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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 31 Recap

Xiaofeng came back, and the whole family gathered around Xiaofeng to ask questions about each other. Xiaofeng came back this time to marry Zhao Yingtong, but he was so happy about Dianthus, but Zhao Yingtong refused. Zhou Qing laughed when he heard the news that the three children were getting married together. Liu Pansong thought of Zhao Yingtong’s illness, and a cloud of clouds fell in his heart.

Zhao Yingtong used the reason of going to the city to buy medicine and went to Liu Pansong to come up with an idea, and wanted Liu Pansong to help him get rid of the marriage. Liu Pansong told Zhao Yingtong to go home honestly and obey the arrangements of the carnation. Dianthus led Zhao Yingtong to the wedding scene. At the moment when the wedding was about to begin, an uninvited guest appeared in front of everyone-Zhao Ruhai, who had absconded for many years, returned. Zhao Ruhai wanted Zhao Yingtong to take the child and himself back to the United States.

Zhao Yingtong said that he couldn’t bear his father alone and had to take care of his father. When Dianthus heard what Zhao Yingtong said, he chose to let go and complete Zhao Yingtong. Liu Pansong understood that Zhao Yingtong used Zhao Ruhai to get rid of the dilemma, and Zhao Yingtong begged Liu Pansong to help him leave. Xiaofeng asked Zhao Yingtong if she didn’t like herself, but Zhao Yingtong couldn’t explain it.

Xiaofeng cried bitterly when talking about the changes over the years. Zhao Yingtong prayed in her heart that Xiaofeng would forget herself and find true happiness. Zhao Ruhai cried bitterly in front of Yueru’s grave, and assured Yueru that he would let Zhao Yingtong and Yaoyao live a safe and happy life. At night, Zhao Yingtong and Shizhu lay on the bed and recalled the scenes that happened to their mother and daughter in the past. The sadness of parting was mixed with the things that couldn’t be told, so that Zhao Yingtong could no longer control his tears.

Dianthus’s birthday is coming, and everyone is preparing for Dianthus’s birthday. The documents for Zhao Ruhai’s redress came down, and Zhou Qing went to Zhao Ruhai excitedly, wanting Zhao Ruhai to stay at ease. Zhao Ruhai took Yaoyao around to her hometown. Yaoyao told Zhao Ruhai about the carton factory founded by Dianthus. Zhao Ruhai said that Dianthus is a respectable person.

The group arrived at Dianthus’s house and happily celebrated Dianthus’s birthday. Only Xiaofeng left Heshan alone. The family went to the airport to take Zhao Yingtong on the plane to the United States. Xiaofeng in the distance looked thoughtfully at the plane in the sky and sent blessings to Zhao Yingtong in his heart. At the last moment of boarding, Zhao Yingtong still couldn’t bear to leave Dianthus. After crying and apologizing to Zhao Ruhai, Zhao Ruhai took Yaoyao on the plane to the United States and returned to Heshan alone.

When Zhao Yingtong returned home, Dianthus greeted a group of elderly people for a meal. At the lively meal, Zhao Yingtong suddenly fainted and scared the group of elderly people. As the days passed, Zhao Yingtong became weaker and weaker, and began to write a suicide note to everyone while he was alone. Zhao Yingtong’s condition deteriorated and was sent to the Provincial Hospital. Liu Pansong asked Zhao Yingtong to tell everyone the truth, but Zhao Yingtong was still unwilling.

In desperation, Liu Pansong had to use hypoglycemia to prevaricate everyone, but the family suddenly didn’t know, and they were still happily discussing the happy life after Xiaofeng came back. Liu Pansong still couldn’t bear it, and told Zhou Qing the truth. Dianthus was complaining that Zhou Qing left without saying hello, but unexpectedly learned the terrifying news from Zhou Qing. Facing this cruel news, several people stayed up all night, calculating the day when Xiaofeng would return home.

Dianthus once again mentioned the marriage of Xiaofeng and Zhao Yingtong, and decided to have another wedding, so that the couple could live a happy life for a few days. Soon after, Zhao Yingtong passed away. Dianthus buried Zhao Yingtong in the tombs of his mothers Lin Yueru and Xiaoyang. Two years later, Xiaofeng’s work was recognized by the leaders. The captain and political commissar handed Xiaofeng a tricky economic crime case and asked Xiaofeng to investigate Chen Yanping, the so-called reform pioneer in the province. Xiaoxiao also made a steady progress and became an assistant to the director.

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