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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 30 Recap

Because of Dianthus’s help, he kept submitting materials to it, which allowed Jiang He to be released from prison early. Knowing that Dianthus had done everything for herself, Jiang He couldn’t express her gratitude to her, and drove home overnight that day. When Dianthus saw the emergence of the river, he was even more excited. Other people heard the news and finally fell to their hearts. Zhou Xiaoliu cried and hugged the river.

Seeing that his son had come back, Jiang Zhenhai felt all kinds of feelings in his heart. He dared not step forward to embrace him in the image of his father. Just as Jiang Zhenhai left when everyone was reminiscing about the past, he didn’t expect that Shizhu would take the initiative to let Jiang He recognize his father. Jiang He hates Jiang Zhenhai extremely, because he will never forget the scene of the other party sending himself to prison by himself.

Jiang Zhenhai returned home. Soon Dianthus and others received news that Jiang Zhenhai was drinking medicine. They came to the hospital to visit Jiang Zhenhai, who couldn’t think of it. Because of this incident, Jiang He stopped talking coldly to his father, and determined to behave like this. Jiang Zhenhai looked.

Dianthus returned to the carton factory, looking at the desolate scene around, feeling a little sad, and could not help but recall the warm pictures of the sisters in the carton factory. Nowadays, Shizhu has officially handed over the hotel to Zhou Xiaoliu and Jiang He to take care of it. She decided to re-open the carton factory and retrieve the sisters so that they can resume work.

At this time, Qiongfang came out of the factory room and was a little stunned when he saw the carnation. Knowing that Qiongfang lives here alone and lives on the coated paper boxes every day, it feels a little unbearable. Dianthus took the money to want Qiongfang, but Qiongfang refused. She knew that Sima Jun had bullied the Zhou family, and that she had bullied Kong Linggao, so she was not eligible to receive the money.

After all, the carnation factory was set up, and the machine rang, and everyone was very happy. Seeing that the carnation factory was in full swing, Jiang Zhenhai also wanted to go and have a look. Qiongfang accidentally ran into the machine. At the moment of the moment, Jiang Zhenhai stepped forward and rescued Qiongfang, but he was cut off because of it. A finger, this made Qiongfang very grateful to Jiang Zhenhai and also reversed everyone’s view of Jiang Zhenhai.

Zhou Xiaofeng accepted a new task. This task was very dangerous. Zhou Xiaofeng was not afraid of danger and assured the leader that he would complete the task. In the past few years, Zhou’s family has undergone earth-shaking changes. Several children have achieved their own achievements. Zhou Xiaoan and Men Chunmei stayed at the school to teach and educate people. The restaurant jointly operated by Jiang He and Zhou Xiaoliu gradually expanded into a large restaurant. As for Zhou Xiaoxiao She was promoted to a cadre of the Department of Commerce, and Jiang Lingdie became a well-known female star.

The family gathered at the dinner table. Zhou Qing, as an elder and the experience of people who came over, gave advice to the children. Unexpectedly, Shizhu deliberately sang the opposite, whether it was the business philosophy of the restaurant or the marriage life of the brothers Zhou Xiaoan and Zhou Xiaoxiao. In fact, it seems that Dianthus is targeting Zhou Qing, but in fact it is secretly concerned, but there are some concerns that cannot be said.

The small courtyard of Shizhu Heshan recruited thieves, and the thief took Shizhu’s wallet. With years of investigative experience, Jiang Zhenhai quickly brought the criminals to justice. Liu Pansong saw that Zhao Yingtong’s face was not good, and he personally went to take Zhao Yingtong to the hospital for an examination, Zhao Yingtong agreed. The next day, Zhao Yingtong went to the hospital to get an examination report and was diagnosed with leukemia.

Zhao Yingtong begged Liu Pansong not to tell his family about his illness, and wanted to walk with dignity. Xiaolu was playing at Dianthus’s house. After seeing Dianthus and Zhou Qing’s photo, Dianthus hurriedly ran over to grab the photo. Dianthus took the path to the Xiaoyang Cemetery to worship. Talking about the children, he vowed to Xiaoyang that he would be kind to Zhao Yingtong and let Xiaoyang feel at ease underground.

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