Xiaoxiao an imported mink coat. Chen Yanping was summoned to the Public Security Bureau, and he accidentally learned that Xiaofeng was Xiaoxiao’s younger brother, so he clamored to ask Xiaofeng to ask Xiaoxiao who worked in the Department of Commerce and then come back to interrogate him.

An ominous premonition passed through Xiaofeng’s heart. Xiaoxiao learned about Chen Yanping’s arrest during the meeting. After the meeting, she took Jiang Lingdie to Xiaofeng’s dormitory to find Xiaofeng. Xiaoxiao didn’t turn a corner and asked Xiaofeng to put Chen Yanping back, and the two broke up unhappy. Chen Yanping brought in the underworld gangs and asked them to teach Xiaofeng and tell him not to be nosy. Several people blocked Xiaofeng in a small alley, and Xiaofeng was injured.

The Public Security Bureau sent a few policemen to take notes. Xiaoxiao asked the police for clues and clamored that they must catch these gangsters. Xiaoxiao and Dianthus took care of Xiaofeng in the ward. Xiaoxiao took the opportunity to let Xiaofeng rest and rest. Don’t work hard and let Xiaofeng put down the case. Xiaofeng said that she would never give up. Xiaoxiao went to Chen Yanping and asked if Chen Yanping was looking for someone to commit the crime.

Chen Yanping did not admit or deny, Xiaoxiao scolded Chen Yanping. Xiaofeng sends Dianthus back to Heshan by car, and Dianthus asks Xiaofeng to contact his brothers and sisters more and don’t have any trouble. Shizhu also told Xiaofeng that Liu Pansong had asked him to discuss a job change for Xiaofeng, and supported Xiaofeng to continue working, but also reminded Xiaofeng to pay attention to safety. Xiaofeng continued to investigate the case and finally got the evidence of Chen Yanping’s crime. He, the captain and the political commissar, vowed to bring Chen Yanping to justice.

Chen Yanping-pian no longer quibbleed the hard evidence, but he sneered unwillingly and said that he would report Xiaoxiao and make meritorious deeds. Knowing that Chen Yanping was arrested, Xiaoxiao was drunk full of thoughts, and Xiaoxiao, who was emotionally broken, called Dianthus and cried. Xiaoxiao told Dianthus that Xiaofeng was going to kill herself, and became drunk before she finished speaking.

Xiaoxiao came to Xiaofeng again, and the two talked about their childhood. Xiaoxiao said that he was doing everything for this family, and asked Xiaofeng to raise his hands high, and Xiaofeng told Xiaoxiao that he must not bend the law for personal gain. Xiaofeng advised Xiaoxiao to surrender early. When Xiaoxiao and his wife came to a dead end, Jiang Lingdie asked Xiaoxiao to ask Dianthus to intercede. At the family gathering, Dianthus expressed his worries and told his children to behave well.

Xiao An took the opportunity to speak about the difficulty of Dianthus in recent years, and warned everyone not to worry about Dianthus anymore, and Jiang Lingdie also hurriedly agreed. Xiaoliu and Jiang He didn’t know what had happened, they were so sad that they vowed not to make Dianthus sad again. Only Xiaofeng heard the meaning in the words, but didn’t know how to face it. Dianthus asked Xiaofeng to say a few words. When Xiaofeng talked about Dianthus’s education, he said that he would never forget benevolence, justice, etiquette, wisdom and faith.

Xiaoxiao drunk and rushed in, but Xiao Liu was not angry. Dianthus saw the clues and asked the two people with a cold face what had happened. Xiaoxiao was emotionally broken and pointed at Xiaofeng and shouted: “Let everyone see that there is a Bao Qingtian from Zhou’s family and see how he wants to kill his relatives righteously!” Dianthus, who knew the truth, couldn’t stand the blow and was sent to the emergency room.

After Dianthus slowed down, he earnestly asked Xiaofeng to help Xiaoxiao, don’t let Xiaoxiao go to jail, Xiaofeng didn’t say a word. At another family meeting, Dianthus beat Xiaoxiao and blamed himself for the failure of his education. Everyone expressed that in order to save Xiaoxiao from jail, they are willing to pool money to remedy Xiaoxiao. Xiaofeng didn’t make a statement, but knelt on the ground and knocked the dianthus several times before grabbing the door.

Xiaoxiao was arrested by the public security organ and sentenced to 5 years in prison. Xiaofeng faces his family because of Xiaoxiao’s affairs, and is transferred to the public security special police team. After Xiaoxiao was in prison, she was unwilling to actively admit her mistakes, and her condition was very poor. Xiaoliu and others were very worried. Xiaoliu went to visit Dianthus and found that Dianthus was missing. She hurriedly searched for the whereabouts of Dianthus with Gao Ling, but everyone searched the places where Dianthus usually went, but no trace of her was found. In the end, it was confirmed that Dianthus was worshipping. After Zhao Yingtong left.

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